Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wal-mart's Plans: 80% Part Time and 20% Full Time Staff, Wal-Mart Letting go 25% of Staff

let me start off with I am a 4 year veteran of wal-mart, worked at 4 different stores in the district, not by choice. I have had a great record of employment in those 4 years. I am dedicated to my job, not the companies cause, for most of them are bogus. I was 4 months ago employed at the wal-mart in Ohio.

Bentonville decided to close Trootwood do to the economic features of the area, and the flop of the new Englewood super center store (1504). I feel the company had the right to do as they see fit in this situation, regarding lying to the public and the local city and its employees about why. In the closing all employees we given the chance to take lesser jobs at local stores. The employees that had time in were given a pay check for each year of service after 2 years of full time employment.

Most of us got screwed. I had a job, but it was 60 miles further away at the franklin store. I had a friend that worked at the huber Heights (1495) store and she got me in there. I thought I was still on the path for bettering my self up to Asst. management. After a few weeks, she was fired for working with a competitor. I then had a manager that did not know a thing other than to relay orders from the store manager.

After he got sent to third shift a month later I got ,what I thought, and old friend from my old store. Well he is a relayer of info not a manager in the since he is still new to the Wal-Mart way. I have a few contacts in higher places that can't keep there mouths shut.

I had just learned that Wal-Mart is letting go (in the stores) 25% in each store in the district. Now The store that I am at there was no seasonal (for christmas) help hired. As of today I know how they are going to do this. Today after senceless arguing with the Co Manger Kenny, I was wrote up today for supposedly what the store manager scanned in my department Saturday.

As my asst. manger prepared the write up He said "If I get wrote up so do you". I am now currently looking for a Job, do to, I now will never have a future for this company nor will I have a job after the first of the year, cause I know that I will be one of the 25% let go do to the volume of my Department.

I thought that when I read an email from an asistant about the future of Wal-mart it was crazy.

It said that wal-mart stores would like to be at 80% part time and 20% full time. As time has pasted I have seen this slowly starting to take place with department managers being forced to deal with more than one department, doubling the work load. They are also forcing the older employees to look else where for new jobs.

Here is a interesting fact: Wal-mart does not want any Employee to work for them over five years anymore if they are not going to move up. This is straight from the big boys mouth. So I guess my chances have just ended on this day for a future in the Wal-Mart Co.

Later I will write you more on there bogus green awareness ploy to the public.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Big Hello To...

A big hello to the thousands of new visitors we have been receiving lately, most notably from overseas.

Also, greetings to our recent (and ever growing) corporate visitors including: The Abernathy MacGregor Group, FedEx, Fleishman-Hillard, Walgreens, Rinker, C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures, NBA Events, Ogilvy & Mather Inc, Revlon, Kinkos, ConocoPhillips, Miller Brewing Company, Merck & Co, The Salk Institute, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Sutton Place Hotel, Reuters Information Technology, Office Depot, Constellation Brands, Belk, Radio Shack, True Value, Bain & Company, Atwell-Hicks, Pepsi Cola Company, Textron, Delta Air Lines, Vision Wise Inc, Worthington Industries, Safeco Insurance, International Steel Group, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Washington Pavilion of Arts & Science, Rooms To Go Furniture, Datamaxx Group, Reynolds And Reynolds, Delphi Corporation, E&J Gallo Winery, The Principal Financial Group, Ryerson Tull, McLane Company, Inc, Bell & Howell Company, Holiday Inn, World Wide Technology, Wells Fargo & Company, Ninth House, Northrop Grumman, Honda, Productivity Associates, GlaxoSmithKline, National Republican Congressional Committee, Capaha Bank, Weyerhaeuser, Westat Inc, Computer Sciences Corporation, ConAgra Foods, Caterpillar Inc, ScanSafe, McLeodUSA, LexisNexis, Merck & Co. Inc, General Electric Company, Amgen, Citicorp, Best Buy, Kraft Food, VeriSign, Yahoo, Bank of America, Extended Stay Hotels, Fidelity Investments, Murata Electronics, Club Corp USA, Central Intelligence Agency, PictureVision, Chevron Corporation, Harley-Davidson, Video Professor, The Berry Company, The WorkSource, Hilton Hotel Corporation, Intel Corporation, Alorica, Meijer, Hard Rock Cafe, Milliken & Company, CTV Television, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Kroger, The E.W. Scripps Company, Chicago Tribune, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Compass Bank, The Segal Company, CompUSA, Dorsey & Whitney LLP, Tech Space, The US Navy, Perot Systems Corporation, Home Depot, Dollar General, SRA International, Eastman Kodak, Washington Post, Target Corporation, Pier 1 Imports, Blackberry, Progressive Auto Insurance, Corporate Express, Eaton Corporation, Aerovironment, Mars Incorporated, American Psychological Association, International Flavors & Fragrances, Century 21, Network Appliances, Royal Bank of Canada, National City, Dell, Time Warner, Siras, Coleman, IBM, Ford Motor, American Airlines, Lexi-Comp, The Bosch Group, Wells Fargo, Delta Faucet Company, Federal-Mogul Corporation, Classmates, Cerner Corporation, Hughes Electronics, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Netscape Communications, Pera, Simon & Schuster, Clorox, Hewitt Associates, Boeing, Bank of Montreal, Microsoft Corp, and numerous others... oh, and Wal-Mart, of course.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Looking for a Lawyer to Sue Wal-Mart #13, Customer stuck with used hypodermic needle while trying on shorts

Lawyers in the Phoenix area,
please contact Jon

I need an lawyer willing to take on walmart store # 2512 in Phoenix ,AZ where I was stuck with a used hypodermic needle (as in IV drug user) .

While shopping on 11/05/2007 I tried on some shorts and felt something rubbing on my leg from the pocket.When I reached into that pocket I was stuck in the hand..

The manger and his assistant were called over I was told that they usual find these ( used syringes) in the bathroom,not only that but they refused to call police saying that it would take hours for them to respond and even thought I was complaining of chest pain and shaking and sweating they offered no assistance at all and said I should get to the doctor ASAP...

I am a 52 year old married family man with no history of any drug use and now I am going the embarrassment of HIV and hep C testing,as well as vaccinations for Hep A and B.Worse yet is I have Bi Polar disorder which has gone totally out of wack after over 2 years of very good control with all the stress this is causing. Walmarts claims people said they had no responsibility even for the doctor bills.

Jon Utley
jutley01 (at) qwest (dot) net

Monday, December 03, 2007

Friday, November 30, 2007

Looking for a lawyer to sue Wal-mart #11, Wal-mart's Supposed Contempt for Jews

Lawyers in the Kingman, Arizona area
please contact:

hboyer (at) frontiernet (dot) net

I was an employee of the Hallmark card company until 11/17/07. Hallmark which is a privately held corporation located in Kansas City, Mo. leases space in Wal-Mart stores to display and sell their greeting card products. Hallmark does not hire Wal-Mart employees to retail their product. We Hallmark employees are jobbers at the Wal-Mart stores.

Today I came in to work Saturday 11/17/07 after assessing the products I would need to have to stock the shelves, I proceeded to the storeroom to load a shopping cart and do the job as I had been instructed by my supervisor from Hallmark card company.

I was immediately stopped by a older woman and a younger man they said they were supervisors the woman a store manager the guy a security person from the warehouse dept.

I was told I could not use a shopping cart to move product to the sales floor. I tried to explain that the shipping cart they said I must use would not work since we have unboxed product and do not stock case loads of greeting cards at a time on shelves.

And I said I would do the job as I was taught until I am told by my boss differently.The security guy pointed at my Star of David and said " You People always push things" I took that as a discriminatory insult to my Jewish Race and Religion.

He then said you will do the job the Wal-Mart way or not at all. I said ok not at all he said " You are fired get out of the ware house this minute now!

I walked out off the job.

Can a employee of a jobber that leases space for their company actually be fired by the other company management?

Lets say you rent shelf space for your company from Wal-Mart and you stock it and hire your own employees that have no relation to Wal-Mart then one day Wal-Mart wants to change how you do your job and they start to bully your employees and then actually fires one of your employees. Can they do that?Can they ban your employee from access to the spaces were your employee works? And then discharge that employee.

