Sunday, December 24, 2006

Feel Free to Steal Anything under $25 at Walmart. No charges will be laid. Merry Christmas!

I work for Walmart in Columbus OH.....I know why the store did not pursue the person pick pocketing the customer. As of about 6 months ago Walmart got rid of the Loss Prevention Dept(Store Security).

Walmart said they were wasting to much money on pressing charges against people who would steal anything under $25.00 then the person would just have to pay a fine and that is it. They will have to have been cught 3 times stealing before charges will get pressed against them. They would no longer be allowed in the store.

So because of this and it was done in Walmart....Walmart would have to file the charges on behalf of the customer since it was done in the store and according to Walmart that just takes to much time and money. That is probably why they would not help the customer.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

You've Got to Pick a Pocket or Two

My wife and I were Christmas Shopping at the Wal-Mart at I-45 and Luetta in Spring,TX. on Sunday evening Dec 10,2006.

While Shopping in the store my wife's wallet was picked and the money removed. I understand the absentminded mistake is our fault for not keeping a better eye on the wallet in the first place, BUT what upsets me the most, is that when Store Management was involved they did nothing to prevent this from happening to another customer ever again.

When I offered to Identify the individual on the security camera, they would not let me do so.

By this action they allow crime to happen in their stores and do nothing to prevent or offer a plausible solution to fix this problem. By these actions to do nothing about it they put their customers at risk of Robbery in broad daylight in the Toy Section at the Local Wal-Mart.

I am forever appalled and shall this day forth boycott anything to do with Wal-Mart until they resolve this critical issues in their security dilemmas and their blatant disregards for customer SAFETY.

Thank-you and Happy Holidays

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Psst, Hey Wanna Buy Some Bum Software for Christmas

hi; I just got off the phone,and I am with you on a lot of the walmart issues I have bought two junk computers from them and have learned from the experience, NOW I recently had a nice argument with a person that works there, over software they sold me, it seems I can't use the licence i.d. and password thats on the back of the jewel case that it came in and can't get through to the co. that makes it and my computer tells me that it is not ligit, how can they sell someone this junk and not stand behind it, they tell me BRING IT IN AND WE WILL EXCHANGE IT, IF YOU HAVE THE RECIEPT,well I hunted through the trash and found it, so guess I will go over to mt. pleasant and get another peice of junk and I will learn to down load from the sites that are still not through w/walmart they think they can get away with anything I am one person that is going to let everyone know about their bum soft ware if I save one person from getting screwed to the wall that will pay for my money lost. so beit. good luck in your quest to nail the sobs.they care only about their bottom line...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Murder at Wal-Mart

One of our CSM's got murdered / shot in the head in the store on a busy Sat afternoon.(Many familes and children were present). Management knew she was being stalked and her ex boyfriend had threatened to kill her several times.

They were informed each and every time he came in the store. Brilliant management moved the money podium, BECAUSE OF A MEMO, away from the front of the store, where she could see 180 DEGREEES around her, with her back to the wall, to the middle of the friggin candy /softline main aisle , exposing her 360 , so she was looking at back end of the customers and checkouts.

Her stalker was hiding amoung all the clothing racks.

Walmart has the murder on video. Walmart cares more about their stupid memo's than about employees safety. She died within a 10 day period of this brilliant move. Walmart management and Corp policies don't give a damn about people they care about money and whatever dumb new ideas they can think up. (What's this crap about "flights").

They knowlingly put her in an exposed area.

One of the managers of the store, who leans heavily on her help, and can't deal with a crisis alone, called in the HR mgr, who lives 2 hours away, had to help her deal with everything. He came in and helped everyone, management, the victims family, set up a memorial book, tables, helped with the funeral etc. was there for the assoc. p.s. no one saw that manager for weeks. he was the veritable backbone that kept that store going.





Friday, December 01, 2006

No Family Or Friends? The Cult of Wal-Mart Wants You!

I used to be a manager at a Walmart store and its not all that’s its cracked up to be! Most Walmart managers don’t care about the associates and the ones that do get fired!

I worked for Walmart for 5 years and was forced into management or I would lose my job! You have to go through 17 weeks of training by yourself and they expect you to master the ins and outs of Walmart!

After your training they throw you in a store and expect you to improve everyone and everything. All the store manager cares about is money! I consistently heard if this store doesn’t have a good inventory I will not get my 45,000-dollar bonus and mind you the associates are lucky to get a bonus and most of the time it’s a few hundred dollars.

They start everyone out at the lowest pay possible and inform him or her about all the incentives they offer, just to get people in the door. They expect you to be there 80-100 hours a week and you are on salary so they work you to the bone!

I guess all in all Walmart is a good place to work if you have no family or friends, but if you do I suggest looking elsewhere for a job, unless you like to be screwed over by big corporate companies!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Another (Not So) Truthful Disclaimer

* If you decide to read the Wal-Mart Horror stories featured on this site, you will unwilling become slaves to The submitted stories, sent by common, decent folk like you and me, are meant to render the reader powerless to obsessive thoughts of ending the Wal-Mart empire. Visitors please be forewarned. We assume absolutely no responsibility for your constant hand-washing or ceaseless coin-counting.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Canadian Coins: If you prick us, do we not bleed... and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge...

Port Huron, Michigan is on the Canadian border and a lot of people cross over from Sarnia, Ontario to shop.

The local Wal Mart refuses to accept Canadian coins. (Coins that are just rolled up and deposited with the Irest anyway.) If Canadian nickels, dimes, or quarters are found in a cashier's drawer, the total value is deducted from the cashier's pay. In other words, the store managers look at every coin while they're cashing out a drawer.

Since Canadian and US coins now look almost exactly alike, they're even harder to spot. The company apparently thinks that time spent on the clock by managers examining every coin is worth it!

Friday, November 10, 2006

not martin luther king jr.

i had a dream once that i worked for walmart but it wasnt a dream was real. screaming is only a joke. that was after i was a hooker in a slauterhouse.

of managers and the creeps they avoid

Let me tell you how bad Walmart sucks and how much they truely value thier assoiciates and customers. I worked at walmart for 6 years, They dont value thier people.Walmart values profit.

Ha Ha HA

Ya know all thoose commercials where people are So happy to work at Walmart? Thoose are paid actors!!!

Ya know how much Walmart Cares? I had a customer who was making me extremely uncomfterable, he was saying some pretty innappropriatye things to me, and at the same time He wanted to see a manger for some stupid reason So I Eagerly called my manger since I wanted to get rid of the creep anyways. So I paged Bob the manager on duty.

My voice was trembling, over the P.A and when I answerd the phone. "bob I said as i answere the ring "I need you over here now this gentleman request a manager and hes rather upset." the basterd manager had the nerve to say " I am busy unloading trucks it will have to wait. Mind you this customer is known for ripping us off by distracting cahiers ( I was in Electronics and I was waiting on him at the register.)

I finally got rid of the creep on my own. When Bob heard of it he made it sound as if he was way to busy for customers and assoictaes I guess getiing that merchindise out to the floor to sell and make all kinds of money is way to supieror to the saftey,integerty,a general needs of the shoppers and assoictaes.

A manger at this same store made an employee work off the clock!!!

Walmart likes to give holiday pay?? yea they cut ur hours to amke up for it..

Do i sound a wee bitter maybe so..

Monday, November 06, 2006

Equality at Wal-Mart: Everyone Gets to Clean the Toilets

I guess after slaving for Wal-Mart for 7 years they think that my $10.05 an hour is too steep to pay. So they cut over 20 hours out of my schedule the past six weeks with no explanation.

Hmm. Sales must be down.

We have no janitor anymore so they are sending everyone in to clean the toilets.

The cashiers have not been trained how to use the different cleaner chemicals. They basically just grab a bottle that looks right and spray the toilet-then wait until it dries so it wont burn anyone's rear end.

