Tuesday, August 28, 2007

At Wal-Mart, We're More Important Than Your Dying Father

HI my name is not important.... I worked for Store 1906 in Massachusetts. I worked there for 11 months and 1 week.... The store Management team has known for my entire emplyment ther that my father was terminally Ill with Cancer....

2 months ago my store manager got fired completely randomly.... we got a new store manager shortly after that..... I spoke with our DM about my fathers illness and he said "if anyhting was to happen you wont get fired" About 2 months later...

3 weeks ago my fathers illness became so severe my mother and I took LOAs from work....I live with my Mother being that im only 18... I orginally begged my store manager to Allow me to stay at home for 1 week to take care of my dying father to be with him.. SHe said ok to Take medical LOA and that i had 15 days to bring in the paperwork......

during that week my father was hospitalized twice and we were told he had less then 1 month to live..... i returned to work that following wensday handing in my Loa papers that a doctor and social worker signed... approving an loa till june 20th 2007...

I gave it to my personal manager then she said she couldn't do anything... i gave it to our Store manager... she then told me she couldnt approve it and theres nothing she could do... so i asked if i was fired she said yes... i told her i was goin to speak to the DM she said open door it if u please... i was devastated in tears call the Dm.......

i loved working for this company i was completely brainwashed into it....

the Dm was supposedly at the sharholders meeting.. and wouldnt get my message till the following wensday ..it was thursday 4th of june i believe... i called the next monday he asked what happened said he would call back tuesday...its friday and i still didnt get a call...

My dad probably wont make it through this weekend.... I guess wal-mart doesnt really care about your family... im only 18 and im losing my Father i guesss they expected me to pick Wal-mart over my Daddy...

Sincerly Cashier from store 1906 Fairhaven MAssachusetts

P.S. i was loved at this wal-mart... i never did anyhting wrong being a young female.. i never complain about pulling carriages, throwing trucks, pulling pallets.. shelves assiting customers anything they asked i gladly did..

sorry for the horrible typing its a hard story to tell.. since its going on right now..

Friday, August 17, 2007

Wal-Mart Training Manual: Clean Up Poop 15 Minutes After Notice is Given

recently my wife and i were in the newton iowa walmart and while i had two small purchases i still use a checker instead of the self checkout. my wife said she had to use the restroom while i was in line and since it was not far away from the checkstand i was at , i saw her talking to one of wal marts elite to let her be aware that someone had defecated on the floor in the womans bathroom and had to explain to the young lady that meant poop on the floor two to be exact.

the young girls reply to my wife was oh no ,no one will be in to clean it up for another 15 minutes.

did i miss something or is it quite possible the girl did not understand what she had been told. i work for hyvee and if someone told me about this it would be cleaned up right away.

my wife told me lucky she didnt slip on it and i said if she had we would sue wal mart. come on wal mart trian your employees to d the right thing ,get in there and clean that poopie up.

Wal-mart Says: You're All Better. Pain? What Pain? We Don't Feel a Thing.

On March 26, I was stocking overnight and the merchandise I was stocking fell from a shelf striking me across my chest and right shoulder.

I have done everything Wal-mart has asked. I have seen the doctors they have sent me to etc..... they have now decided that I am at maximum recovery. They evidently paid Dr. P in Wichita, Kansas completely off.

After my visit with him when he did a range of motion that he caused so much pain that it caused me to cry out. His report also claimed that I have carpal tunnel in my right hand 3%. It doesn't bother me to sit and type or plays games on the computer for hours. (? I thought that was one of the things that carpal tunnel affected. He decided that it was psychological, then when my attorney asked that the courts send me for testing, Dr. P made an addendum report stating that my emotional state was preexisting.

I can't stand to have my small children sit on my right side because my arm goes numb and it hurts too much. Sure Wal-mart has sent me to Physical therapy, but the therapist felt that there was something else more serious going on.

I couldn't work with the medicine ball without excruiating pain. I also have lumps the size of golf balls that occasionally roll up and down my arm. My family and friends have witnessed some of them.

The good Dr. says that is gandluer cysts. So at 44 does this mean that I have to live the rest of my life being a predominatly right handed person who can't do many of the activities with my family because of an accident that took place at Wal-mart? Apparently they are big enough to decide who gets the needed treatment and who has to suffer.

I thought Wal-mart stood for something, I just didn't know it was to screw its people at every opportunity. I am not willing to live only half a life because Wal-mart has decided. I am just not sure how to heal myself, if this is supposed to be psychological. Is there any Dr's. in Wichita who are not paid off that are willing to stand up to this corporate monster?