That is what happened to me.

I urge all of you parents out there to tell your children that Santa had a heart attack this year and can not make it to your house. But MOMMY & DADDY love you and will get you a present that does not come from Wal-Mart. And if you are a Christian believer then think of my experience and that the Wal-Mart Corporate culture is one of contempt for Jews and remember Jesus was Jewish so they hate him too.

Please can there be a Attorney out there to take my case.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Looking For A Lawyer To Sue Wal-mart #10, Store Manager Pulls Sticker Off Unit

Lawyers in the Orange, CA area
please contact: Ayda Waldez

ayda(at) clscatalog (dot) com


My name is Ayda Valdez

Just recently I had went into a Wal-Mart store to return a xbox360 that my husband had bought just the night before.. When he took the game cube home it would not work... So the next morning I went to return the item with the recite ..

after being at the return counter while the looked over the box.. then Wal-Mart assoc turned to me and said that I was not returning the unit that was bought the night before.. he said that the unit clearly looked older then 8hrs..

He went on to show me were the serial number is ,It is on a sticker he said that it clearly looks as if the sticker had been pilled and replaced ..I was in shock ..not only did I not know that the serial number was but that even it was a stinker.. Never owning another xbox.. I could not believe what I was be accused of...

I ask that he please pull a new unit and show me because the unit to me looked new and I could still not even tell that it was a sticker... the sales associate left to my belief he was going to pull a new box to show me.. after a bit a different woman walks up to me and says that I can not return the item.. I then asked to speak to a store manager...

after a bit the store manager comes up and starts to look at the unit... then the first assto comes back and he looks at the store manager with out saying anything the store manager looks at me and says sorry you can not return the unit...

I asked why he said that the unit is clearly older then what the recite says the serial number matches but they said I had swapped the unit.. straight out accused me I was so surprised... I asked if they can just check to see if maybe it had been return...The store manager refused... I asked if they can show me a new unit again..Store manager said no he did not have to.. I asked him well at this time what can I do.. I am stuck with this unit that I had just bought with you guys that does not work... He said let me explain to you what you did... He (the store manager) then pulled the sticker completely off my unit and said see this is the sticker and this is what you did...

I was so unset I asked Oh My God.. What are you telling me know what can I do... Then he put all my stuff with the unit back in the box and said you can leave my store.. And dont try to take it any were else I will notify all the Wal-Mart's in the surrounding area.. I am still blown away at what I have been accused of.. I then called x-box and explained what had happen.. and when telling them the store.. They tell me because the sticker was removed that it voids all warranty so they now also refuses to repair it with out a fee..

I fell that Wal-Mart just passed judgment and accused me of something that had never happened.. I believe that if someone who knows can see that the unit is NEW and someone clearly passed judgment....I want to see if I can take legal action... Please help

Ayda Valdez

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Wal-mart Manager Asks Employee if His Girlfriend is Getting Fat

I work at store #1160 there is a manager on my shift named ? (name removed) .My gf who also works there and I have both ahd nothing but trouble out of this man. We arent the only ones.

The other day my GF was bent over zoning up some merchindise in her area when he approached her. He told her she needed to pick up the pace. Her area wasnt zoned yet and it was the end of the shift.

She told him they had her on aregister for 6 hours covering a call in.

He put his finger in her face and yelled at her.

Then today he tells me she is getting fat and asked if shes eating more or if she forgot the pill...I cannot belive the man had the guts to say such a thing.

Other females have complained he sexually harrasses them. He makes fun of employees to thier faces. Upper management just brushes it off if we talk to them. So much for an open door.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Wal-mart Makes Him Lose His Disability

i have worked for walmart for 7and half ;years i have been tle shop manager 2 times and was support manager until a few days ago i started with wm and told them iwanted part time as i was getting disability and could not afford to lose it after a bout a month they talked me in to going full time i ended up loosing my disability and having to pay most of it back last year i was asked to sign a job description that i had already signed the manager that asked me to sign saidif i did i would be required to lift and pull pallets climb letter's of what ever they asked of me i told him i had already signed one and he said if i did notsign it again i would loose my position or possibly beasked to resign from my current job if i did sign it iwould have to do as he asks with no argument did not sign it i said i had already signed one and i had medical papers in my file that said i had restrictions on lifting or climbing i have a medal rod in my leg and did not want to mess it up then a few weeks laterthe oil tank ran over and i was called into the officeand told i was getting a written coaching as i had already had a verbal on the paper i did not sign wehave been short handed since i started to work i havepaper work that is supported to be done by me or shopmanager i was told by the dept/manager not to worryabout it until we got enough help to cover the shop as some nights i was the only in the shop to do the work and the customers came first and she would handle it until we got enough help they finally got a new shopmanager and more help and i got called into the officeand was told to step down from my manager job and tomove into the shop and work under the new manager thathasn't worked for but a few weeks and he informed methat i was his underling and was to do as he said ihave since fell and got hurt and they are making me a greeter in the same dept and their Dr said that icould stand or lean for my shift i can not stand very long or sit in one position for any length of time ori hurt very bad i feel like they are doing this to force me to quit i have been treated bad since theychanged managers and gave us a market manager i wastold when i got the job i was over the shop manager but he came i and told me that he was boss and i wasunderling to him and all managers when they called meinto the office i was told i had to do as he says or else is the Way i take it and he will make it or else when they make me change jobs i was forced in my opinion to sign a change of job paper today to go andbe greater for the same dept it seems like yourappreciated until they think they have used you enoughthen they try to get rid of you we have lost most ofour longtime people to bad management story is allotlonger but have said enough right now thank you for your time ND

Friday, October 26, 2007

Looking for a Lawyer to Sue Wal-Mart #9: Faulty Chairs Collapsing Out From Under You

Lawyers in the Moberly, Missouri
area please contact Gary at:
gdmulni (at) hotmail (dot) com

I am writing to see if anyone would be interested in representing in my case against Wal-Mart

It all began on Sept 12th when I went to take my afternoon break I made my way to the Break room I grabbed a chair to bring over to the table to sit with the normal group I held the bottom of the chair with my right hand and proceeded to sit down and when I did the chairs legs on the left side bent inward and the chair went to the right and I went to the floor and of course I then sprang up quickly as an embarssment factor always tell you to get up I then made sure it was reported to mgmnt as they then had me fill out a incident report of course I hurt on thurs and fri following .I told the store mgr let me go the weekend see how I feel .

The following tues I was still hurting Mgr ask me if I needed to get it checked They sent me to the mediquick .They said it was a back sprain Cmi then calls me the next week to inquire about accident .He said he would have liked to have the chair .Well I had to tell him that it was thrown away he informed me that

They had had other incidents of the chairs breaking <> I have continued to hurt so they sent me back to mediquick again i seen nurse practioner again I told him the pain starts in my lower spine not my muscles he did a little more of checking on me than the first time I now am going to Md on tues on Mediquick as np said I needed to do,they are also sending me to physical therapyon Mon . I was just wondering is there any product liablity as well since they know the chairs are prone to breaking but yet they have still left them in the lounges or I am just going to have workmans comp case I hope I have provided you with enough info I will be at work 7-4 all week .

Thanks in advance for your help

Welcome to the Lawyers

We are excited to be receiving so many new hits
from American law firms interested in representing the people
who have submitted posts seeking a lawyer to sue Wal-Mart.

Our hits from law firms have increased substantially.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

In December 2000, Kenneth J. Harvey, an author/journalist and the owner of, won the right to retain his domain name following a WIPO adjudication which rejected Wal-Mart`s attempts to grab the URL from him and silence a freedom-of-speech gripe site. The decision was a precident-setting case.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Looking for a Lawyer to Sue Wal-Mart #8, Wal-Mart is Suing Me

Lawyers in the Florida area
please contact Randon at:

randontrowbridge (at)yahoo (dot) com

I have recently been convicted of petite theft for items I admittedly stole from wal-mart. My reasoning is unimportant, but I admit I was in the wrong. I went to criminal court and was fined 6 months probation, 30 hours of community service, I had to take a class and pay $305 dollars is fines and restitution.

