Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Rest in Peace RB

I have to tell the story of one of my fellow associates. I will tell anyone who will listen.

About five years ago before Christmas, there were a bunch of shopping carts in the parking lots and they called for all the associates to go out and collect them.

One of our older associates who was retired and just working for the insurance, was ordered to go out and push carts even though there were much younger and stronger guys to do the job.

Well after pushing the carts for about an hour in the cold, the associate went to the breakroom to sit down to rest and catch his breath, mind you he's in his 60s; he slumped over on the table. The other associates thought he was playing but one noticed he was still and turned him over, checked him and started aministering CPR.

Well, good ol' Walmart got the EMTs on the scene and the next day announced that the associated died ON THE WAY TO THE HOSPITAL when in fact he died in the breakroom.

In true Walmart form, they will do anything to keep a lawsuit off of their butts than to hone up to their responsibility.

I never found out if his family believed that lame story but i do know everyone that worked that day knew the truth.

If Any one thinks this is a made up story, talk to any of the lifers at store 9 and they will tell you.

Rest in Peace RB.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Sam's Blind Eyes

No security at store 4804

In case you were wondering about those cameras at Sam's, Only 1 in 75 work. And they do not record ANYTHING

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

That's Right, at Walmart, We Fire Our Employees for Catching Crooks Because We Know Who the Real Crooks are... Don't We?

They canned me the loyal manager for trying to save them $14

Dear whoever,
Just letting people know my story. I had been employed by Wal-Mart for close to 12 years including starting at the bottom as a cashier, moving up as high as a Store Manager.

And because the company believes so anti-union that they have brought in all the bad aspects of a union job with out the positives.

Wal-Mart became so legallistic that me a Store Manager with 12 years breaks a policy, that was barely covered in a 20 minute meeting a year go, got fired, just because they fired a 1 year loss prevention associate, who actually went through training on the policy, for the same thing. They didn't take in regard either that I just changed states, and the way Wal-Mart runs in Arkansas, Missouri, isn't the way it runs in other parts of the US.

I was a loyal Wal-Mart associate, manager who believed all the garbage, and even though I didn't aggree with a lot they did I would of worked another 10 or 15 years and retired, never enjoying the work I did, because I am loyal.

They fired me because I accidently press charges on a meth head theif when we were not suppose to press charges over a certain dollar amount, I didn't know I had even pressed charges until a week later(cops in different parts of the country do things differently) and that I didn't have the right to trespass him for what he did

He and his partner were changing labels off cheap items and putting them on more expensive items and then buying them at the cheap price. The man was a fraud and stealling from Wal-Mart.

So loyal me I stop him for the $14 and in the mix-up in being in a new place I get fired.

Sounds like a company that really cares for their people huh. The more and more I think about it the more their propaganda and garbarage they spewed at all the meetins I had been to was just to please media, politicians, and the politcally correct crowd.

Nothing about the stock holders, and the employees.

Great to be away. Aunt is a lawyer and thinking about sueing but they would try to offer me my job back and I know I don't want that.

Let me know if there are any good jobs out there that 12 years of management wal-mart experience can get me. HA

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Walmart with its green face and little scrawny dog

I work for a Walmart in Ohio. All customers had until the 8th of December to get thier Layaways out and the employees were given until the 15th to get thiers out.

Well after the 8th mangers went in and just started cancellling layaways and not paying attention to which layaway was a customer and which was an employee.

If your layaway was in a box it was supposed to be marked with an A. Well several employees including myself layaway's got canceled and put back on the shelf. I went to get it out on the 15th it was gone. I had items that I had placed in 2 months prior and we no longer sold the item.

I was very upset this was christmas presents that I could not get back. So I went to the manager that was supposedly the one who did the canceling and of course the blame was put on someone else. Then I went to that person and they said they didn't do it. So the buck got passed around which is not unusual for management. Of course being employees you would think that they would try to do something for us.............not on your life.. all you got was a sorry.

They didn't offer us another solution or anything. Yeah and we are supposed to be a walmart family and show team work....HA! What a Joke.

Monday, January 01, 2007

SMILE, SNAP, FLASH: Walmart Violates Federal Copyright Law

I don't know if you know this but in our photo center you can make copies of pictures as long as they are not professional pictures. However, if you get a copyright release from the studio then you can. Well a customer came in the other day and wanted to make copies of professional pictures and the associate explained to the women that if you do not have the copyright release we can not do it.

Welll the customer had a fit and was yelling at the associate saying she wanted her pictures and she will get them. The associate calmly kept telling her that we can not do it if she did not have her release. Well the women wanted a manager. Management knows this.

Well the manager came out and as always made the associate look stupid and told the customer they can do it this one time.

The women looked at the associate and said "See I told you". According to the associate she reminded the manager that they were breaking a federal copyright law.

Well a few months back an associate's sister had passed away and had asked if she could make copies of her sister which was a professional picture too and was told no. So see because we work for walmart management holds that against us because we know better ,but when it's a customer it's ok. So how is that fair? Management will do anything to please a customer but won't take care of their own.

So if you want a copy of a professional picture and you are told no then just yell and ask for a manager. You can do this at store # 2726 in Ohio.