When I refused to clean the bathrooms I was sent to the deli to work the rest of the day as some sort of juvenile punishment. Scrubbing greasy chicken cookers.

That'll teach her to disobey!! If you want to teach WalMart a lesson you have to speak their language. DO NOT spend another dime there.

The End of Lay-Away, The End of Hope

The Macomb Illinois Wal-mart Juwst keeps treating the employees worse everyday. Will they be fireng all full timers and replace with only part time help to get out of Benifits Like our loacal K mart did???
I can tell you personally that the Wal-mart here is as dirty to thier emplyes as can be. Cutting hrs, yelling at employees on the floor trying to do the job of 10 people Because Wal_mart isnt makeing enough money Which is ridiculouse with Macomb being a college town. How stupid do they think people are???
As for customers They are stopping Lay-away??? How are people like me gonna be able to even get Christmas Presents for family and friends??? Its time people put Wal-mart in its place!!! This company need to learn however they have to that people will NOT put up with them!!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

POST OF THE YEAR: Wal-Mart Witches, Union Local 1555

I was always into magic and stuff. I went to work at wal-,mart and the manager there showed me a book about witches he had. I thought it was cool. the book had witches burning on the front. And there were pictures insuide. I never saw pictures like that bvefore. They had naked women and old drawings and stuff.

He lent it to me. I read it. It was weird. But I likked it. I gave it back to him. He asked if I was interested. I didn't know what he was talking about. He never said nothing else for a while.

After a whie he asked me if I wanted to meet his friends. I said sure becausew I didn't want to get fired. He told me where to meet them. It was at his house. They were all looking at me all the trime when I was there.

Another time I went over there and he took me to the basement. There was a woman on a table there. She was naked And others had hoods. I just watched them do things to her. I couldn't believe how much I liked it.Anyway a few weeks later the manager wanted me to be on the table. I said I would. He was happy when he heard.

They all did things to me. And I let them. But then I git prrgnat and had an abortion. The doctor was one from the manager's basement. I knew it was him.the next time I saw him he was in the bsement and he had a bunch of blood and stuuff that they used. He said it was from his job. He said it was from me.

And I never went back again. I was so sick for weeks after that. It make me sick now wroiting this.

I still work at walmart. And when I see the manager. He licks his lips at me. That's just sick.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Odor Clean-up in Aisle 3

This guy is a dept mngr. hes a bit retarded, and his teeth are all yellow and broken,he talks out his nose,but the worst of it he smells like goat pee pee!

i swear one day he was working and he had shaveing cream hanging off both sides of his face!he wears pants that are hi-waters and dollar store shoes,when hes eating in the break room he licks his fingers with smuckin nosies!us ladys were told he sleeps in his clothes and wakes up and comes to work,the maintance man says someone has been wipin poo in the mans bathroom on the walls and he giggles,we know its him.i was told a lady tryed to cut his hair in the store and he had scabs and goo on his scalp!

to top it off he makes more than his pay scale, when a grown man in his 40s can sit in a chair and fart in meetings and is the only one laughing theres something wrong at our store,why dont mngt talk to him?He was on a latter one day and i saw shopers laughing i went to see and he had rubber bands around his socks to hold them up and the socks were stained,

i give up,he was shopin last weekend with his nasty wife{the worlds biggest midget}shes 300 pounds 5 feet 3 and has a hairy lip,he had shorts on with razer burn marks! and pimples! and his leggs were snow white with crud!

MAY THE LORD PLEASE bring us a sinus cold to clogg up our nose

Friday, October 27, 2006

Simple Math: Less For You, More For Wal-mart

The company that i work for has been doing bisness for with walmart 24 yrs.

On 10-15-06 the company said that we was audited by walmart and we have to to go to a 5 day shift because walmart didn't like it.The shift i've worked for 24 yrs, is a 7 day shift that is the same every month .

The only normalicy i got on shift work. We lost our 'long weekend' once a month and the 5 day changes so much that you can't get used to a shift.

Let me add that i've worked this shift for 24 yrs. they said we have to change or loose their bisness. I say f--- walmart we can get by without them. I would like to see them work that shift. WALMART SUCKS

Sunday, October 08, 2006

car wreck? sick kids? who cares? just show up at work and cheer joyfully

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!all the stuff they said to us in our meeting today about we get caned if we miss 6 days ,even if your kidd is sick!!! or you are in the hospital!! and also if your late so many times your out the door even if your in a car wreck!! are u kidding me!! then we get up the door the dorky cheer and i couldnt believe the retards that were jumping around yellin the ol cheer!!

one old guy was floppin around like he won a million bucks!! geeze i guess that guy live with his mom,iam steve ive worked for walmart since 1982,ive met sam 3 times,ive worked at 4 stores, ive seen when walmart loved its workers!!

we all were family,in the past 3 years i have seen walmart go mean to its workers now ive seen the meanest thing in the past 3 months!! walmart trying to get rid of the long time worker,mothers that cant take care of the kidds now!!!

but lets all do the freakin walmart cheer!!! steve from arkansas

Thursday, September 28, 2006

First, They Wear You Down and Bust You Up, Then They Make You a Doorgreeter

I worked for walfart for 7.5 years and now getting the shaft. I started on maintence and work for 5 years and got my knee messed up for walking too much and pushing the scubber all of the store and the buffer so it got my knee and I can't walk that far any more or bend down on the floor.

The best part is they will not pay for it. And my back is bad now and the same there. And I'm am a doorgreeter now and they want me to stock shelves and do what ever they want me to do. I'm allso making $11.70 and they don't like me getting that, but I will say what store it is. In Mesa az ... Now they are finding a way to get rid of me and others.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

What is Führer Wal-Mart Afraid of?

A small fraction of the domain names owned (silenced) by Wal-Mart:,,,,,,,,,,, WALMARTSUCKS.ORG OWNED BY US,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ETC, ETC, ETC

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

why you should wear latex gloves when shopping at wal-mart

where should i begin ive been with wal-mart for over a year now and the job sucks and in our store we had 2 skids of grocery with human blood and broken glass on like a good bit of those 2 skids of grocery the reson i know is cause i was helping break down the truck

Said in One Long Breath

To whomever controls the airconditioning of stores most especially store 592 in Derby Kansas, it would be wise to begin actually cooling the store off for the benefits of the actual workers. As the managerial staff seems to think percentages earned are a response to queries about the air conditioning issue I've taken it upon myself to seek attention elsewhere to a matter of gravest severity. With the overabundance of unwarranted freight arriving nightly, lack of employees more than likely designed to keep expenses down work has more than doubled for the staff that even bother to show up. Working as such in a limited time frame as given more exertion is needed to finish. Exertion in a store left uncooled in the summer air is a definite health risk for those who actually physically participate in stocking the shelves, as managers seemed to have abadoned the idea of assisting in the mess they incur with their inactivity. If this continues and leads to a accident or death caused by the inevitable heat stroke, rest assured that the resulting lawsuit could have been averted simply by cooling the store down for your associates. Its all we ask if you can do nothing else in your pathetic attempts at managing a disaster.

Hey, Buddy, can you spare some khaki pants?

Wow....can you believe it! Now we're going to have to wear uniforms, and Wal-Mart is only paying for 2 of the polo shirts!!

We have to buy the rest, to include the mandatory Khaki pants!!!!!

Do the they not realize the majority of us working there live pay check to pay check, and can't afford to just go out and buy new cloths.

Yet one more thing to add to the list of Wal-Marts wonderful undertakings! (Total sarcasm)

Friday, September 01, 2006

When Wal-Mart Owes You Money, It's The Same As If You Bounced a Check

I'll admit to shopping at WalMart to buy school supplies for a charity drive. I paid by check. BIG MISTAKE.