Then 2 days ago I, I received a letter form a law firm representing wal-mart, stating that I had to pay them $475 in 10 days or I will be taken to trial. The Statute they quote is Section 772.11 of Florida Law. I researched this and found that it is a legitimate Statute, however, it states that they can sue for no more than 3 times the amount taken, I stole $70 worth of merchandise, times three is only $210.

If i didn't have the money to pay for $70 worth of items, how can I pay $475.

I need help and fast,
Randon in Lakeland FL

Friday, October 12, 2007

Looking for a Lawyer to Sue Wal-Mart #7, Working Off The Clock---Willful Violation of Law

Lawyers in Virginia please contact
ChristinesHeart (at) aol (dot) com

In the seven years I worked for Walmart #1841 in Chesapeake, Virginia I have heard assistants, co’s and store manager tell people they couldn’t have a break or go to lunch, unless they finished certain things, if they didn’t get it done on time then it was just to bad for them.

It’s easy enough to fix the time adjustments in the system so Walmart won’t be fined for allowing late lunches and they do it all the time.

Associates work thru their lunch or past the state law guide line hours because they were asked to complete certain things, then management or personal will just go in the system and make it look like the lunch was taken or taken on time, which ever the case needs to be.......most cases have written time adjustment backup signed by you, to cover them also, but there are also plenty of adjustments that are made up by management or personal, just keyed in.

Truck unloaders were told they had to forfeit their break because they didn’t get a truck done fast enough. They were also told they couldn’t go to lunch until they got X amount of trucks unloaded.

Department Managers and associates have been told they couldn’t leave until they got everything done on a list that management handed them about an hour before it’s time to go home.Assistants have been told the same thing, yes I know they are on salary but that doesn’t mean they are to be used for 70 hours a week.

I have been told by my assistant that he is to protect people working off the clock (which is called will full violation) and he was told by a Co-Manager to do so.I can name several people who have been threatened for their DM status or job that they keep working after they punch out because they know the work has to be done or they won’t have a job.

Don’t give me the bull crap Walmart doesn’t allow it, they allow, in fact they encourage it and turn a blind eye to those who hands for need to hire more help, we have them so scared for their job they are willing to do it for free.

They will let you do it, until they want to get rid of you, then they will use it against you, just like they allow breaking of other policies and laws, until it’s your turn to hit the road....then they turn it around and use it against you.

That’s the bottom line.

It is documented from 2005, yet nothing ever done about it, but coverup.

Any lawyers wanting to file this suit, please contact me.

Christine in Chesapeake, Virginia

Monday, October 08, 2007

Welcome to the New
Where We Help You Find a Lawyer to Sue Wal-Mart

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* A New Horror Story Every Other Day, Or We'll Give You Your Money Back (and vacuum out your car for free)

Looking for a Lawyer to Sue Wal-Mart #6, "Very Crude and Unnecessary Comments About My Mother"

LAWYERS in Dixon, Illinois
please contact Sarah at:
MaskScarah (at) aol (dot) com

Hello my name is Sarah Farmer, I feel I have a story for you. We live in Dixon, Illinois.

On July 3, 2007 my mother and I went to Wal-Mart to do a money transfer (like a western union) we were sending $550.00 to my brother in NJ. I was standing next to my mother at the counter while she was filling out the form for the transfer. After finishing the form my mother put 6 $100.00 bills on the counter. The total came to $585.34.

During the transaction the Sales clerk was helping 4 people while helping us. She kept picking up the money and then putting it down and then back on the counter in the interim the clerk had set the money down under the phone cord. Then handed the phone to the clerk next to her.

I then noticed that the money was about to fall off the counter so I reached over to stop it from falling off the counter. I then counted it to make sure it was all there. I was about to set the money back on the counter, but my mother took it out of my hand. The clerk handed her the change she then signed the receipt and then she placed the 6 $100.00 bills on the counter in front of the clerk and to my knowledge and my mothers the clerk had taken it and put it in the drawer.

My mother had another transaction. She needed a money order. She gave her another one hundred dollar bill. My mother was filling out the money order and the clerk looked at her and said " YOU NEED TO MOVE I NEED TO HELP OTHER CUSTOMERS!!" my mother who was not in the way looked up and said "Well excuse me, but what am I?" The clerk then proceeded to swipe all of my mothers papers over into a pile on the other end of the counter. My mother a little ticked off at how this Clerk was working picked up all her things put them in her purse and my mother and I left.

The next day my father had received a call from the Dixon police department. Wal-Mart had filed a complaint for theft. They were stating my mother had taken the money.

My father then called my mother at work and told her what was going on. She said that she didn't know what he was talking about. But would check her purse.

After checking the paperwork, she found the money mixed in with all the receipts. She told him to call the police and tell them she was on her way down. She then left work and came to get me. We both went down to the police department to return the money, but we were told that the police officer handling the case wasn't there, to come back tomorrow. We returned on July 5th and spoke to the officer.

The officer first brought me upstairs and read me my rights and told me I was being charged with a class 3 felony for theft of over 300 dollars. He then went down to get my mother. She then asked them why are we being arrested. We didn't do anything wrong. He said she took the money. My mother replied "I didn't know I had the money."

The police officer said he had the surveillance tape showing her putting the money in her purse. My mother denied this. After finishing all the paperwork he told us we were going over to talk to the judge and leave. That it looks like a mistake on the clerks part. But instead, he brought us to the Lee County Sheriffs Department. Where they continued to book us and put us in jail. We were incarcerated for over 8 hours. No food or water, nothing. We were strip searched and put in black and white striped suits.

The sheriffs department made very crude and unnecessary comments about my mother and I.

Like “Did I guess her bra size right??“ “Right on the dot! Replied the other officer. “WhooHoo!! WhooHoo!!” This comment was made in front of my mother while they were putting the striped suit on me.

After talking to my father around 4:00pm the police officer came out and told us that he had never seen this before that we were going to speak to the judge. This officer took us through the jail and put a belt around our waist and cuffed us. We were walked through a parade of rooms and then we were handed off to another Police officer. This officer then took us out the front door of the court house and down the street in front of god and everyone back to the county jail.

We were put back in the jail cell. After some time we then were released on our own recognizance. After all this, we then lost our jobs, our house. EVERYTHING including our dignity.

This went on for almost 3 months.

All because Wal-Mart had an incompetent clerk who doesn't know her job and we were the fall guys. Through previously working there, I know the procedure and protocol for dealing with transactions with large sums on money. The sales clerk did not follow any of that. They had the surveillance tape and told us that I picked up the money thumbed through it handed it to my mother and she thumbed through it and then put it in her purse. After about a month and a half we finally received a copy of the police report and the probable cause affidavit. These reports were filed by the arresting officer.

These reports were filled with lies. And no one has seen the tape showing this crime. The only one that had seen the tape were the Wal-Mart managers and the police officer.

2 months of waiting we finally saw the tape. We were the first to see it and it showed my mother placing the money back on the counter. Proving that the police officer had lied.

We went to court 3 times before the charges were dismissed on September 27, 2007. The State Attorney stated it was a mistake.

So far all we have heard is that if you go to Wal-Mart and the clerk makes a mistake you are responsible for it. Please, if there is any lawyer that is interested in helping us file a civil suit against Wal-Mart and all involved please contact me at MaskScarah (at) aol (dot) com . There is so much more to the story that we have left out to shorten it.

DON'T SHOP AT WALMART your responsible for their mistakes!

Wal-Mart Ripping off American Taxpayers

Wal-Mart's failure to provide healthcare to their employees is costing American taxpayers over 1.5 billion dollars every year and leaves an estimated 46% of the children of Wal-Mart employees on publicly-funded healthcare programs.

You get cheap goods, but you pay in countless other ways.

Wal-Mart Bullies Disabled Greeters

I have just hired into Wal-mart as a greeter myself sadly and just asking to have a stool to get off my feet for a few minutes seems to be a deadly sin to them.

Let me start at the beginning. About seven years ago I had a series of accidents that left me partially disabled. Since then I cannot walk without the aid of a cane, continue to have problems standing for long periods and, weakness/pain on the right side of my body.

First I applied to a variety of departments including gardening, electronic, cashier, etc. After the standard interview process one of the assistant managers had approved the job offer for a sales associate in the electronics department because I had worked at a Best Buy beforehand (which I left for only getting scheduled for 4 hrs total in a week by the end, but at least I could get off my feet when needed).

