Saturday, November 25, 2006

Another (Not So) Truthful Disclaimer

* If you decide to read the Wal-Mart Horror stories featured on this site, you will unwilling become slaves to The submitted stories, sent by common, decent folk like you and me, are meant to render the reader powerless to obsessive thoughts of ending the Wal-Mart empire. Visitors please be forewarned. We assume absolutely no responsibility for your constant hand-washing or ceaseless coin-counting.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Canadian Coins: If you prick us, do we not bleed... and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge...

Port Huron, Michigan is on the Canadian border and a lot of people cross over from Sarnia, Ontario to shop.

The local Wal Mart refuses to accept Canadian coins. (Coins that are just rolled up and deposited with the Irest anyway.) If Canadian nickels, dimes, or quarters are found in a cashier's drawer, the total value is deducted from the cashier's pay. In other words, the store managers look at every coin while they're cashing out a drawer.

Since Canadian and US coins now look almost exactly alike, they're even harder to spot. The company apparently thinks that time spent on the clock by managers examining every coin is worth it!

Friday, November 10, 2006

not martin luther king jr.

i had a dream once that i worked for walmart but it wasnt a dream was real. screaming is only a joke. that was after i was a hooker in a slauterhouse.

of managers and the creeps they avoid

Let me tell you how bad Walmart sucks and how much they truely value thier assoiciates and customers. I worked at walmart for 6 years, They dont value thier people.Walmart values profit.

Ha Ha HA

Ya know all thoose commercials where people are So happy to work at Walmart? Thoose are paid actors!!!

Ya know how much Walmart Cares? I had a customer who was making me extremely uncomfterable, he was saying some pretty innappropriatye things to me, and at the same time He wanted to see a manger for some stupid reason So I Eagerly called my manger since I wanted to get rid of the creep anyways. So I paged Bob the manager on duty.

My voice was trembling, over the P.A and when I answerd the phone. "bob I said as i answere the ring "I need you over here now this gentleman request a manager and hes rather upset." the basterd manager had the nerve to say " I am busy unloading trucks it will have to wait. Mind you this customer is known for ripping us off by distracting cahiers ( I was in Electronics and I was waiting on him at the register.)

I finally got rid of the creep on my own. When Bob heard of it he made it sound as if he was way to busy for customers and assoictaes I guess getiing that merchindise out to the floor to sell and make all kinds of money is way to supieror to the saftey,integerty,a general needs of the shoppers and assoictaes.

A manger at this same store made an employee work off the clock!!!

Walmart likes to give holiday pay?? yea they cut ur hours to amke up for it..

Do i sound a wee bitter maybe so..

Monday, November 06, 2006

Equality at Wal-Mart: Everyone Gets to Clean the Toilets

I guess after slaving for Wal-Mart for 7 years they think that my $10.05 an hour is too steep to pay. So they cut over 20 hours out of my schedule the past six weeks with no explanation.

Hmm. Sales must be down.

We have no janitor anymore so they are sending everyone in to clean the toilets.

The cashiers have not been trained how to use the different cleaner chemicals. They basically just grab a bottle that looks right and spray the toilet-then wait until it dries so it wont burn anyone's rear end.

When I refused to clean the bathrooms I was sent to the deli to work the rest of the day as some sort of juvenile punishment. Scrubbing greasy chicken cookers.

That'll teach her to disobey!! If you want to teach WalMart a lesson you have to speak their language. DO NOT spend another dime there.

The End of Lay-Away, The End of Hope

The Macomb Illinois Wal-mart Juwst keeps treating the employees worse everyday. Will they be fireng all full timers and replace with only part time help to get out of Benifits Like our loacal K mart did???
I can tell you personally that the Wal-mart here is as dirty to thier emplyes as can be. Cutting hrs, yelling at employees on the floor trying to do the job of 10 people Because Wal_mart isnt makeing enough money Which is ridiculouse with Macomb being a college town. How stupid do they think people are???
As for customers They are stopping Lay-away??? How are people like me gonna be able to even get Christmas Presents for family and friends??? Its time people put Wal-mart in its place!!! This company need to learn however they have to that people will NOT put up with them!!!