Friday, November 30, 2007

Looking for a lawyer to sue Wal-mart #11, Wal-mart's Supposed Contempt for Jews

Lawyers in the Kingman, Arizona area
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hboyer (at) frontiernet (dot) net

I was an employee of the Hallmark card company until 11/17/07. Hallmark which is a privately held corporation located in Kansas City, Mo. leases space in Wal-Mart stores to display and sell their greeting card products. Hallmark does not hire Wal-Mart employees to retail their product. We Hallmark employees are jobbers at the Wal-Mart stores.

Today I came in to work Saturday 11/17/07 after assessing the products I would need to have to stock the shelves, I proceeded to the storeroom to load a shopping cart and do the job as I had been instructed by my supervisor from Hallmark card company.

I was immediately stopped by a older woman and a younger man they said they were supervisors the woman a store manager the guy a security person from the warehouse dept.

I was told I could not use a shopping cart to move product to the sales floor. I tried to explain that the shipping cart they said I must use would not work since we have unboxed product and do not stock case loads of greeting cards at a time on shelves.

And I said I would do the job as I was taught until I am told by my boss differently.The security guy pointed at my Star of David and said " You People always push things" I took that as a discriminatory insult to my Jewish Race and Religion.

He then said you will do the job the Wal-Mart way or not at all. I said ok not at all he said " You are fired get out of the ware house this minute now!

I walked out off the job.

Can a employee of a jobber that leases space for their company actually be fired by the other company management?

Lets say you rent shelf space for your company from Wal-Mart and you stock it and hire your own employees that have no relation to Wal-Mart then one day Wal-Mart wants to change how you do your job and they start to bully your employees and then actually fires one of your employees. Can they do that?Can they ban your employee from access to the spaces were your employee works? And then discharge that employee.

That is what happened to me.

I urge all of you parents out there to tell your children that Santa had a heart attack this year and can not make it to your house. But MOMMY & DADDY love you and will get you a present that does not come from Wal-Mart. And if you are a Christian believer then think of my experience and that the Wal-Mart Corporate culture is one of contempt for Jews and remember Jesus was Jewish so they hate him too.

Please can there be a Attorney out there to take my case.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Looking For A Lawyer To Sue Wal-mart #10, Store Manager Pulls Sticker Off Unit

Lawyers in the Orange, CA area
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My name is Ayda Valdez

Just recently I had went into a Wal-Mart store to return a xbox360 that my husband had bought just the night before.. When he took the game cube home it would not work... So the next morning I went to return the item with the recite ..

after being at the return counter while the looked over the box.. then Wal-Mart assoc turned to me and said that I was not returning the unit that was bought the night before.. he said that the unit clearly looked older then 8hrs..

He went on to show me were the serial number is ,It is on a sticker he said that it clearly looks as if the sticker had been pilled and replaced ..I was in shock ..not only did I not know that the serial number was but that even it was a stinker.. Never owning another xbox.. I could not believe what I was be accused of...

I ask that he please pull a new unit and show me because the unit to me looked new and I could still not even tell that it was a sticker... the sales associate left to my belief he was going to pull a new box to show me.. after a bit a different woman walks up to me and says that I can not return the item.. I then asked to speak to a store manager...

after a bit the store manager comes up and starts to look at the unit... then the first assto comes back and he looks at the store manager with out saying anything the store manager looks at me and says sorry you can not return the unit...

I asked why he said that the unit is clearly older then what the recite says the serial number matches but they said I had swapped the unit.. straight out accused me I was so surprised... I asked if they can just check to see if maybe it had been return...The store manager refused... I asked if they can show me a new unit again..Store manager said no he did not have to.. I asked him well at this time what can I do.. I am stuck with this unit that I had just bought with you guys that does not work... He said let me explain to you what you did... He (the store manager) then pulled the sticker completely off my unit and said see this is the sticker and this is what you did...

I was so unset I asked Oh My God.. What are you telling me know what can I do... Then he put all my stuff with the unit back in the box and said you can leave my store.. And dont try to take it any were else I will notify all the Wal-Mart's in the surrounding area.. I am still blown away at what I have been accused of.. I then called x-box and explained what had happen.. and when telling them the store.. They tell me because the sticker was removed that it voids all warranty so they now also refuses to repair it with out a fee..

I fell that Wal-Mart just passed judgment and accused me of something that had never happened.. I believe that if someone who knows can see that the unit is NEW and someone clearly passed judgment....I want to see if I can take legal action... Please help

Ayda Valdez

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Wal-mart Manager Asks Employee if His Girlfriend is Getting Fat

I work at store #1160 there is a manager on my shift named ? (name removed) .My gf who also works there and I have both ahd nothing but trouble out of this man. We arent the only ones.

The other day my GF was bent over zoning up some merchindise in her area when he approached her. He told her she needed to pick up the pace. Her area wasnt zoned yet and it was the end of the shift.

She told him they had her on aregister for 6 hours covering a call in.

He put his finger in her face and yelled at her.

Then today he tells me she is getting fat and asked if shes eating more or if she forgot the pill...I cannot belive the man had the guts to say such a thing.

Other females have complained he sexually harrasses them. He makes fun of employees to thier faces. Upper management just brushes it off if we talk to them. So much for an open door.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Wal-mart Makes Him Lose His Disability

i have worked for walmart for 7and half ;years i have been tle shop manager 2 times and was support manager until a few days ago i started with wm and told them iwanted part time as i was getting disability and could not afford to lose it after a bout a month they talked me in to going full time i ended up loosing my disability and having to pay most of it back last year i was asked to sign a job description that i had already signed the manager that asked me to sign saidif i did i would be required to lift and pull pallets climb letter's of what ever they asked of me i told him i had already signed one and he said if i did notsign it again i would loose my position or possibly beasked to resign from my current job if i did sign it iwould have to do as he asks with no argument did not sign it i said i had already signed one and i had medical papers in my file that said i had restrictions on lifting or climbing i have a medal rod in my leg and did not want to mess it up then a few weeks laterthe oil tank ran over and i was called into the officeand told i was getting a written coaching as i had already had a verbal on the paper i did not sign wehave been short handed since i started to work i havepaper work that is supported to be done by me or shopmanager i was told by the dept/manager not to worryabout it until we got enough help to cover the shop as some nights i was the only in the shop to do the work and the customers came first and she would handle it until we got enough help they finally got a new shopmanager and more help and i got called into the officeand was told to step down from my manager job and tomove into the shop and work under the new manager thathasn't worked for but a few weeks and he informed methat i was his underling and was to do as he said ihave since fell and got hurt and they are making me a greeter in the same dept and their Dr said that icould stand or lean for my shift i can not stand very long or sit in one position for any length of time ori hurt very bad i feel like they are doing this to force me to quit i have been treated bad since theychanged managers and gave us a market manager i wastold when i got the job i was over the shop manager but he came i and told me that he was boss and i wasunderling to him and all managers when they called meinto the office i was told i had to do as he says or else is the Way i take it and he will make it or else when they make me change jobs i was forced in my opinion to sign a change of job paper today to go andbe greater for the same dept it seems like yourappreciated until they think they have used you enoughthen they try to get rid of you we have lost most ofour longtime people to bad management story is allotlonger but have said enough right now thank you for your time ND