WalMart presented the check to my bank the regular way AND electronically, so the same check was taken out twice. It takes the bank 10 days to put the money back, and I had to provide my bank statement as proof. Meanwhile, WalMart had the use of my money for all that time.

I wrote to the company via website about the problem, and received the following response.

I told them it was so crazy, I'd post it on this site so the whole world
could laugh at them. The point was, WalMart took my money twice, but the
company responded as if I'd bounced a check:

-----Original Message-----
From: CUSTOMER REPLIES: WM Stores & Sam's Clubs
Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 2:51 PM
To: [redacted]
Subject: Response from Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (Ref #000000013502618)

Thank you for your message.

We are unable to assist you with your check issue from this web site. However,
we hope the following information is helpful in resolving your check issue.

If you received notification from a Wal-Mart store that you have a returned/NSF
Call the individual store and ask for the Cash Office

Call Wal-Mart Check Verification at 800-866-0828 if:
1. Your checks are being denied in a Wal-Mart store
2. You have called Telecheck (800-697-9255) or SCAN (800- 262-7771)
and they told you to call Wal-Mart
3. You have called Telecheck or SCAN and you disagree with their
4. Your driver's license was keyed incorrectly at a store

Thank you,
Customer Relations

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wal-Mart Anti-American, Santa Doesn't Exist There, Medicated Just to Go to Work, Oh, and Learn to Speak Chinese

How do you go from loving a 6 yr. long job to hating it in less than one year?

We have been told how to speak to customers like "don't tell anyone Merry Christmas" because of our muslim employees, Hello, this is America.

We were told how they wanted us to eat, only healthy, well I'm an American and I have the right to choose what I want to eat. If it kills me oh well, walmart will benefit from my death.

We are forced to work hours they want or forget having a job there. Does this sound like a family corporation or more like overseas workers? We have to wear uniforms now because we have writing on our T-shirts.

Well, I support the USA with every T-shirt I wear, does this sound like an American tradition?

If your sick now you take the chance of getting everyone sick or get fired if you miss three days in 1 year, what about the sick days we earn? Who benefits from us not being able to use them? I can tell you it is not the employees.Now they tell us we can only make so much money unless we move up in the company.

Who can afford to move up when they can send you anywhere they want. I have family who depends on me and I can't just up and leave to get a raise. Another family tradition.

I apologize to any shopper I might not be very friendly to because in the last year I have had to be put on 2 meds and possibly a third just to have a job. customers are the ones I feel sorry for because who knows maybe next week we have to learn to talk chinese and as an employee that will just be to much stress and I don't think as an AMERICAN I will take it with a smile.

Bare with us customers, we are trying real hard to smile for you but they make it harder for us everyday!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Wal-Mart Memo to Employees: Tell the Media How Good We Are to You

I am an employee with this lovely company and have been for over 6 years. The store where I work has went downhill in the last year.

Recently management was passing out a corporate memo about some government officials in the state where we are located, which is Iowa. In the memo it talked about how these officials were going on a rampage about Wal-Mart and its corporate ethics, which they have none, in this memo the Mothership as I like to call homeoffice, stated they didn't want to influence us on how we should think, but these people were bashing Wal-Mart and therefore they were bashing us because we, the associates, were Wal-Mart and we should rally behing the mothership and tell the media how wonderful they are.


I can't even say that with a straight face. How can a company think we think their wonderful with all these lovely new "flights" and what the hell kind of mothership dumbass came up with "flights". In our store morale is so low there isn't any.

When these flights started coming out I half way agreed with the cash office decision, but the pay caps? Then the company tries to say its doing it for the benefit of us employees?

Who are they kidding! We dept. managers have been waiting for the day we get told our hours we work will change. This company doesn't care if you have children or not all they say is your availabilty is open so work it or quit. Well, six years ago my availability was open, but since then I've had a 2nd child and my husband works a swing shift job instead of owning his own business.

If they hours go they can kiss my ass goodbye I wasn't staying for the big pay!! Seeings how I don't even make poverty level. I could keep rambling but it seems every employee knows just how wonderful the mothership is!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Who is Letting Wal-Mart Away With This Greedy Nonsense? The Employees, of course.

I work for a Wal*mart in CT. I'm currently working in the accounting office, and it is pure hell.

On June 18th our office (which housed 7 associates) was told about Flight 1. We soon called it the day our office died. My Lead Cash office assoicate lost a paygrade, and she was going to lose 4 of her girls. We were told that if you still wanted this job, you had to be able to work from 5am to 2pm, and only three people will be in the room.

I was one of the "lucky" ones.

Soon we found out that half of our stuff had to be taken out of the office, we lost a calculator, a filing cabnit, and a chair. There is always two people in the room, yet one always has to stand. Then we were told that we had to process a whole days worth of money by 9am!! We've been doing this for about a month and we still can't do it.

It has gotten to a point where our managers are coaching us for "not adapting to change" and "not following policies". It's not that we aren't trying it's just that you can't process 30 to 40 thousand dollars in 4 hours AND balance.

It got to a point where we were asked to be taken out of the room, because we can't take the stress, nor stand the constant bullying we recieve.... but we were denied.

Our store manager came in to talk to us, and told us that the stress that we go through in this office will be nothing compared to what's going to happen with the next set of "Flights."

We were told that we will no longer have loss prevention, there will only be 4 department managers, and ALL associates MUST HAVE an open availablity. If you don't, then you have 1 month to decide if you're going to stay, or quit.

This company is forcing most of their long term employees to quit, not to mention a lot of single parents, just because they don't want to pay for overtime, and insurance. Something needs to be done!!

Signed, S.E. in CT

Monday, August 14, 2006

Mr. SAM's Casket Probably Too Thickly Upholstered To Allow Spinning

I was a 11 year associate at wal mart and decided I have had enough. I would have never thought 1 year ago I would be one of the people on this web site.

I just cannot believe the despicable changes they have made! pay caps at walmart? WE BUILT THEIR FORTUNE and then our thanks is pay caps and scheduling changes some of us cannot abide by.

Respect for the individual not since Mr SAM passed he is probably spinning in his grave to know what they have done to his once wonderful company .

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Moment of Reflection #1: Would Sam Spit in His Own Family's Faces?

I just watched the movie Wal-Mart is it good for America? I was shocked to see how little this mega giant has been given subsidies by our governments and they not only intentionally put the small business out of business by illicit and foul import and immigrant worker practices but how little they pay and the violations of public health crimes they have committed.

I will never buy a product at Wal-Mart again.

To the Walton Family, Sam would be turning over in his grave if he knew how stingy his children have become. If alive today he would spit in his own families face for how they have treated fellow human beings.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wal-Mart Fails in Germany, Loses $1 Billion

Is this the end of Wal-Mart:

(click Globe & Mail story below)

  • Wal-Mart Fails in Germany
  • Tuesday, August 08, 2006

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    No More Merit Raises Plus Wage Caps, Wal-Mart is Going Down

    I'm so glad that there's sites like this to get the word out about how awful of a company Wal-Mart actually is.

    I'm a 10 year associate, who was the biggest advocate for Wal-Mart up until about 1 1/2 years ago, then everything went down hill and fast. We lost the best manager any person could every ask for. Of course he had his wrong doings but everyone does and no one is perfect. He treated each and everyone of us like we belonged there and were part of a family. Since his firing, our store has lost everything, the moral is at an all time low, and I'm sure now it'll get even lower.

    We got told today, that there are no more merit raises, and also a wage cap on all levels. So now, a long time associate, at the top of their pay scale will not get a raise. We are the ones that helped build this company and once again we are getting the shaft.

    Wal-mart recently (at our store) made all hourly full-time associates open up there availability to include nights and weekends, but yet most part-time associates get to pick and choose their hours.

