Tuesday, October 31, 2006

POST OF THE YEAR: Wal-Mart Witches, Union Local 1555

I was always into magic and stuff. I went to work at wal-,mart and the manager there showed me a book about witches he had. I thought it was cool. the book had witches burning on the front. And there were pictures insuide. I never saw pictures like that bvefore. They had naked women and old drawings and stuff.

He lent it to me. I read it. It was weird. But I likked it. I gave it back to him. He asked if I was interested. I didn't know what he was talking about. He never said nothing else for a while.

After a whie he asked me if I wanted to meet his friends. I said sure becausew I didn't want to get fired. He told me where to meet them. It was at his house. They were all looking at me all the trime when I was there.

Another time I went over there and he took me to the basement. There was a woman on a table there. She was naked And others had hoods. I just watched them do things to her. I couldn't believe how much I liked it.Anyway a few weeks later the manager wanted me to be on the table. I said I would. He was happy when he heard.

They all did things to me. And I let them. But then I git prrgnat and had an abortion. The doctor was one from the manager's basement. I knew it was him.the next time I saw him he was in the bsement and he had a bunch of blood and stuuff that they used. He said it was from his job. He said it was from me.

And I never went back again. I was so sick for weeks after that. It make me sick now wroiting this.

I still work at walmart. And when I see the manager. He licks his lips at me. That's just sick.


Monday, October 30, 2006

Odor Clean-up in Aisle 3

This guy is a dept mngr. hes a bit retarded, and his teeth are all yellow and broken,he talks out his nose,but the worst of it he smells like goat pee pee!

i swear one day he was working and he had shaveing cream hanging off both sides of his face!he wears pants that are hi-waters and dollar store shoes,when hes eating in the break room he licks his fingers with smuckin nosies!us ladys were told he sleeps in his clothes and wakes up and comes to work,the maintance man says someone has been wipin poo in the mans bathroom on the walls and he giggles,we know its him.i was told a lady tryed to cut his hair in the store and he had scabs and goo on his scalp!

to top it off he makes more than his pay scale, when a grown man in his 40s can sit in a chair and fart in meetings and is the only one laughing theres something wrong at our store,why dont mngt talk to him?He was on a latter one day and i saw shopers laughing i went to see and he had rubber bands around his socks to hold them up and the socks were stained,

i give up,he was shopin last weekend with his nasty wife{the worlds biggest midget}shes 300 pounds 5 feet 3 and has a hairy lip,he had shorts on with razer burn marks! and pimples! and his leggs were snow white with crud!

MAY THE LORD PLEASE bring us a sinus cold to clogg up our nose

Friday, October 27, 2006

Simple Math: Less For You, More For Wal-mart

The company that i work for has been doing bisness for with walmart 24 yrs.

On 10-15-06 the company said that we was audited by walmart and we have to to go to a 5 day shift because walmart didn't like it.The shift i've worked for 24 yrs, is a 7 day shift that is the same every month .

The only normalicy i got on shift work. We lost our 'long weekend' once a month and the 5 day changes so much that you can't get used to a shift.

Let me add that i've worked this shift for 24 yrs. they said we have to change or loose their bisness. I say f--- walmart we can get by without them. I would like to see them work that shift. WALMART SUCKS

Sunday, October 08, 2006

car wreck? sick kids? who cares? just show up at work and cheer joyfully

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!all the stuff they said to us in our meeting today about we get caned if we miss 6 days ,even if your kidd is sick!!! or you are in the hospital!! and also if your late so many times your out the door even if your in a car wreck!! are u kidding me!! then we get up the door the dorky cheer and i couldnt believe the retards that were jumping around yellin the ol cheer!!

one old guy was floppin around like he won a million bucks!! geeze i guess that guy live with his mom,iam steve ive worked for walmart since 1982,ive met sam 3 times,ive worked at 4 stores, ive seen when walmart loved its workers!!

we all were family,in the past 3 years i have seen walmart go mean to its workers now ive seen the meanest thing in the past 3 months!! walmart trying to get rid of the long time worker,mothers that cant take care of the kidds now!!!

but lets all do the freakin walmart cheer!!! steve from arkansas