Just before clicking on the computer to accept the job offer and get my drug test packet I requested the American with Disability act sheet so I could get reasonable accommodation for my condition. After a whole mess of them not knowing where the form is and me trying to find an appointment to get it filled out I was finally called back by Wal-Mart.

They explained that they were now only able to offer me the people greeter position for considerably less money than I was offered for in the electronics dept. Angry, but desperate for cash, I took the job.

On my ADA form it exclaims that I NEED to get off my feet every 2 hours for a break and within my first 4 days on the floor 3 of the days I was forgotten for 30min to a hour at a time come break time, it has since gotten better but ONLY if I yell at them on the radio for someone to remember to give it to me (did not even have a radio until I kept complaining). I was in so much pain that I had to call a family member to drive me home. A few days later I receive the second ADA form that I sent to my surgeon.

On this form he wants me to have sit down work, use of a wheelchair, and a short moving break every hour. Now I do not really need the wheelchair unless I plan on covering a large area all day (state fair, amusement park, etc) but I DO need to be able to get off my feet often.

I was told that Wal-Mart will submit the form but was "unlikely to be able to accommodate me" by the cashier manager and personnel manager. What part of people greeter cannot be accomplished by having a stool there that I can sit on when I am hurting to the point that I can barely move? What part of me sitting had anything to do with causing significant difficulties for the company? I EVEN HAVE MY OWN STOOL!!

I have begged them to put me somewhere more comfortable but they explain how there is no such place and even reminded them that I have seen cashiers there on stools. According to them that is for "pregnant and recent surgery" employees. Even just being able to lean forward on the register was better.

But the worst part of all is today I was sent to be a greeter at the lawn and garden door and for the whole hour and a half there were less than 10 customers and EVERY second there was not someone checking out the cashier was sitting down on the register. With all the cameras and managers doing nothing but cruising the store with clipboards you cannot tell me that they did not know that they were sitting and if a perfectly able person is able why in the world would they not be able to offer me a job at the same place......and the cashier girl so nicely explained that the garden center cashier spot was year round and that she was moving to bakery next week.

I am not the only one having problems at this store and probably many other stores.

There is an older woman that requires a cart just to walk back to the time clock and all of them are constantly forgotten about on breaks. It was only after I came and complained about not having radios at the door that we got one to be able to yell at the CSM's to give breaks on time.

Walmart continues to bully and intimidate its mostly disabled greeters so they dont complain and let the company walk all over them. There IS a video about ADA AFTER you are hired that explains that you have the right to a form but little else. But, during the hiring process only a few small sentences ever mention it and when someone like me that actually reads and requests it the management has NO CLUE what it is or where it can be found until they call you into the store 3 times to finally get it placed in my hands, then have to wait nearly a week to see if its accepted to even get the job.

I am stuck at this point. I do not have a desire to quit so soon since I have quit so many other places before hand and finding a now job where I live is a near impossibility (employers see a cane it is like I have a communicable disease).

But at the current rate I will not last long with the extreme amount of pain I am feeling standing still on bare concrete for 8hrs a day. So any suggestions or help would be appreciated.Though they will no doubt be able to figure out who is writing this message and will retaliate against me despite my rights and their own policies

I have choosen to make a fake email address and at this time do not wish to identify myself. I would like to keep a job at least until i can find a good job that does not treat its employees like trash and criminals.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Looking for a Lawyer to Sue Wal-Mart #5, Wal-Mart Lies To Injured 80-Year-Old Mother

Lawyers please contact
horror (at) walmartsucks (dot) org
for Randy's contact info

I need an attorney in the Rogers arkansas area to represent my 80yr old mother.

She fell in the walMart in Rogers over a 4 wheel flat cart while shopping when some idiot employee left (on a Sat) behind her without warning her it was behind her. She turned around a fell over it.

She went to the hospital and was told Walmart would pay the bill, then went to her private doctor and again was told by that office that walmart would pay the bill.

Today sept 21, 2007 some woman from their legal dept. called my mother and told her the fall was her fault and they would be paying anything and she should turn the bills over to medicare.

Please this is crazy, somebody help me.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Looking For a Lawyer to Sue Wal-Mart #4, Herniations Miraculously Disappeared


Lorne L. Fox, Livingston, TX.
llfoxman (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

My wife has 2 herniated discs, a crushed bursa @left hip, carpal tunnel left wrist, and a her pelvis is all jacked up from a slip and fall two F-ing years ago!! She is in such pain daily that she is only good for a few hours in the morning.

They refuse to fix her and…get this shit…her herniations miraculously disappeared on last MRI…is it a coincidence that it was THEIR doctor?

I need my wife back…the active, fun, charismatic woman she used to be…not this despondent, bitter shell of who she once was.

My kids need their mother back as well…we can’t really do things as a family anymore because there is nothing she can do. I am terrified for her. The amount of pain she is in 24/7 is more than anyone should ever have to bear. It makes me feel so worthless knowing that I can do absolutely nothing to help her. Please help.

For the longest time all we wanted was for her to be indemnified…this is no longer the case. I want a bad-ass, bloodthirsty, wicked son-of-a-bitch…someone not scared or intimidated.

My wife is a wonderful lady…she deserves SO much better. She busted her ass for them and this is what she gets?

I was recovering from brain cancer when she went to work as a “greeter in the oil/lube shop in Livingston, TX. Shortly thereafter she was changing oil. Your wife, you say? Yessir, my wife. She was willing to bust ass to make ends meet. I was disabled at the time and that doesn’t pay jack. They used her up and dropped her like a lead balloon. People are supposed to be more than just an expendable commodity…We really need help if she is ever to get better.

Friday, September 28, 2007

At Wal-Mart, Satan's Rules Rule

I worked at the walmart in my home town of Greenwood, indiana in 2001. When I started there, they made all the new employees sign a section in the employee hand book saying that they would follow the rules.

Following instructions, I signed and turned it in to the personell office. I should have known that my new job was run by satan himself. On the day of my orientation, I went to have lunch at the cafe that is now a mainstream restaurant. The food was nasty. The burger was half cooked, the fries were dry and crispy, it it was over priced. My real stay in hell was just begining.

I worked in the toy department until december fourteenth of that year. During my first week, I asked the store manager if I could keep my expensive sued jacket in the personell office so it wouldn't get stolen. He looked at me and said "Well if I let you do it, then I'll have to let every associate do it now won't I." in a really rude tone. I could tell he didn't like me. then there were these computer tests that we had to take. every time I would sit down to take one, I would get in trouble for not doing my job. I was always left to work the entire department by myself and was poorly trained.

On my last day, the department manager along with the store manager and afew others who found me "Unacceptable" started doing things to get me in trouble. the time came when a customer needed me to get one of the bikes off of the top rack and bring it up to the register. I followed procedure and fuond one of the managers on duty so I could tell her where I was going. She said " No. hu uh. We're going to have a talk about your performance. you're never where you're supposed to be and you never do what you're told." This was coming from the manager who told me I had excellant customer service skills. I told her I was tired of being mistreated and left. I never said that I quit.

On the way home, I was in a major car accident in which my car was totaled and I almost died. I went back shortly after that to get my last pay check. I was given a piece of paper to sign and noticed it said I was terminated for insubordination. I asked the manager who had repremanded me why it said that and she ignored me and locked herself in the cash office.

Needless to say, if sam walton was alive today, he would be giving managers like that the pimp hand for being so stupid.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rotten Dairy at Florida Wal-Marts

I am a Wal-Mart employee of about 8 months now.

I have worked in 2 different stores, in 2 different states.In my first store, I was an overnight stocker for the Dairy Department (milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, butter, etc.)

I came to my 2nd store in Florida and started my first night as a O/N Dairy Stocker but immediately quit the department and asked for a new position when I realized that the people who work in the Dairy Department, bring ALL the fresh freight for the night to the floor at the same time, starting roughly around 10pm, and leave it on the floor until whenever its packed out onto the shelves.

The last of the freight could be sitting on the floor at room temperature until as late as 8am or 9am, depending on when the associates finish packing it onto the shelves.