    We had people working 15-16 years, that were level 7's, but because their hours didn't fit with what Wal-Mart thought they should be working, they got demoted to cashiers and had to take $1.30 pay decrease, or they re-aligned jobs, or eliminated certain positions. I cannot believe Wal-Mart isn't seeing what they are doing! Have they not studied K-Mart, do they not realize that it's happening all over again! Lee Scott needs to wake up and take a look at his long time associates and see we are not happy. Wal-Mart is going down and it's going down fast.

    Less and less people are shopping at Wal-Mart, yet they keep popping stores up all over the world, but employing less and less full-time employees.

    Wait and see, next it'll be our discount cards gone, or the stock-ownership program ended. It's going to happen wait and see!

    Saturday, August 05, 2006

    Hail to the Spineless Wal-Mart Employees Who Let Wal-Mart Violate Them

    I once was a loyal Walmart shopper. They had everything I needed, at great prices.

    Then the monster grew and became typical of GIANT CORPORATE AMERICA.

    I work for Bridgestone/Firestone and can also see the downside of working for one of the "giants".

    My biggest recommendation to WalMart employees is to do everything in your power to UNIONIZE!!!!

    If everyone agrees and sticks together, the union CAN and WILL step in and make work BEARABLE for you all.

    Cheap Goods & Poor Employees

    I have been shopping at Wal-Mart on a regular basis for the last 10 years basically because of the isolated country living and there isn’t much competition in the area for them. In the past I have purchased larger items like a Homelite Weed Eater and within about 2 years or so Wal-Mart stop selling any replacement parts for it, the only thing I could buy was the string!

    In another instance I had purchased a water sprinkler with a built in timer. One day in the fall of the same summer that I purchased the water sprinkler it fell and broke. Because it was fall I knew Wal-Mart would be changing there stock to winter items and they probably wouldn’t have any summer garden items left on the shelves. So I contacted the manufacture of the water sprinkler and came to find out that the water sprinkler was no longer made and hadn’t been made in the last 2 years! Personally that led me to believe that Wal-Mart was going to warehouses and buying old and outdated stock at more than likely a cheap price and throwing it out on there shelves and could care less if they had a replacement if it broke!

    Also I have noticed in the recent past years there selection of a lot of there products has been cut way back! In the store I shop at I can no longer buy the largest jar of Maxwell House Coffee, now they only sell the small and medium size jars. I also noticed the size roll of Viva Paper Towels I like to buy has been reduced to a medium sized roll and I can no longer purchase the largest size made. They also stop selling a local brand of barbecue sauce that I used to purchase at this store! I thought they were supposed to be like a warehouse store where one could purchase bulk items?

    Just yesterday I had to take back a cheap $36.00 office chair I had purchased just a few months ago because it was recalled, Model #VCR1022. The backs were breaking and the chairs were unsafe and tipped over easily! I fell over in the chair a few times leaning over for something and the back of the chair broke a while ago! Buy the way the replacement chair cost me an extra $20.00 because they didn't have a replacement chair at the same price. So they made more money on the recall!

    Yesterday I also returned a $70.00 DVD, VCR player because it stopped functioning properly. When you put a tape or CD in it would play a few seconds then turn off! They replaced it!

    The truth of the matter is I am sick and tired of buying cheap low quality junk! I am sick of having to take there broken crap back to the store which is by the way is a 50 mile round trip for me! I personally feel they could care less what the consumer needs or wants and that they only sell what they can get there hands cheap or what has been sitting in a warehouse for a long time that is so old it isn’t even being manufactured any longer! I personally feel that Wal-Mart doesn’t care one bit about quality products or customer satisfaction. I wrote a letter about 2 years ago to the main corporate office in Bentonville, Arkansas complaining about the situation at the store I shop at and never received a reply! Apparently they didn't care!

    Wal-Mart has an I could care less attitude and according to the news reports they blatantly breaks the U.S Department of Labor laws plus they don’t give employees a 40 hour work week so they can have some kind of health benefits or something! Just remember this they employ nearly 1.2 million people and one-third are part-time employees - limited to less than 28 hours of work per week which results to a life of poverty! No wonder our great country is sliding downhill! Nothing like having the fox watch the henhouse!

    Saturday, July 22, 2006

    Memo to Employees: Don't Mind the Gunshots, Just Duck

    I am a Wal-mart employee, and I have been with the company for eight years. Several times gunshots have been fired in our parking lot. Associates tell management the next day that they are scared to walk in the parking lot alone at night.

    Management is telling the associates in meetings that they are mistaken, that teenagers are shooting fireworks off in the parking lot. One of my co-workers and a customer were walking out of the garden center doors when shots were fired, and they both dropped to the ground for safety. She told me the next day, and I told her that they were just fireworks. She laughed, and told me I have been shooting guns my whole life, and know the difference between a firework and a gunshot.

    Management is lying to us to avoid the bad press for the company, and do not care about our safety.

    Saturday, July 15, 2006

    Essay Winner: Why I think Wal-Mart is the Devil

    I think walmart is the devil because its trying to take over the whole world with stores that has stuff in them made by children slaves. It don't pay much so its getting its money easy off the swet of its workers backs and like the devil its always suposed to be smiling like those greeters at the doors who don't feel like smiling you can tell, but satan says that they should so they smile with evil in their heart and they mark you with a sticker. Should be 666 on that sticker not a smily face.

    Tuesday, July 11, 2006

    you get paid by who you are

    I worked for Wal-Mart here in Windsor Ontario in the Garage as an automotive tech. I ended up doing thigs that was not normally done at Wal_Mart as I one was an apprentice mechanic.

    After a bit fellow employees seemed to slack in their work and I was expected to pickup the slack. I went to management on this as there was to be an open
    door policy that you could talk to management with any problems. Well I talked to a store manager and told him my story of other employees slacking, fooling around and also danger to others with their horseplaying.

    Well I was told if I didnt like it that there was the door that I could leave. Well I told my department manager about this and as soon as I found another job that I was leaving. Well he called me into his office asked me not to leave and offered me a raise.

    Well things went fine for about 2 months and this started to happen again. I asked another employee to sign my workorder as is policy and was told no that they were busy, ya busy fooling around. I went to management about this and I was wrote up.... and then told again if I dont like it that there was the door.

    Well within a couple of weeks I found another job and gave my notice but quit earlier due to unsafe horseplay that someone was going to get hurt and I was not going to be involved in it any way and quit earlier. They have a hard time holding on to employees as well.

    Did you know that you get paid by who you are, male or female, married or single. Males and married males are paid more the single males and females also. They are very predijust to employees. They treat them like crap and you are only a number and a robot to do as they want you to do and sat yes sir and no sir.

    Wednesday, July 05, 2006

    brain-dead customers, thieves, and idiotic commandments

    I have worked for Wal-Mart for 9 years. Personally, I have been fortunate to have a good manager (most of the time). It is obvious that the company has grown too large to sustain itself.

    Morale is abysmal, the associates are bitter, sick, and at best, going through the motions. I assume all retail jobs share the same complaints about brain-dead customers, thieves, and idiotic commandments handed down from on high. We have no "LP" in our store, so we basically wave merchandise good-bye as any degenerate takes a walk with it.

    Recently, our management team had a meeting with our geriatric door greeters to let them know that they were responsible for everything that went out of the store. Being in the state of mind commonly known as WTFE (what the f**k ever), the door greeters decided that meant they couldn't give incoming customers the time of day.

    Like most of the Eastern Sea Board, we recently had flooding rains. Every nitwit in the county decided it was Wal-Mart time, and were greeted by people telling them to get their own shopping cart, and drying it themselves (in some cases, sending them to the parking lot to retrieve a cart for themselves).

    This would only happen when the employees just don't give a damn. I've heard that the company used to be a great place to work, but I feel the bigger it gets, the worse it gets. Wal-Mart will begin to collapse under it's own weight, just give it time. Remember, though, that not every associate is an ass. Some of us are reluctant Church of Sam cult members witht nowhere else to go.

