Saturday, July 22, 2006

Memo to Employees: Don't Mind the Gunshots, Just Duck

I am a Wal-mart employee, and I have been with the company for eight years. Several times gunshots have been fired in our parking lot. Associates tell management the next day that they are scared to walk in the parking lot alone at night.

Management is telling the associates in meetings that they are mistaken, that teenagers are shooting fireworks off in the parking lot. One of my co-workers and a customer were walking out of the garden center doors when shots were fired, and they both dropped to the ground for safety. She told me the next day, and I told her that they were just fireworks. She laughed, and told me I have been shooting guns my whole life, and know the difference between a firework and a gunshot.

Management is lying to us to avoid the bad press for the company, and do not care about our safety.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Essay Winner: Why I think Wal-Mart is the Devil

I think walmart is the devil because its trying to take over the whole world with stores that has stuff in them made by children slaves. It don't pay much so its getting its money easy off the swet of its workers backs and like the devil its always suposed to be smiling like those greeters at the doors who don't feel like smiling you can tell, but satan says that they should so they smile with evil in their heart and they mark you with a sticker. Should be 666 on that sticker not a smily face.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

you get paid by who you are

I worked for Wal-Mart here in Windsor Ontario in the Garage as an automotive tech. I ended up doing thigs that was not normally done at Wal_Mart as I one was an apprentice mechanic.

After a bit fellow employees seemed to slack in their work and I was expected to pickup the slack. I went to management on this as there was to be an open
door policy that you could talk to management with any problems. Well I talked to a store manager and told him my story of other employees slacking, fooling around and also danger to others with their horseplaying.

Well I was told if I didnt like it that there was the door that I could leave. Well I told my department manager about this and as soon as I found another job that I was leaving. Well he called me into his office asked me not to leave and offered me a raise.

Well things went fine for about 2 months and this started to happen again. I asked another employee to sign my workorder as is policy and was told no that they were busy, ya busy fooling around. I went to management about this and I was wrote up.... and then told again if I dont like it that there was the door.

Well within a couple of weeks I found another job and gave my notice but quit earlier due to unsafe horseplay that someone was going to get hurt and I was not going to be involved in it any way and quit earlier. They have a hard time holding on to employees as well.

Did you know that you get paid by who you are, male or female, married or single. Males and married males are paid more the single males and females also. They are very predijust to employees. They treat them like crap and you are only a number and a robot to do as they want you to do and sat yes sir and no sir.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

brain-dead customers, thieves, and idiotic commandments

I have worked for Wal-Mart for 9 years. Personally, I have been fortunate to have a good manager (most of the time). It is obvious that the company has grown too large to sustain itself.

Morale is abysmal, the associates are bitter, sick, and at best, going through the motions. I assume all retail jobs share the same complaints about brain-dead customers, thieves, and idiotic commandments handed down from on high. We have no "LP" in our store, so we basically wave merchandise good-bye as any degenerate takes a walk with it.

Recently, our management team had a meeting with our geriatric door greeters to let them know that they were responsible for everything that went out of the store. Being in the state of mind commonly known as WTFE (what the f**k ever), the door greeters decided that meant they couldn't give incoming customers the time of day.

Like most of the Eastern Sea Board, we recently had flooding rains. Every nitwit in the county decided it was Wal-Mart time, and were greeted by people telling them to get their own shopping cart, and drying it themselves (in some cases, sending them to the parking lot to retrieve a cart for themselves).

This would only happen when the employees just don't give a damn. I've heard that the company used to be a great place to work, but I feel the bigger it gets, the worse it gets. Wal-Mart will begin to collapse under it's own weight, just give it time. Remember, though, that not every associate is an ass. Some of us are reluctant Church of Sam cult members witht nowhere else to go.