This blatantly ignores the 20 minute rule set by Wal-Mart to avoid spoilage of cold foods.

I believe that even the law only permits cold food to be on the floor for 30 minutes...

As an employee, I emplore you all to NOT shop for Dairy products in central florida Wal-Marts...

The Ignorance and Stupidity of Wal-Mart Shoppers Who Drive 20 Miles to Save a Cent

To set the record straight, I no longer shop at Walmart. The reasons being that they are bad for our economy and are attempting to create a monopoly.

In January of 2004, I am ashamed to say, I was shopping at Walmart (aka, the Evil Empire). I left the store with a heavy bag in each hand. I walked out into the dark parking lot, and was attacked and assaulted by a drug-crazed maniac (who I quickly identified as a person I went to high school with). This person had a personal vendetta against me for quite some time, so I was not really surprised to discover she was following me around the store and the dark parking lot. The attacker took off into the store, and I followed.

I immediately went to the "security personnell" (if they can be called that) and reported the incident. The guy just said, "Okay, so what do you want me to do about it?" I asked him to call the police and search the store for the attacker. I described the attacker in great detail, gave the person's name and address, and even told where that person lived (like I said, the attacker was a former schoolmate). The security guy just told me it wouldn't do any good to look for the person, but they went ahead and called the police, who arrived 45 minutes later. The really sick thing is, several Walmart shoppers witnessed the attack, and just kept driving by or walking, and didn't even offer to call for help. That gives you an idea of the sick bastards that frequent Walmart!!

In 2006, my husband and I opened a pet shop in a small town in south Alabama. The nearest Walmart was over 20 miles away, and there were no pet shops in the area. Just for example, we sold small goldfish for 30 cents each, and the Walmart in the next town sold the same (but slightly less healthy) goldfish for 29 cents each. We had several good, loyal patrons (God bless them!), but the majority of the people in that town LOVED Walmart and wanted one in their town so bad they couldn't stand it. They would drive 20 miles (even with sky-high gas prices) to Walmart to save one penny on a stupid goldfish. We had several other products that were similarly priced, and people would even TELL US that they would just go to Walmart and get it for a few cents cheaper.

The ignorance and stupidity of these people make me gag. So now, in September 2007, we are closing up shop for good, thanks to the majority of stupid people that live in that little town in buttcrack of Alabama.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Looking for a Lawyer #3, Wrongful Dismissal After 9 Years Devoted to Wal-Mart


Mdreamer (at) aol (dot) com
Millsboro De is where i live and The store is 2791 Georgetown De

My story i have worked with walmart from May 1998 to August 3 2007.....Things started with a new Assistant Manger who they now call the terminater......She came in got freindly with everyone and keep saying she was there to help us get our front end together.... I was a customer Service Manger . Yes we did have a lot of people who were coming to work when they wanted to workrd the shifts they wanted to and called out every other day .....We wanted those people to shape up .........I was dedicated to Walmart i worked sick just so i wouldnt cause anyone to be put out or cause problems ......Prior to August 3rd i had worked 2 days so sick i all but passed out on That wednesday it was so bad everyone keep telling me to leave before i actually passed out . I worked as long as i possable could .Went to the assistant Mgr asked her could i leave and go to the Dr...She said yes and i told her that i would return when i was done ...Well i went My Dr said i had a very bad infection virus and said i could not work for at least a week . I went back to Walmart so sick i could barely drive but i kept my word about returning . I went to my supervisor which they always said follow chain of command .And told her and showed her my Dr note and said i was going to pick up the leave of absence packet to have filled out when i went back to the Dr ......She said ok and she went to the assistant manager in guestion and told her ....

When i left the HR office i peeked into the office they both were in conversation and looking at schedules to rearrange for coverage while i was out . I stood there they knew i was there . By then i was feeling so bad i walked away . I had done what i was suppose to .Well i was out for a week went back August 1 2007 and work 2:30-11:30 i worked the same shift the next day August 2 2007 and on the third day i worked 10:30 to &:30 ...i had worked more than half a day when i was called into the office and told i was being terminated for missing seven days . which was the seven days i was on leave of absence . I couldnt belive it ....

They tried to say i didnt turn in paper work and i said yes i did i did what we always do . Bring it back to the HR associate she takes it and has it signed by management . I was then informed that they couldnt go back in and change it in the computer once it is in it was done and there was nothing they could do .i asked why was it put in as unexcused in the first place ......I waited almost a month for unemployment because they said i left early from work on August 1 2007 without permisson . Not so . They gentleman at Uemployment said that was what they told him . He said he had to investigate more ....A few days later a recieved a letter from them granting my unemployment . In other words you cant unexcuse someone on Leave of Absence .

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Looking for a Lawyer #2, Fired By Humourless Wal-Mart, Cleared by the Sensible Employment Commission

Interested Lawyers please contact Christine

ChristinesHeart (at) aol (dot) com

To:, Lee Scott, Patricia Curran, Michael Moore,
Virginia Employment Commission,


Christine L. K.
X-Department Manager of Toys

Walmart Super Center # 1841
Chesapeake, Virginia 23320
Phone 1 (757) 436-6055
Store Manager: (name removed)

Lee Scott,

Va. Employment Commission,

I Christine L. Knowels faxed in two sets of 12 page documents today, to the Home Office at number (1-479-204-9798) that I wish to be considered for my Unfair Termination.

I was told by Management that I would be treated unfairly unless I spoke to someone out of our Region, because I had complained about discrimination a little over two years ago and they have never wanted to give me a fair chance since and several of my co-workers had warned me that "they were out to get me."

I was hired at Walmart Super Center on August 31, 2000. I have worked in that same store since my hire date.

The pictures in question were made to boost the moral of the store, make people laugh and have a good time, because several associates have been saying we are not allowed to have any fun anymore and the moral is GONE.
Let me just say that I have been making these type of pictures of Store managers, Co-Managers, Assistants and Associates for as long as I have been working for Walmart and NO ONE told me I couldn't do it or that it was harassment, nor did I think it to be as such.

I have been asked to make these type of picture by other managers and associates because they said it was "good for the moral." I have had several people ask me to make their pictures or their kids picture, which I have done also. If I felt it would of hurt anyone's feelings or was even considered harassment I never would of made the pictures. I would of taken the pictures down if anyone told me to, and I would have apologized.

The green sheet states that I took the pictures without permission, which isn't true. I know I signed it but the moment Mr. E said I was fired my stomach turned and I felt I was going to regurgitate any minute and I just scribbled my name and got out of the office to get to the bathroom.

I had asked for a copy of the green sheet which I never received until September 1, 2007. I had a hard time getting it because every time I called or went up to Walmart they couldn't find my sheet in their files, they didn't know where it was, they couldn't fax one to me because of personal information contained on the sheet. The Store Manager wasn't in today, store manager not in again. T went in J's office couldn't' find it.

Finally I spoke with a Personal lady, who messaged Mr. ? he responded back by saying El has it. I called that store, asked their Personal lady for a copy, she couldn't figure out why El would have it, but checked into it anyway, found out she did have it and then sent me a copy on August 31, 2007.

I then read the information (for the first time) and couldn't believe what it said. I started making calls to District Manager J, Merchandise Manger W, PM El, Regional Manager G and the Home Office.

I have done pictures of a associate S L, who works in as ICS Lead and Truck Unload Leader.

I have put lime green, bright yellow, hot pink, blue and purple different styled wigs on him in the pictures, they hung in grocery receiving for a few weeks. I also made him into Shrek by turning his skin all green, bulging out his eyes and elongating his ears. This picture hung at the time clock for at least a week. He wanted to take the pictures home for his kids.

As far as the unfair termination:

When I was called into the office by Co-B S-D she said she needed to talk to me.

I went in the office, Mr. ? was sitting there, he had already had the green sheet filled out and a copy of the surveillance cd, which was placed on top of his computer.

I want to add that even after speaking with me about the pictures Mr. ? just took the green sheet down off his computer top and asked me to sign it.

He did not add any information I told him or change anything to what I told him. He didn't correct what he wrote either.
He had me fired before I got in the office.