    Thursday, June 29, 2006

    Wal-mart's exploding tires lead to old, disabled gentleman's dehydration

    I am 50 years old, disabled gentleman who lives in Roswell, NM. I am unable to write or type on a computer (don't even own one) and I have had a very big problem with some tires that were purchased at my local Walmart.

    Two of the tires failed (exploded) on a trip from Roswell to the Carlsbad Caverns. This resulted in my son and I being stranded in the desert for over five hours while we waited for Walmat road service to handle the problem. I suffered severe heat exhaustion and dehydration which resulted in medical treatments over $11,000. I am still having problems and medical expenses because of it.

    I have been told that posting this type story on your web site gets the attention of Walmat and they may do something about taking responsibility for my medical expenses. To date they have not.

    Since I can not write, (my sister in Tennessee is sending this e-mail for me) is it possible for me to dictate my story over the phone so it can be put on your web site. I could also send a video tape explaining the entire situation, if I had an address. If you give me a phone number I would happy to call. You can send this information to me via phone, mail or by e-mailing it to my sister.

    Bernie DeGruchy

    Saturday, June 24, 2006

    Norway dumps Wal-Mart stock for "systematic violations of human rights and labour rights"

    "Norwegian Finance Minister Kristin Halvorsen's finance ministry officials cited "serious" and "systematic violations of human rights and labour rights" as its reason for pulling out of its Wal-Mart investments."

    click link (below) for full story:

  • Norway Dumps Wal-Mart Stock (click here)
  • Scraping Employees Off the Floor

    At the walmart two towns over in Auburn, the floor crew that the store hired mixed bleach and ammonia to strip the wax on the floors. They don't speak English very much and I guess this wasn't coverered in their don't do lists.

    We all had to be evacuated from the building in the middle of winter, and they scraped some employee off the floor who had been knocked out for god knows how long from the fumes.

    Wednesday, June 21, 2006

    Hello GSD&M

    Hello to GSD&M, Wal-Mart's advertising/marketing agency, who visited our site today.

    We'd be extremely pleased to be a part of any future advertising plans that might involve Wal-Mart.

    Please count us in.

    Friday, June 16, 2006

    Walmart Pledge

    Recently we at store 5466 had a meeting where a pledge to the customer was revealed. My coworkers and I had to stifle our laughing the entire time because it was so ridiculous and FAKE. I've included my version of the rank-and-file's pledge to the customer. Read and enjoy.

    Wal-Mart employee’s pledge to the customer:

    1. I will keep the shelves stocked with a never-ending array of erroneous product.

    2. I will have knowledge of only my area and will lie to you when given half the chance.

    3. I will ignore you and avoid you until you force me to help your lazy ass.

    4. I will pass you off on another department at every opportunity so that I may get my menial and repetitivework done.

    5. I will send you to the opposite end of the store if you are too stupid to read the signs or to first try andlocate the product yourself.

    6. I will keep you on perma-hold when you call, and when I return to the phone will give you a responsecontaining the word "no".

    7. I will, with you standing at the counter in front of me, pretend to talk to a manager on the phone when infact I've called my own department's extension and am speaking to the busy signal. My response will alwaysinclude some form of "I'm sorry, but..."

    8. I will, when faced with a situation I can neither avoid nor control, tell you "I don't know", smile sweetly andemploy any combination of the above in getting away from your stupid ass.

    Wednesday, June 14, 2006

    Walmartsucks.COM in Walmart's Hands

    Unfortunately, as of last week, walmartsucks.COM has changed ownership.

    It is now in the hands of the Wal-mart empire. Prior to being owned by Wal-mart, it was a freeedom-of-expression gripe site.

    If anyone knows how this came about (if the domain name expired or was sold) please email us with the information.

    Thank you:

    Monday, June 12, 2006

    Rats and what comes out of them

    You wouldn't beleve how many rats we got at walmart. Ever since we started stocking food. I've been there almost twenty years. I never saw rats like since we got food. Rat crap everywhere. Take a sniff of the boxes of cereal some time. Whats it smell like.

    I guess rats like food and some of them walk on two legs. Crazy like it is there's our manager who squeeks like a rat too. I know because i drove a cart over his foot this one time.

    "life sucks...then you die... then you work at walmart

    I do work at walmart... and it SUCKS , I like your site a lot, but I think you could use a better slogan, at my store (the hell hole where I work) the employees (myself included) often toss around the fraise "Every Day Low Standards"..."Always walmart".

    A lady I work with once said "life sucks...then you die...then you work at walmart" my response to this was "life sucks...then you work at walmart...then life sucks more...then you kill your self" my appendage to this is "then you go to hell and work for Satan ( aka Sam Walton)...but your still glad your not working for walmart".

    Thanks for a kick ass site anonymous

    P.S. I'll have a boat load of sh-t to say about walmart, once I'm out'a there, and working at my new job. Sure my new job isn't as close by, but it pays WAY better and has benefits so good, it's like I died and went to Canada.

    Monday, June 05, 2006

    How am I supposed to sell ammo while mixing paint?

    I work at a reasonably new (one and a half year old) store, and it's already crumbled and become disgusting. Even the people who liked working when the store opened hate it passionately now. Let me start with management. We have 3 assistants and the store manager right now, down from 5 assistants at the beginning. One quit to go to back to school (good choice!) and one got transferred because he broke the "No socializing with lowly hourly associates" rule by abandoning his wife and children on Christmas when he ran away with a department manager to have an affair.

    Gotta love the WalMart drama. Two of the remaining managers are ok and I actually like one because she's rude right back to rude customers, but the other one is the hugest jackass I've ever met. He was my SWAS leader for almost a year after I transferred to the floor from cash, and I can't stand him. He has a terrible combover and greasy hair, and he's just plain creepy. He likes sneaking up behind workers and shouting things like "Boo!" Plus, he's just an ass. Once I handed him a time-off sheet for ONE DAY and he just stared at me. Didn't say a word, just stood there and stared at me for a full minute before I said "'s only one day." Then he frowned and walked away, still without a word.

    When people do manage to finally get days off, he goes into the computer and overrides the day off to give you a shift anyways, or writes it in on the schedule! I'm graduating this year, and so are many others in the store, so we all booked graduation weekend off around February. But what do we see when we check out the schedule? Shifts written in under "N/A: OT"!! Then management has the nerve to tell us that we need to show up for the shifts since we've already been scheduled!!! How about NO?!?

    One of my managers actually told me that overriding days off is common, if they think they the reason we booked it off for is "not important". One said that she'll book people on random off days and will only take the shift away if she deems their reason to be acceptable. Obviously it is if the day was given off in the first place! Oh, and once I asked for my availibility to be changed (I was taking one evening out) so that I could have more time for my schoolwork, and my manager said "Isn't Walmart more important than school?" And once when I asked for a weekend off, he said "Don't you want to work for Walmart?" like he was threatening to fire me because I wanted time off.
    Another bit of sleazy management: when I switched from cashier to floor, my manager didn't tell me about the 30 cent pay cut until AFTER I had been hired and had accepted the job. Then he refused to talk to me about my wage for about a week. I asked him if he was allowed to just cut my pay without informing me it would happen, and the next day I get called to the manager's office and get a "merit raise" to bring me back to what I was making before. Sounds like I caught him doing something wrong and he was trying to stop me from asking questions.

    My store is yet another Walmart that is horribly understaffed. I'm sick of covering 6 departments all at once. Managers get mad at you if you don't answer a call for sports desk, but how exactly am I supposed to sell ammo if 1) I'm mixing paint, 2) There's a lineup at the fish tanks I have to attend to already, 3) 9 customers are asking me questions and wanting carryouts, and 4) I'm too young to sell ammo! Here's a thought, why not schedule more than 2 associates for the floor during the week's busiest day! The one day there was lots of coverage, they pulled out 3 floor associates to cook burgers at the safety bbq, so that I was all by myself again, swamped by customers. They need to hire new people really badly, but refuse to hire new people so associates just shift positions and cause a new shortage in a different department.

