Monday, February 26, 2007

No Honeymoons at Walmart. That's right, zipper up and slowly back away from the marriage bed.

I've worked at Wal mart #706 for 3 years. Through the years things have just gotten worse.

I had to change my availability around just for them because they didn't want to work with me on my college!! They don't care. The want a lifer to work for them like some stupid zombie.

The deli at this store had an outbreak of lysteria. I and a few other..almost all of the fresh area side got sick from lysteria. Wal Mart denied it being the cause of us being sick. And now if we miss more than three days we have to take a leave of absence what the hell is that??

Soon as bonus time comes..if we get one!!! I'm gone. They won't even give me my honeymoon off because it doesn't fall within their time frame of what they want!!

I am one person not twelve!! Nobody will miss me for two weeks! Promise.

Welcome to Worthless & Small

What is Wal-Marts 3 Basic Beliefs:
1. Respect For the Individual
2. Strive for Excellence
3. Strive for Customer Service

Yeah okay whatever. If their respect for the individual is the respect themselfs and make their "associates" feel worthless and small. They got that one.

Strive for Excellence. Strive for being excellent is insults and abuse of staff. Yup that is definately there.

Strive for Customer Service. Well overwork your employees so much that they can't even notice the customers.

Our store has had 100% on the secret shopper until our new store manager came in. It is our first female store manager and what a b-tch. She pushes and pushes so hard on the associates that we don't take time to notice our customers. We now average a score of 50% on our secret shopper.

Since the new manager has been in our store for 3 months we have had 4 people step down. One assistant pushed out. The rest stepped down cause they were fed up of the BS!!! Our own regional highass said this lady was "good for our store". Yup good if you want everyone to quit and than shut the store down. That wouldn't be a good thing for a small town of 30000 (including outlining towns).

How the hell does walmart get the best employer of the month? Someone please let me know.

Friday, February 16, 2007

"Sorry, We're Closed." "But I'm here, So You're Open." "No, We're Closed."

After shopping and spending $102.00 at this store I leave and start packing the car. I get in the car and try to start it and find that the battery is dead. Well at least I’m at Wal-Mart right? I go in to buy a battery. No problem right?

Well, I still have to deal with getting home so I can change it. I ask the guy behind the auto counter if he has some jumper cables or a wrench so I can jump the car off or change the battery. "We are closed and I have a guy in the pit." Can I borrow it for a second? "Sorry. We can't do that" No Problem I say. Do you have a jump starter box? "Yes but I can't leave" OK. Is there a manager or some one that can walk me out and watch as I jump off my car? "I'm sure there is someone up front" Can you make a call up front? "Sorry we are closed and there’s a guy in the pit"


So now I have to buy a $68.00 battery AND a $40.00 jump starter box and do this myself. Great!! My total spent at Wal-Mart is now $223.00.

Now, as if anybody cares, I have at home a newborn, a 7 year old and a wife that has not seen me all day and they can't leave to come help me out of this jam.

All I wanted was a little help, compassion or something other than "Sorry we are closed". It was only 9:30 and I know that I saw at least 4 people pushing buggies and countless people putting up stock in various locations in the store.

I don't think that is too much to ask for from a company of their size and stature. The customer service at many of your stores is unbelievable.

More Walmart Slave Stories, So Swing Low, Sweet Chariot...

I've been working at a Wal*Mart In Indiana for 10 years now and I'm a Department Manager. I've seen a lot and have done a lot.

When you do what they want you to do you will be alright and no matter how you act or what you say is alright. But once you start voicing your own opinion and doing what's really right then you become a liability.

I've cussed people threatened people thrown things but all that was over looked as long as I did my job and preached what they preach. But once I stopped that and started having my own opinion all that stopped.

I have been demoted twice and fired twice but the only reason I'm still there is because the way I work and because Wal*Mart has hired and fired people more than once. Wal*Mart is a great place to work if you are thick skinned and really good at playing the BS game, but it's nothing like the TV ads show because the people do make the difference but they sure pay the price.

And the people who work at Wal*Mart do live pay check to pay check. So if your looking for a job and don't mind being cussed at, treated like you can't think for yourself, and like to have your ass treated like a number and not a person who can think then we welcome you always.......................just don't back talk for your promotion. It's a lot of Do what I say....................not as I do because I'm better than you.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Cracked in the Head by a 75lb. Digging Iron. Walmart's Machine is Faulty, But Walmart is Not Responsible

I am a department manager for wal-mart and i was injured on the job. I have been with wal-mart since 2002. Before this injury i though the world of wal-mart and i would have done anything to get promoted. that was until i was injured!

First let me tell you how i was hurt. All wal-mart stores have a cardboard Baylor and ours was not operating correctly.(All management was aware of this) So one morning it st oped working and a manager asked me and another associate if we would remove the bail of cardboard. As we were doing this a large 75lb. digging iron cracked me in the middle of the head. I was knocked unconscious and flown to the hospital.

I went back to work two-weeks later. They told me that i was not going to be paid for the time i was off. They also told me that if i wanted to use my vacation, sick, or paid time off i could. Well i knew better then this. So i then got looked at by another doctor and i have been off work for over 4 months.

Lets just say that wal-marts workers comp. did not make my life any easy er that's for sure.

Since i have been off i have lost two apartments, and was sleeping in my car for a few days. All of my bills went to collections. And really made my life so darn depressing.

This was all because they would not pay me for 6-9 weeks at a time. So why wold i want to work for a company that does this to a loyal employee?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

No Cameras in the Photo Centre, Happy Snoozing

I have been working for walmart for 2 years now and i love my job. i work overnights. there is another emlpoye that all she does is sleep. and take 2 hour luches.

but managers dont want to listen to me. been to upper management and they just laugh and say she would not do that. well she hides in the photo center in the front of the store. there are no cameras there. so how do i expose this. cause i am the one getting in trouble if something is not done.

what do i do.

i am not the only one seeing this and the other people are scared to say anything. management just tells us to deal with it.well i am tired of doing just sucks there is no open door at this store. we have a new store manager that does not know what he is doing. and this store is going down the tubes.

Wal-Mart Math, The Equation Always Equals 'Employees Lose'

I have been employed for Sam's Club since 1999 and been there almost 7 years and I am a teamleader. When I became a Teamleader I received .50 more an hour to do this job which I am currently still in this position. They changed their pay scale from levels 1-7 (way after the fact) I am a level 6.

When they changes to the pay scale things I did not receive any pay raise, they said that I was making what I was supposed to but if I was to step down to being a cashier which is a level 3 I will lose .90, remember, I only got .50 to be a teamleader which I would be losing one of my raises to step down.

So not only am I being treated like crap in this Club I will lose one of my yearly evaluations. Which I think should be illegal stealing from their employees. They say that there is nothing we can do about this issue.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Emperor Wal-Mart

I heard this about the walmart at store #(removed) where the manager
was making out with the cart boys. It was like a thing they
had going where it was like a gay disco or someghing in the
manager's office. they all had their shirts off and were dancng. This manager
hated all the women and gave them a hard time, but not as hard a
time as the cart boys.

My brother worked there and he said it reminded
him of Rome. Cause my brother was over there two years ago on
a gay conference paid for by some senator whose not a senator anymore.