Mr. ? asked me to tell him about the pictures. I said they are pictures I did for fun. He said did you have permission to take them? I said yes, when R. who works in personal was taking down the 8 x 10 pictures in order to replace them for the 5 x 7 pictures for the RM visit, I asked her what she was going to do with those pictures. She shrugged her shoulders and said I don't know. Then I asked R "Can I have them" she again shrugged her shoulders and said "I don't care, I want the frames though, you can have the pictures." I said ok, I'll leave the frames and later that evening when I got off work I went and got the pictures out of the frames.

I went home, stretched the pictures out and printed them. The day I brought the pictures in I showed assistant manager W H the pictures (before I was on the clock) and he was laughing and then said to me: "What are you going to do with the pictures, hang them on the bulletin board? "

I said yes. He said "Oh, Please Do".

So therefor I was given permission to hang the pictures.

At that time I punched in on the time clock and I started hanging the pictures up. (I rarely feel like taking my fifteen minute breaks because I would rather work, so I didn't think two minutes to hang pictures would be a probably.)
I ran out of tacks and had to go into the UPC office to get more. I then came back out, started hanging the rest of them and Co-Manger B came out of her office, walked beside me and I said, Oh don't say nothing, it's just for fun. She just looked and laughed and stood there a few minutes then walked on.
So, the Co didn't have a problem with me hanging them either.

Several associates and Assistant came by and they were laughing and joking and saying that's what we need around here, some laughter and we don't have any fun around here anymore. And that's what we needed for a Monday morning.

I was asked to do pictures of others and also their kids.

NOT ONE person told me they found it offensive, had they told me it was I would of taken the pictures down and apologized.

I have a picture I did of the last Store Manager W C, I made him a mouse with big green eyes like his. I also put a t-shirt on him with a Walmart smiley face on it and his name on the jacket. I had this hung in the Hardware department for months, while I was Department manager of Hardware.

Co-Manager T seen it asked me about it. I told her it was W, she thought is was cute and wanted a copy, so I took the picture down and gave it to her. I then brought another one from home and placed it back on the board the next day.

It hang was hanging when the new store manager ? came and the only reason I took it down was because I removed the entire 8' section.

Like I stated before I have been making these picture without any negative comments for years and it was always fine.

I had permission to take the pictures. I had permission by an assistant to hang them on the bulletin board.
I put them up right in front of my Co-Manager and nothing was said, other then laughs.

My store manager wrote false statements on my exit interview.

He was already upset that morning because the other Co Manager (who truly ran the store) was to leave the store for good in order to run another Walmart.

The Regional Manger was suppose to come back any day.

And we had a fire in the meat department walls that we couldn't get to, so we had to call the Fire Department and close down the store for a short while.

I believe all these things complied made the situation even worse for me, as the store manager was upset by everything he had on his plate.

So many associates have called me and emailed me saying how they thought it was wrong to fire me because they know I was just trying to raise the moral and have a good time.

To loose the Health Insurance on my husband and myself, my Accidental Death Insurance, Dental Insurance, Part of my 401k & Profit sharing (as I had 3 weeks to go before being fully invested) Life Insurance and Stock options, over something I have been doing for years and always got great response is just horrible.

I wanted my job back. I would like the green sheet corrected, the lies removed and the status fixed.

Sincerely, Christine L.K.

The Exit Interview reads as follows:
Associate Name Christine K.

Detailed Statement of Termination. This Section Needs to Be Completed By the Associate for Voluntary Termination of By the manager/Supervisor for Involuntary Termination. (Please be specific.)

(Statement was filled out by store manager stated:

Christine displayed 13 potentially offensive pictures of the management team in the backhallway while on the clock. Christine used/took company resources (digital media/or photo copies off of company propery without permission. (that is a lie)

Involuntary Termination, Mandatory No Rehire
Gross Misconduct-Other (GMO)

Explain general Comments- Review Wm policy PD-19 section Harrasment Prevention.

Turned in Badge, Discount Card
Signed: Christine K.
Salaried Member of management: B S.D.
Facility manager: ?

P.S. I have never signed a PD-19 policy.

I had twenty five more days to go and I would have been fully invested.

Employment Commission Report

Yesterday I received the Employment Comission Notice of Deputy's Determination and it reads as follows;

You are hereby notified that based on the facts ovtained in the connection with your claim for unemployment compensation filed on 8-19-07 the undersigned deputy pursuant to section 60.2-618(2) of the Virginia Unemployment Compensation Act Renders the Following Determination:

Claimant Qualified Effective 8-19-07

Christine was discharged from her position with Walmart for displaying photos of the management team taht were considered to be potentially offensive.

Christine reported that she had been told by the employee who was taking down the photos that she could have them. Christine used a program on her computer to make funny pictures and brought the altered pictures back to work the following day. Christine said she had done such pictures in the past and co-workers thought it was good for morale.

Christine said no one had complained about them in the past and while she was putting up the pictures on the board a co-manager saw them and laughed. When Christine was let go she was asked if she had permission to take the pictures and told ? that (R) who was removing the pictures had told her it was ok to do with them what she wanted. Christine did not feel the pictures we offensive and did not mean for them to be taken that way. Christine said she signed off on Walmarts separation form as she was very upset and needed to get out of the office as she was sick when she heard the news of her discharge.

WALMART- has said that Christine was discharged for putting up potentially offensive pictures of the management team on company time and for taking company property without permission. Walmart HAS NOT PROVIDED ANY COPY OF THE POLICY THE CLAIMANT ALLEGEDLY VIOLATED OR GIVEN ANY EXLANATION ON HOW THE PICTURES WERE THOUGHT TO BE OFFENSIVE. In claims of Christine taking the pictures without permission she states that she had permission.


IN THIS CASE: Walmart has provided only a statement of why Christine was dischared. However, there is no documentation to show her actions were willful or deliberate OR AMOUNTED TO THE LEVEL OF MISCONDUCT.

The Charge of misconduct in connection with employment is a matter to be taken very seriously "in the instant case."
While Christine may have shown poor judgment in what she did.........SUCH ACTION CANNOT IN THE OPINION OF THE DEPUTY, BE DEEMED MISCONDUCT. Accordinly the claimant is Qualified for Benefits.

Monday, September 10, 2007

G. Has Found a Lawyer. Need a Lawyer to Sue Wal-Mart? Send us a Message.

G. has found a lawyer (see post below).

If you want to sue Wal-Mart, send us a message and
we'll post it.

We have numerous law firms visiting our site

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Looking for a Lawyer Who Will Take On Wal-Mart (contact email under post)

I was a co-manager for Wal-Mart for 5 years. I was fired on Tues the 28, 2007. They are falsely accusing me of stealing $2000.00. It was just a coincidence that I was on a LOA for 3 months. They told me I had to go back to work or loose my job.

My Dr. finally signed a note saying I could go back 1/2 days, they would not accept that it had to be a full day. I showed up to work Tues morning and they fired me.

On June ?, 2007 I G... (name removed) was working the closing shift at the Wal-Mart on Grayson Rd in Harrisburg. That shift was from 5pm-10pm. Sometime that evening I was called to the service desk to handle an upset customer about a return she wanted to do a return on, (this is something I do on a daily basis).

To the best of my knowledge the items she wanted to return were DVD movies 5 or 6 of them I believe. I asked the customer when she purchased them I think she gave me a date and I wrote down the upc codes from the movies and went into the accounting office, which is divided into 2 rooms. I sat down and tried to log in and I was on another terminal some where else in the building and it would not let me log in.

I checked next door and ? (name removed) was working in the accounting office counting out deposits. I asked her if she would mind pulling up the electronic journal to see if this customer had purchased these items on that date. She pulled the screen up and this process can take up to 10 mins to pull up a trans action.

I had just came back from having surgery on my elbow. While we were waiting for the transaction to pull up I leaned up against the back wall behind ? I went to open the safe because I thought I might have a check stub in there from being on my LOA. I opened the safe and picked up the chesks that were in the bottom half of the safe.

The only checks that were in there were for Assistant manager ? and ?. I then look at a pouch on the safe door. It was full of cards. I pulled all the cards out to see what they were and if there was any numbers on them to call those customers and let them know we have there card.

This is something that the account office associates, managers and CSM can do for the customer. I was not out of line by checking the safe. I shut the safe shortly after that and then the transaction had pulled on the terminal. These items had not been purchased. I went out to tell the customer I would not due her return unless she had a receipt. She got mad and left.