    In addition, my department manager is a fool. He doesn't do ANYTHING, so I'm supposed to do his crap for him during the weekend. The flags in my department were 6 MONTHS OLD before I finally got sick of looking at them and took them down, and then my SWAS manager got mad at me for it, because apparently having ancient flags with wrong prices because the rollback ended 4 months ago is better than having no flags at all. Then the new flags I made sat there for 3 months before I ripped them down again, and now my department has no flags.

    I work in Pets, and the tanks are so filthy and diseased that I'm afraid to touch the water. I clean them as well as I can on the weekend, but there's always at least 2 days of dead fish buildup when I come back. He doesn't scoop the deads, and if he does he lets them sit in the sink and rot and stink. We have an incredibly high fish death rate, because all he does to "help" the diseased fish is sprinkle in aquarium salt until you can smell salt 10 feet away from the tanks, and he'll put the new healthy fish in the same tank as diseased fish without medicating them and then be confused when the new ones all die. I do tests like leave a particular dead fish in a tank it doesn't belong in to see if he'll scoop it, and it will still be there when I come back 5 days later. I've made many complaints about this to the store manager, but nothing has come of it because in my store, department managers are perfect and favoured no matter how crappy they are.

    To add to this, associates are encouraged to not take their breaks so that they can keep working, one manager threatened to fire an employee if she made a complaint to the district manager about her UNFAIR d-day (they claim she did something she didn't), and management doesn't give a crap about associates because they won't let you go home even if you're throwing up. I'm counting down the days until I can quit this hellhole.

    I need this job for the next two months because Walmart has already squashed most other employment in my town, so I'll pass on giving my name and store number.

    Friday, June 02, 2006

    Hit in the head by falling gerbil houses

    I have sadly been employed in a Wal-Mart store locally in Kansas for nearly eight years now. I know its my own fault taking the punishment managerial charlatans and frauds can heap while maintaining their innocence.

    But still for every time they manage to destroy your morale there are those very few times everything comes together to be a simple paying minimum wage crap job. Those are very few and far between though now.

    Where can I begin to criticize. Maybe start with the fact that We recieve way too much freight than a twenty-four hour store should. Every store recieves large amounts of freight, but this one loves to get large amounts of merchandise that has no where to go.

    The shelves are overfilled by earlier shift to the point they can't be stocked and probably cause problems for the shoppers who in managers own words "always gotta bitch about something" like freight stacked so high its toppling onto the floors. I've been told there is no space in back for my freight so supposedly I have to put it above the soda aisles.

    I have a limited amount of time sadly and no help since again in managers words I have to ask for help to do what is most obviously a two man job so this turns into a feverish escapade every day. Now we even get so much unusable freight its become impossible to put stuff above the aisle and they've started cramming it up there. This makes pulling freight from the shelf a chore of constantly shifting the merchandise, but supposedly this Okay since there is none of my merchandise in the back.

    Speaking of the top shelves or Risers, there are rules that are mainly tossed out when they need to get rid of merchandise. Unfortunately the shelves are rickety. Sure they look solid but one good shove to put some merchandise on the shelf and these things shake like grass in the wind.

    One day these things shook so much I was hit in the head by falling Gerbil Houses to which I stupidly didn't report to management but the first time I was hurt on the job the situation was turned around in their favor to the fact that I shouldn't have been pulling a thousand pounds of water softner salt down an incline and straight into a pallet of magazines.

    Speaking of the recieving crew with the overages in freight this causes them to work too fast and there is no real safety in the six foot tall pallets. When you pull these onto a floor filled with browsing slow customers this could cause a problem with freight falling on customers. Management again "They shouldn't have been so close to the pallet" like a customer knows how to shop properly.

    This is from a company that prides itself on safety as well.

    I heard recently as well that the company is trying to crack down on unwanted clutter. Hope it happens soon because in order to get rid of my freight earlier shifts are piling boxes on top of other merchandise. Theres so much of it they're piling it in small corners of the floor of the aisles that are so small two customers can't fit down the aisle without causing cramping in the aisles.

    One last thing favortism which is rampant. There isn't supposed to be such a thing in Wal-Marts little society but it happens. Every night there are a few select associates (employees to people who don't want to feel special) who stand around talking and slowly working because they know they'll always get help. This is painful when I'm a few aisles down trying to dodge customers on my aisles (two aisles for one man) to stock the shelves and at the end of the night when I'm beaten and battered I have to help them clean up their work whether I want to or not.

    This is also painful because I've seen managers just standing around with them talking all chatty at the begining of the night. When I stop for a short chat with my department manager this one manager is on me like its the most heinous act I could possibly do.

    Theres just so much nonsense in this store I can't believe they sit around just building more in order to make more money. The company says they want to corner the market, but look at it my way.

    Six stores in a twenty mile area, this cuts down on a stores earning. A store not earning cuts its employees cutting wages for the company. So they're really getting more money for the company while keeping stores overstocked with needless freight and under valued employees that are kept in order by two managers whose job seems to be to defend the managers and keep employees working. If there was a god Wal-Mart would be wiped off the face of the earth by some major event. Just get rid of Bentonville to beautify Arkansas a little bit too.

    Wednesday, May 17, 2006

    Single Dad Leaking

    On Friday May 5th I brought my 1996 Chevy Blazer in to Kennewick Wa superstore to have my oil changed and now my oil pan leaks ,one half quart overnight! This vehicle sat for one week prior to the weekend that I made the mistake of taking my vehicle there for the oil change (with no leaks).This is a $700 repair .Their solution was to give me five quarts of oil until their so called third party claims dept could deny ever having done anything to my vehicle .Thanks Walmart I`m a single dad going through a divorce and living with my mom.hope you`re happy.

    The Cookie Monster at Wal-Mart

    when i used to work there i used to open a bag of cookies and take a bite out of one and put it back so if you got a bag like that it was me.

    Monday, April 17, 2006

    Walmart Likes Elbowing Boobs, Likes It Alot

    Two recent hires. One of which is my girlfriend, the
    other - another female; Alice.
    Alice was being trained by this dude, Joe. Alice was experiencing Joe
    elbowing her Boobs. Noticing that he continued to do it after dismissing the
    first couple of times may have been by accident, she ask him to stop putting
    his elbow in her boobs. He didn't stop like she asked and continued to elbow
    her. She complained to the Walmart personnel in charge. They told her that
    nothing can be done unless he is caught on their monitors. Word has it that
    other female workers there have had experienced this problem with this dude.
    He's still working there as my girl friend pointed him out to me.
    The following day He tried to approach my girlfriend at the CSM podium and
    he had alcohol on his breath.

    In a month's time of my girlfriend working at walmart, she was
    approached by walmart management after a robbery was committed. She was part
    of their investigation suspicions. She just started working at walmart and
    already she's in the lime light. She was unemployed and had no desire to go
    to jail
    just because she started working there.

    I wonder if walmart does
    this to all their new hires? They should closely scrutinize their own long
    timers who know the layout. She got herself cleared from suspicion yet didn't get an apology.

    Thursday, March 30, 2006

    When you Hear the Siren, Proceed To The Bomb Shelter


    Soon, We'll All Be Speaking Wal-Mart

    I work at a Wal-Mart store in Canada. I can't say where exactly for obvious reasons. They'd probably have me killed if they knew who I was because of what I know. There is a plan that I know about.

    I heard the manager talking one day. He was in his office and the door was open a bit. There was a man in a uniform with him. He was whispering about an invasion. They said they almost had the whole world done. He said it was only a matter of time because everyone would be one of them and the weak and unpure would be destroyed.