I then went walking around the store checking on how everyone was doing. I heard a page for management to talk a call on one of the lines. When I picked up the call it was a customers very upset about her experience with Wal-Mart that evening.

She explained to me that she was on register 13 and the cashier on 14 were discussing very loudly and ignoring the customer. They were saying that , that a certain associate should not be doing that they need to claim workman’s comp. The customer was very offended by this. I had asked the CSM;s to try and find out who was on those 2 register, I went down to the loss prevention office to try and look up the camera shot on those 2 registers.

I am not very good at looking things up on the older VCR recorders. I wrote my self a note to have ? (name removed) look it up for me. When I left the office I headed up front to see if they needed any help. I did not see any CSM’s. I then looked into the podium to see if they needed any change, (also something that I do often to help them out up front) at that time they looked ok but I went ahead and took 3 $100.00 bills to get them more ones and quarters, something that they use a lot of.

As I headed into the account office the service desk told me there was a customer how had a bunch of clothing she wanted to return had no pink sticker and no receipt. I asked her when she purchased them and she gave me a date. I took the clothing into the office along with my change order.

I pulled up the electronic journal, which again takes time to access, I then started to process my change order. When I walked into the office ? was not present, she was on break or lunch, but she had left the safe door open.

She has been warned about leaving the safe open when she is not in the room. I then went and started getting ones, and every pack I was picking up and not been broken down into stacks of twenties yet. When they come in from the armored car that are that way. We have to break them down into bundles of twenties and then make them a bundle of one hundreds.

I got my ones and put them in the change order bag and then I turned around and got quarters off of the wall behind me. This is where we get change that is broken down from the boxes that come from the armored car.

By this time the electronic journal had pulled up and it did not show that any of the customers clothing was bought on that day. I had too many ones so what I had pulled out extra I put in the cash drawer where we keep change for cft’s and travel money and thing of that nature. I took my change order and the clothing out to the service desk and explained to the customer that she did not purchase them on that day. She changed her story and said someone else had bought them. All she wanted to do was to exchange for a different size. I told her I would do that.

Then I proceeded to the podium and put my change order away. I then had left the front end and I believe I went to unload a truck that had come in. My overnight management had come in and I started to walk with them. ? was concerned that his schedule had been changed and he was not notified of this.

He had no one to watch his son Friday night. I was going on vacation starting when I got off work on Friday at noon. I told ? that if he could not find anyone to work it that I would come in and close that evening for him.

I had left around 10pm and told him to call me at anytime and let me know if I had to work for him or not. He finally called around 2 or 3am and said that co-manager ? (name removed) was going to work for him. I got up that morning and came into work around 8am. At that time assistant manager told me that the accounting office is missing $2000.00 dollars.

The first thing he did was recount the room several times. I asked him when was the room last balanced, he said that ? had balanced the room around 10:30pm right as the o/n shift was coming in. She said and wrote down that the room was balanced when she counted it.

The o/n shift counted it at 6:30am and that is when they noticed that they were short the $2000.00 dollars. I then called ? who is our Market asset protection manager and then call store manager ? ,and finally ? who is our Asset protect for in the store.

She came in and I discussed with her about how the evening went last night, and that I had found the safe left open again by ?.

?started doing research. At noon I was leaving for the day. Later that evening I had remembered that I did not give ? the information about the registers 13 and 14. I called her up at work and stated that in my office in my box is the time that the customers was here and what register she was on, and asked her if she would not mind looking that up for me and I would deal with it when I came back from vacation.

I then asked her about the $2000.00 dollars and if they had any new information on it. She stated no not at this time. Were are going to see if it turns up the next business day. And that was the last time I spoke with her until just a few weeks ago.

I had asked if she could make a copy of a tape onto a dvd for me from an accident that had happen Dec 2 2006 at which time a customer had hit me in the head with a scooter and we are waiting on a court date for Sept 10 2007. She said she would try but wasn’t sure if she could, and that was the end of our conversation.

I was called by ? on Mon the 27th of Aug. She had stated to me that I had been out of work for over 90 days and that if I was not able to come back to work full time I would loose my position as co-manager and that when I was able to come back if there was a co-manager position I could apply for that.

I went to my Dr. and asked to write me a note saying I could go back to work so that I would not loose my job. I went into work on Tuesday the 28th and was there for around 45 mins and was called into the loss prevention office and was accused of steeling the $2000.00 on June ? 2007. ? and ? were present. ? did all of the talking. She accused me of lying to her and that she knows I took the money.

She refused to let me look at the tape. She then stepped out of the office with ?. Came back in about 10 mins later. She asked me one more time if I wanted to admit to anything and if I would write a statement of what I told her and then they fired me do to an integrity issue they called it.

I have worked for this company for over 5 years and have never been accused or treated by anyone the way I was treated that day.

(email address removed by request)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

At Wal-Mart, We're More Important Than Your Dying Father

HI my name is not important.... I worked for Store 1906 in Massachusetts. I worked there for 11 months and 1 week.... The store Management team has known for my entire emplyment ther that my father was terminally Ill with Cancer....

2 months ago my store manager got fired completely randomly.... we got a new store manager shortly after that..... I spoke with our DM about my fathers illness and he said "if anyhting was to happen you wont get fired" About 2 months later...

3 weeks ago my fathers illness became so severe my mother and I took LOAs from work....I live with my Mother being that im only 18... I orginally begged my store manager to Allow me to stay at home for 1 week to take care of my dying father to be with him.. SHe said ok to Take medical LOA and that i had 15 days to bring in the paperwork......

during that week my father was hospitalized twice and we were told he had less then 1 month to live..... i returned to work that following wensday handing in my Loa papers that a doctor and social worker signed... approving an loa till june 20th 2007...

I gave it to my personal manager then she said she couldn't do anything... i gave it to our Store manager... she then told me she couldnt approve it and theres nothing she could do... so i asked if i was fired she said yes... i told her i was goin to speak to the DM she said open door it if u please... i was devastated in tears call the Dm.......

i loved working for this company i was completely brainwashed into it....

the Dm was supposedly at the sharholders meeting.. and wouldnt get my message till the following wensday was thursday 4th of june i believe... i called the next monday he asked what happened said he would call back tuesday...its friday and i still didnt get a call...

My dad probably wont make it through this weekend.... I guess wal-mart doesnt really care about your family... im only 18 and im losing my Father i guesss they expected me to pick Wal-mart over my Daddy...

Sincerly Cashier from store 1906 Fairhaven MAssachusetts

P.S. i was loved at this wal-mart... i never did anyhting wrong being a young female.. i never complain about pulling carriages, throwing trucks, pulling pallets.. shelves assiting customers anything they asked i gladly did..

sorry for the horrible typing its a hard story to tell.. since its going on right now..

Friday, August 17, 2007

Wal-Mart Training Manual: Clean Up Poop 15 Minutes After Notice is Given

recently my wife and i were in the newton iowa walmart and while i had two small purchases i still use a checker instead of the self checkout. my wife said she had to use the restroom while i was in line and since it was not far away from the checkstand i was at , i saw her talking to one of wal marts elite to let her be aware that someone had defecated on the floor in the womans bathroom and had to explain to the young lady that meant poop on the floor two to be exact.

the young girls reply to my wife was oh no ,no one will be in to clean it up for another 15 minutes.

did i miss something or is it quite possible the girl did not understand what she had been told. i work for hyvee and if someone told me about this it would be cleaned up right away.

my wife told me lucky she didnt slip on it and i said if she had we would sue wal mart. come on wal mart trian your employees to d the right thing ,get in there and clean that poopie up.

Wal-mart Says: You're All Better. Pain? What Pain? We Don't Feel a Thing.

On March 26, I was stocking overnight and the merchandise I was stocking fell from a shelf striking me across my chest and right shoulder.

I have done everything Wal-mart has asked. I have seen the doctors they have sent me to etc..... they have now decided that I am at maximum recovery. They evidently paid Dr. P in Wichita, Kansas completely off.