    Yes, he kept saying, you are the leader. I understand. We will have them all soon. Yes, Mein Furor. I understand. Of course, Mein Furor.

    I watched through the crack while they stood and saluted. Their arms shot up into the air. Then the manager opened a hatch in the floorboards and man in the uniform went down into it.

    "I Hope God is Watching Walmart"





    Saturday, March 25, 2006

    Walmart Undermines Economy With Frivilous $6.87 Worthless Plastic Junk

    It is one thing to compete, and it is another thing to play dirty.

    Our company imports products from china, sells them to all independently owned stores, and last year we really got the shaft from Wal Mart. On a single day last fall during the peak shipping season we had containers coming out of china. Our shipping rep called us and told us the bad news.

    Wal Mart held back a lot of their containers secretly, and then released 54,000 ocean containers in one day. Thats FIFTY FOUR THOUSAND! There is no reason in the world you would hold up your own shipments and let them all go at the last minute... Ok If you play like wal mart there is. They jammed up the shipping lines and tens of thousands of containers did not arrive by the Thanksgiving weekend to its competitors.

    I had to pay and Extra $3700.00 to re-route our shipping from LA Port to Seattle, and go with the fastest ship there was to get our freight into the states prior to walmats D-Day landing of the ports. That is purely below the belt. They try to hurt their competitors.... Thousands of businesses did not get thier x-mas inventory from many vendors until mid december.

    You think that was an accident? OK... lets back it up another year.

    Walmart in the slow shipping season rents all the container axles they can find on the west coast. It's the slow season so all the shipping companies agreed to rent out their axles so walmart could do what ever it was they need to do with them. In the contract they had to be back by a certain date, or pay a penalty for each week they were not returned (of course there is much more to the contract but you get the idea). About November if you went our in the arizona desert you would have foudn thousands of container axles parked.

    They paid the fees, and there were not near enough wheels to get shipments delivered out of ports. Once again... is this business or is this criminal? Just because it is legal does not make it right. Besides Each and every one of them have to answer to their maker, because the american people or so short term thinking that they cant see past the end of their nose.

    Every ignorant wal mart shopper is casting a vote for lower standards for themself in America ultimately when they chose to set a standard of labor, price, and quality of life with each dollar they spend at wal mart.

    Each dollar is a vote to lower the standard in America... the same wal martians will be screaming at the republicans when the economy colapses as but they undermined it themselves with a shopping cart. Get a Clue America. You are destroying the economy with your frivilous $6.87 worthless plastic junk from wal mart. I dont care if I have to spend ten times the price to shop at a company owned by americans....

    Wal mart is NOT american. It is the 6th largest country in the world run like a medievil tryrancy of select nobility and 99.9% pesants!

    WAKE UP AMERICA Dont feed the hand that bites you!!!!

    Signed, Jason

    Inside Information

    We stole a box of blue vests and put them on mannequins. It was at last year's Christmas party. We dressed up the mannequins and got them drunk and we spit on them and bet them up.

    A bunch of us at head office did this.

    "That's what we think of you," said one of us. And the rest of us laughed and gave each other raises.

    The one who smashed the most mannequins got the biggest promotion.

    It was the most fun we had in ages. Then we all went to Church.

    Salvador Dali Clock






    Sergeant Produce-- Typical Walmart Lifer




    "We don't usually put pretty girls on the parking lot."

    Wal Mart is a company that severely mistreats its employees by denying them proper equipment, low pay, denial of benefits or working hours, and while they may be the world's biggest retailer, they are also the world's biggest liars!

    When Wal Mart hired me, I had asked for a sales floor position and naturally, I was denied this. They made me a cashier instead and I was told in orientation that after 3 months I would be allowed to transfer to another department. There is the first lie. Once you are placed in that store, you have to fight tooth and nail to get out again. Especially if you're on the front end (cashiers, door greeters, cart pusher).

    So I was a cashier for three months and it was the worst experience of my life! One night, my back started hurting me at work. I've popped a disc out before in my back, so I went and told the CSM's that my back was bothering me and I couldn't get anyone to come up and help me lift some really heavy stuff people were bringing through the line. I asked for a brace. I was told that cashiers didn't need back braces. I argued that I did because my back was going to go out.

    They went to get me a brace. They never came back. My back went out and I could barely walk and I couldn't stand up straight at all. I began having panic attacks while working at Wal Mart as well. While I was on the registers, everyday before my shift began, I would get sick and throw up. I stayed nervous up there and I finally got to the point where I was starting to dislike people. I wanted to scream at them just because they came through my checkout line.

    I had been a cashier for around 10 years before working there and NEVER have I felt that way.

    Anyway, I finally snapped one day and started just flat out bawling in the store. I ran outside and sat against the building, trying to calm down. One of the girls that worked in seafood came out and sat with me and sort of talked me down. She has panic attacks too and apparently, so do half the people in the store. Management rolled their eyes at me when I asked to leave to go to the doctor. They said that I had no reason to have panic attacks and they can't understand why I would. They sent me home and said that even if I had a doctor's excuse, then it was an unexcused absence.

    I finally got them to let me change jobs. I had to tell them that I would quit if they didn't let me change jobs. I told them that I would walk out right then. They told me that midnights is open and cart pusher. I have a child, I can't work midnights. I am a single mother. I told them that I would be a cart pusher.

    They tried talking me out of this by saying, "We don't usually put pretty girls on the parking lot." This set me off. I told them that if they deny me that job because I am a woman then I would bring them to court and that I was sure that there were a lot of lawyers out there that would love to bring Wal Mart down for sexual discrimination. They let me go outside on the parking lot really fast.

    Wal Mart hired me in under part time status, yet I worked 40 hours a week the whole time I was there. They would never give me full time.

    My son began having trouble in school and at home, I think because his father and I were divorcing, so I needed to work dayshift so I could be home with my son in the evenings. I had also asked Wal Mart if I could have Sundays and Mondays off too, so I could go to church on Sunday and then Monday so I could run my errands. I really wanted Saturday, needed it for a church class, but they laughed at me when I asked.

    So very suddenly, my hours dropped from 40 a week to 20 a week. Now, I suppose I was willing to deal with this for a little while, but I had a problem. I don't have a car. I rely on public bus to get to where I am going. Wal Mart scheduled me to work a couple hours a day, 5 days a week. It costs me 2 bucks one way to get to work, plus, I have bills I have to try to pay and food to buy... it just wasn't going to work. So I go to talk to management about it. I asked them if they could schedule me longer shifts during the week and just give me the extra day off. I told them why. They refused. They said home office doesn't allow them to do their scheduling this way.

    I called home office and found out that I was being lied to. I began looking for another job in the tiny bit of free time that Wal Mart allowed me. Wal Mart, well my store, had a meeting a few months back that everyone was required to attend. In this meeting, we were told, by the store manager, that if we did not open our availability completely and let them schedule us to work whatever shifts and whatever days they wanted then we would be fired. This caused several people to walk out right there on the spot.

    Someone called the newspaper about it and there was a huge write up about it. It was on the news as well. Customers began coming into the store to yell at management over this, especially after it was revealed that this rule did not come down from home office. None of the other stores had even heard of it. This new rule had come down from only the management in our store. Our store started to lose business and employees really fast then and they eventually had to change the rule back.

    However, they will still punish you if you close your availability. You'll lose almost all of your hours and with the little crumbs they give you on your paycheck, it's impossible to live.

    Photos of Manager's Wife Training Associates

    I work at Walmart store in Arkansas. the wife of the manager comes around here when he's not here and looks for him pretending she doesn't know he's not there. Well he isn't.

    We all laugh about it because she always making hints about it. The yoiung ones she goes after most. She's always asking whose new there. There's a place where she takes them in the stockoom. She thinks no one is there but i got video of it on my cell phone.

    I bet you want to know who it is, but I woint say a word more. I won't say which one. no way. HAHA

    Promises, Promises: Needy Children Left Cold Because of Walmart

    I had to close my t shirt business because they monopolized the Hanes T-shirts I was ordering and Hanes went and started selling exclusively to walmart... up to present day.

    BUT most recently they have crossed the line with me.

    They are closing our 'normal' Walmart store and moving 1 mile up the road to a "super center" I went in walmart during the final days before the move to purchase cotton fabric.

    I sew blankets and give them to children in need though a non profit group, The store had a sign posted that they were no longer cutting fabric since the store was in transition.

    The ONLY fabrics left in the store were their infamous 1.00/yard fabrics thrown in a large bin in the center of the fabric department. I went up front and asked "T" the store manager what would become of the fabric in the back. He said, "We are not moving that fabric to our new store it will be thrown away"

    So I ask him to donate it to our non profit group, he agrees and says to call him in 2-3 days. I call as instructed to find out that "T" has mysteriously sprained his back and is on a medical leave for an undetermined amount of time.... So, I thought about this over night and decided to call the store again this morning, Spoke to another woman who said "Sorry 'T' is not in the store he is giving blood today"

    So... I say "Well isnt that funny how if he is on pain meds for a back injury that he would be out giving blood", she transfered me to another manager who said... "Sorry we have no fabric left... I dont know what you THINK you saw but there are no fabrics left in the old store"...

    Called back another time and the same manager "F" says... "Ohhh... sorry it was a misunderstanding... one of our nearby Walmarts came and picked up all of the 1.00/yard fabric and took it to their walmart store... SO. I say "bulls--t". They would rather throw fabric in a landfill than donate it to a 501(c) nonprofit and take a tax deduction, they prefer to leave empty vacant buildings in a town they sh-t on and left us with no other shopping choices.

    We have no other fabric stores... they closed, Zayres, Hills, Ames, Tresaure Island, and on and on... No where left to shop and Wal mart would rather give someone in their community the run around than donate some crappy fabric... They can kiss my ass. I will pay 10 times what I have to for my products from now on . I will not set hand or foot near another walmart again.

    Friday, March 24, 2006

    Afro-americans or Caucasians Free To Steal at Walmart

    I work in a 24/7 Walmart..Anyways...One night I was doing my work like usually(Stocking),and I see these 2 guys stealing and they knew I was watching them but still went ahead and shoved merchendise in their pockets and rushed for the door.I cut them off right after they go out the doors and told them not to to it again,

    they left and cameback 10-20 mins later wanting to speak to the manager.So the manager came up to me ON THE SALESFLOOR and told me who was I to tell people what to do,specially afro-american people.I wasnt being a racist I was doing the right thing(At least I think so).I think he was the one who descriminated because he told me that because I'm Puertorican I can't tell Afro-american or caucasian or any race but prican not to steal.If I didn't see them it would be different because I would be acusing them but I actually saw them.

    But Anyways I think Walmart needs to stop focusing so much on the costumer and care a little bit more for their "Assossiates" because we are the people that run walmart not some d-ckface in the main offices.We are employees and costumers.

    Thursday, March 23, 2006

    "Everytime some moron trips" How Walmart Works (Lesson #1)

    Lets be specific. This letter is regarding the bangor maine wal-mart store.

    I am an employee who has been with the company for several years. My gender isnt really relevant since were not seen as people most of the time anyway here. Dont get me wrong most of the staff are good friendly people and not all of our management is bad at all. However semi recently there was a company wide change to the system that produces our yearly bonuses.

    For example we have our profit sharing bonus AND we have our safety expense bonus. Basicly if we sell enough goods or enough idiots manage to not fall down in our store and make us pay for it we actually get a bonus. However even the safety bonus is moreso based on bottom line profit than actual safety. And the safety team is just laughable.

    Well.....when it was nearly time for our bonuses to arrive the company must have decided that they were too large and they could put that money elsewhere. So all of a sudden it changed just in time to nix both of our bonuses so therefore we got niether. At the store meetings the excuse we recieved was detailed in how the new system works etc and the store manager co manager and one assistant have all mentoned that it upsets them and that they would have liked to get bonuses themselves. So they went from there to make it sound like our fault for so many customer accidents and so many back injuries on the recieving team. Now on the subject of those back injuries.

    There are very few members, usually 3-4 SOMETIMES 5 unloaders per night. And if everything isnt done specificly on time on many occasions every unloader gets written up. Many have been written up over 5 times and gotten d days over it. Its just corporate pressure to try to get them to quit to hire newbies for lower wages.

    But the injuries come from being told to go faster and often carry several boxes at a time or you wont be done in time. To do team lift items themselves etc. And then when someone gets hurt the safety team has an orgasm and runs out to say how foolish they were to work that way. And managment nods behind them the whole time.

    So that helped butcher the safety bonus due to this wonderful new system. Also we have 4 or possibly more workers in positions that by company standard are full time positions and these associates are working 40 hours per week and have been flat out told they will never be made full time. By state law after a certain amount of time passes working full time hours you HAVE TO be made full time and they are aware of this. At the week that that point is reached that associate will be scheduled for part time hours for that one week to break the cycle then restart it the following week. Anyways back to what i was saying before.

    Everytime some moron trips on their own feet or doesnt watch their kid and it falls out of a cart or some kid throws a ball and hits another kid WE pay for it.

    Now here is the bangor store specific part. Remember how i said managment was whining about how they wish they could have gotten a bonus?

    A store manager at this location often would get a bonus of at LEAST $80,000 annually! Usually 100k or more from their own mouth this is confirmed. Well we found out where the bonus money REALLY went to. A couple of us were on our way to speak to managment and heard them talking and waited outside and listened to their meeting for a couple minutes.

    The store manager still got an $80,000 bonus and each assistant manager who normally makes 25,000 a year salary was just upped to $50,000 in this area because of undesirable living conditions which basicly translates to the same winter that they lived through in this state their whole lives anyway. Most of the whole store knows now that we were lied to in the meetings and its not been mentioned by anyone in managment at all nor will it be im sure.
    We cant talk about it in store because they will find a way to get rid of us if they hear it.

    When that anti wal mart movie was released an unloader told me that they were told that if they talk about that movie they will be terminated on the spot. Several people have put in notice several more are going to shortly, and the company still wins because they will put some pimple faced kid in there for starting wage to work 25 hours a week. If you work in a wal-mart store sometime listen in on a managment meeting or two, you might be surprised what you learn.

    There are much shadier things going on in this company, hell in this store, but as long as you remember to smile managment will never care enough to think you might know something.

    Quick, Call Stephen King

    This is totally creepy. There's a Wal-Mart just behind my house. One night a week ago I woke up and saw this red light on my ceiling. It was coming from the window. I went over there and looked out and the Walmart was on fire. All the windows red.

    I woke my mom and we called the fire department. We watched out the window but when the fire department came they didn't do nothing. They went away again.

    The red was still there in the windows. Me and my mom went out on the back yard. Maybe the sky was red my mom said and it was in the windows. It was almost MIDNIGHT. The sky wasn't red at all.

    We had to go over because it was so weird. We got in the car in our pajamas and went up to the windows. There was red in there. Fire burning. But there was no smoke.

    We were totally freaked out!!!! We went home and couldn't sleep. The next day we went over. It was Saturday and nothing was burnt. We just stood there looking around like we couldn't move.

    The next night same thing happened again. We went over and looked in the windows. There were defanately flames everywhere but nothing burning up. But we saw something else. I did anyway. Mom says she never. There were little things floating around. They had faces that changed but they looked like babies. And they were screaming and crying.

    I can't sleep now with that store glowing red all night.