After my visit with him when he did a range of motion that he caused so much pain that it caused me to cry out. His report also claimed that I have carpal tunnel in my right hand 3%. It doesn't bother me to sit and type or plays games on the computer for hours. (? I thought that was one of the things that carpal tunnel affected. He decided that it was psychological, then when my attorney asked that the courts send me for testing, Dr. P made an addendum report stating that my emotional state was preexisting.

I can't stand to have my small children sit on my right side because my arm goes numb and it hurts too much. Sure Wal-mart has sent me to Physical therapy, but the therapist felt that there was something else more serious going on.

I couldn't work with the medicine ball without excruiating pain. I also have lumps the size of golf balls that occasionally roll up and down my arm. My family and friends have witnessed some of them.

The good Dr. says that is gandluer cysts. So at 44 does this mean that I have to live the rest of my life being a predominatly right handed person who can't do many of the activities with my family because of an accident that took place at Wal-mart? Apparently they are big enough to decide who gets the needed treatment and who has to suffer.

I thought Wal-mart stood for something, I just didn't know it was to screw its people at every opportunity. I am not willing to live only half a life because Wal-mart has decided. I am just not sure how to heal myself, if this is supposed to be psychological. Is there any Dr's. in Wichita who are not paid off that are willing to stand up to this corporate monster?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

"Gee, You Didn't Even Cry Once After I Humiliated You. Good For You!"

Hi I work for a Walmart Super center in Tx, but seeing how they are currently out to fire me I am reluctant to say which one.

I have slaved for this company as an overnight stocker for almost 3 years now, and like most people when I hired on I thought it was the greatest job ever. Back then we had an assistant that actually cared. (Try to find one of those now. ha) After 6 months he gave me a merit raise for being one of the hardest workers overnight. I thought I was in heaven, but all that changed when he got promoted to co-manager at a different store. As the years went by the managers got worse and worse. Now we have (name withheld).

His main priority is to clean up the overnight crew. He does this by harrasing anyone who doesnt kiss his a--. Now for many months now my husband & I have worked paper goods together as a very well oiled machien. Nobody will denie that we are the best in our departmant.

Plus we had just received great news. I am currently 3 and a half months pregnent with our first child. Well apperently to Clint this is a crime punishable by death. After I informed management of our joy I've been taken out of paper and had to work departments like Chemicals, Housewares, and even Furniture.

My job has also been treatened time and time again, so I finally got up the courage to talk to the store manager. Sence I have a small problem with being over emotional I wrote him a letter detailing the problems that I've been haveing wiht this manager. After he saw that I wasn't planning on leaveing the store manager reluctantly read my letter. After so many minutes of waiting for him to finish he finally looked up and the first words out of his mouth was. "You've been working with your husband. Oh we cant have that I'll move you to days."

I tried to explain that that is not the reason I had come to see him, but the more I tried to make him understand the more dumbfounded he seemed. Finally I got up to leave my face red with anger, and as I turned to leave he said the greatest thing to me. "Now see you didnt cry once, Im so proud of you. You are really starting to grow up." I was so sicked and belittled by that statment I couldnt even squeeze out a reply.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Principles Not Tolerated at Wal-Mart

At the morning meeting just this morning, the store manager tried to
present me with a 10-year certificate and pin. I respectfully declined.

(I have dealt with numerous unjust write-ups, days of decision, and
even had to have a wrongful termination reversed by the Regional
Vice-President. In view of the terrible way the manager and comanager
in my store have treated me on various occasions, I declined to accept
the certificate from his hand as a matter of principle.)

The result? I was terminated.

Terminated for not accepting a certificate of achievement.

Now I am an unemployed single parent.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Chemical Burns Courtesy of Wal-Mart

I used to work at Walmart but quit, before I quit though I did buy a pair of cheepie flip flops to wear over a weekend trip to the beach,

well, after wearing them a few times I developed what I thought to be a rash from the straps, then it took on the appearance of chemical burns, I have now had this for 10 days, I really thought it would just go away on it's own.

I tried to alert Walmart to a possible problem so that no little kids might end up with this (it hurts after all!) I couldn't believe how rude and mean the manager was to me, he acted like I was making it all up, I tried to show him & he turned his head away so that he could say he never saw it.

I never used to think so but now I really feel like Walmart is a horrible company. You would have to been there but it was almost as if since I was a former employee, he was going out of his way to be mean to me.

All I wanted to do was let them know that there might be a problem with some Chinese made shoes since I am not allergic to latex or rubber. I am not a sue happy type person but automatically he was defensive and basically acted like a complete jerk to me.

So now I have decided to let every single person who will listen know exactly what happened and how a representative of Walmart acted toward me.

Thanks for your time, and yea...I really do agree, Walmart is terrible, not matter what I will never set foot in one again. Kerry

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Inside Scoop From a Store Manager: "Humans are nothing more than a wet napkin for Wal-Mart to use and toss."

I was a salaried manager for Wal-Mart for seven years. I sacrificed time, my life, my safety and my health for this sacrilege. Wal-Mart cares NOTHING about the human lives that stock their shelves and ring the sales. I worked as many as 80 hours a week plus driving 1 hour either way to and from work never working less than 50 hours a week.

I saw hourly's who cared about their work and their job get railroaded by store managers or co-managers because they spoke up about wrongs that were being committed. The "open door policy" they preach is a joke. They use that to make the average assoc. think there's no need for a union.

It's the "OUT THE DOOR" policy.

I wrote an open door letter to the Regional Vice President of my area with the words specifically in bold that said "Not to be read by anyone other than the person to whom this is addressed" . I get a phone call from the Regional Personnel director.. not the person it was addressed to. .

Then I had a meeting with the Market Personnel Manager, and she had a copy of the letter I sent, all pages including the back page with the statement on it. I knew at that point that even though everything that I spoke about in the letter was a true problem with in the store I worked at and that my concern was for the hourly assoc. in that store, none of it mattered and I had signed my own termination papers by writing the letter. I spoke of ethics issues (known theft by employees and store manager doing NOTHING about it, doctoring #'s to make profits look better ect. )

Unethical treatment of hourly assoc. by salaried managers (verbal abuse,railroading ect.) Poor store management as a whole. (some managers like myself that had 99 of 230 hourly assoc. with 10 other managers who had little or nothing) I had the following areas to run by myself, Cashiers, Customer Service Managers, People Greeters, Stock Man, Accounting, Personnel, Customer Service Desk, GM ICS, Grocery ICS, Unloaders, Women's Wear, Men's Wear, Girls Wear, Lingerie, Boys Wear, Accessories, Jewelry, Fitting Room, Shoes, Claims, UPC, Invoicing, DSD and Directs. That is more than half of the store on ONE manager.

I wrote my letter in Jan. and they continued to pile more and more on me. I was working 80+ hours a week doing everything I could to make things work well and to do the best that I could at my job for my hourly assoc.

They fired the store manager in June (or rather they gave her the option to quit) I knew that my time was limited from there on out.. They waited for me to get them through 4th of July weekend and on the 7th of July they fired me. No real reason given, No previous coaching, above standard evals, they didn't have to give a reason I'm in a right to work state, I didn't sign my green sheet and I left peacefully. I knew from the moment that I was called by the Reg. Personnel Mgr. my time was limited.

I was a loud mouth that was willing to speak about their "secrets" but I was strong and knowledgeable so they would use me until they got a new store manager in there.(myself and another asst. ran the store for two weeks while the Co was on vacation )

I know that it was a blessing (my blood pressure went down and I'm much healthier not working and driving so much) I wish the average person would understand that what happened to me and the others that post on here is not "the one in a million" it's the NORM.

Humans are nothing more than a wet napkin for Wal-Mart to use and toss. When you show them you are unwilling to take things lying down and use your voice and morals they push you hoping you'll break and go away. Wal-Mart is like all other corporations with one thing different.

They have sold the general public on the LIE that they actually give a crap about the people that work for them. No one else has used that as a claim to fame, Wal-Mart has banked on this lie and made much money from it.

I know that there are good stores out there but far and above the Home Office direction to always DO MORE WITH LESS and working understaffed all the times is what is normal. The public in general can't see things for what they are every story like mine needs to be taken as a whole and seen for the big picture that it paints. I worthless greedy underhanded disrespecting sweatshop corporation.

Thank you for letting me say my piece. Be Blessed and Be safe...