Thursday, July 10, 2008

Looking for a Lawyer to Sue Wal-Mart # 20: Neck, Head and Back Injury

Lawyers in the Bridgeport, Ohio area,
please contact Robin:
robinshunk (at) comcast (dot) net

On December 4, 2005 while I was at work for Walmart, a box weighing around 30 pounds fell and hit me on the head.

I know have neck, head and back injury. I have been fighting Walmart for almost 3 years. But of course Walmart has more money then me and it is very hard to fight someone like that.

But I am not done fighting yet and top it all off they fired me on 4-18-2008 while I am still off for this injury that was there fault.

So there is more if you need more ifo please email me back. I am also trying to get this story to cnn or fox news. Thank you, Robin

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Looking for a Lawyer to Sue Wal-Mart #19: Slip at Wal-mart Almost Kills Baby

Lawyers in the California area,
please contact: Jenna M.

jennamcquesten (at) hotmail (dot) com

In late august 2007, 31 wks pregnant, I was walking in the walmart towards the baby section and fell in a puddle of water against my cart.

I filled out an incident report, sat for a bit, I felt weird, and went home...2 weeks later, I went into labor, and delivered my 3lbs 3oz little baby girl.

My doctor told me that my placenta was almost completely ripped off my body. 2 weeks before I fell I had an ultrasound that shows my placenta was fine at that time, I have that report. My daughter was in the hospital for 1 and half months.

She is a miracle to have survived with the placenta almost not attached, but she wasn't getting nourishment, therefore my body went into premature labor at 33 weeks. This happened in my home state of California.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Looking for a Lawyer to Sue Wal-mart #18: Fired For What?

Lawyers in the Florida area
please contact: John
Cachon (at) aol (dot) com

Back in September, Walmart dc 7023 in Arcadia florida
where I worked since it began, in 2005, fired me for falsifying documents,gross misconduct..I of course argued but as many of your know an argument with walmart HAS to be in court.

My job was changing batteries in the battery room and I allegedly entered in a number of a battery that was sposed to be watered but wasn't. A Practice that we were told to do if there was a line of peoppe needing batteries changed and production was slowing due to having to wait in line with their equipment( forklifts etc) to have their batery changed, this procatice is STILL going on and has been since the dc opened in 2005.

I collected unemployment and a few months ago Walmart filed suit against my appealing my unemployment. In FLorida if you are fired for gross misconduct you cannot get unemployment. well I got it and at the appeal hearing( by phone) their witness said he didn't know why I was terminated,stating that there was nothing on his paper as to the reason. My case here is that since I wasn't fired for gross misconduct, then WHAT was I fired for? nothing on papers that I received and since the practice is STILL going on then why single out me? that answer is my age and medical conditions,( advanced prostate cancer).

I am looking for a lawyer that wants to handle this case, I have all the paper work and the notes and copy of the phone hearing. I feel very strongly that I was discriminate against because of my age and medical conditions. any help? thanks

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Looking for a Lawyer to Sue Wal-Mart #17: Father Loses Battle With Cancer, Wal-Mart Wouldn't Provide Medical Insurance

Lawyers in the Ohio area,
please contact: Joshua
spyke_03 (at) yahoo (dot) com

My father worked for the walmart DC in Washington Courthouse, Ohio for almost a year when he was diagnosed with cancer.

He had to go on medical leave, the doctors told him that he would die if he didn't get a treatment with radical chemotherapy and stem cells.

He tried to get his insurance to pay for it through walmart but they said because the treatment was considered a transplant the insurance didn't cover it until you've worked for the company for a full year.

You can guess the end of the story, my father lost his battle with cancer in August of 2007 all because the multibillion dollar giant walmart couldn't spare a drop in the bucket to save one of their own worker's life.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Looking for a Lawyer to Sue Wal-mart #16, Fired Because of Surgery

Lawyers in the NC area,
please contact: Allynsam(at) aol (dot) com

I have worked for Sam's club in NC for 13 years. I was one of the highest paid associates in the club and reminded of that often by management.

I had been out of work for a week, the first part of November. When I returned I informed my manager that I was going to need surgery , she asked when and reminded me that this was the worst possible time of year for me to be out.

I was informed by doctors that surgery need to be scheduled fast. DEC 12 was the date and would have an eight week recovery. Management was not happy.

I was terminated November 28,2007 for falsifying company documents!! (one week after giving my surgury date)

The company documents were time adjustments for missed lunches.

I was told the times I put on my adjustments didn't match the video tapes.

I know for a fact others guess at the time or put their lunch wrong to stay within company guide lines of taking a lunch after 6 hours!

One time adjustment was done to stay under 40 hours , at the request of my manager because she would get in trouble for having overtime.

I just think its unfair to pick and choose who's time adjustments they allow and who's they don't.

I was 13 year associate making more then some management. they wanted me gone

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Looking for a Lawyer to Sue Wal-mart #15, Hit From Behind and Knocked to the Ground by Wal-mart Staff

Lawyers in the Lincoln, NE area,
please contact Dave davekohles (at) msn (dot) com

I was exiting Wal-Mart after checking out. I was approached by two individuals wearing regular close and no identification. The one individual starts to accuse me of shoplifting. I ask them who they are but they do not tell me they just keep shouting accusations at me and i continue to ask who they are and that I have done nothing and don't know what they are talking about.

At this point one of the individuals starts reaching into my shopping cart and going though my stuff. He claims to have found evidence of some sort. This entire time I am holding my 1 yr old daughter and my wife is standing beside me. The two individuals whom would not identify themselves start to grab my arm and tell me to go back in the store. I insisted I had done nothing wrong and decided to hand my daughter to my wife and told her to take the baby and go to the car.

When I turned from them I was hit from behind and knocked to the ground. The two individuals continued to hold me on the concrete with my coat pulled over my head. I remember hearing a woman shout "help him, someone help." The next thing I know I am free and I stand up a little dazed and wondering what just happened.

I look around and see my wife and baby at the car and two men struggling with the two men who assaulted me. I turned and went to my wife . My first priority seemed to be making sure I was cleared of any wrong doing, figuring I would more than likely soon be visited by an police officer. One month went by, and I was talking with my wife about that night and how I felt about what happened.

We decided that the way we were treated was very wrong and that if I was ever approached by or the accusations they made ever brought up that I would pursuer action against them. I guess I felt I probably would not here any more about it and than I was ticketed and arrested at my home.

The officer mentioned the incident and said that when the two loss prevention guys were detaining me that they were removed from my back by two men that thought they were assaulting me witch they were. I told the officer I was innocent and that I felt that I was assaulted. He ticketed me and I was never formally charged. I would now like to pursue action against them or whom ever.

I strongly believe that my rights were violated and that the situation was handled very poorly. I think about how even thought my daughter was very young if it will be something she will remember, I don't know. I do know that these men should have been wearing Identification of some sort and before detaining someone in such an excessive manor they should be darn certain they are guilty, and even then they should not be aloud to attack an individual who is not resisting. Please contact me if you can offer your services.

Dave Kohles davekohles (at) msn (dor) comLincoln, NE

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Looking for a Lawyer to Sue Wal-mart #14, Pharmacist Fired for Supposedly Stealing $4 Pills

Lawyers in the Illinois area,
please contact Cheryle
imin61071 (at) hotmail (dot) com.

I worked at the Dixon Illinois Wal-Mart. I noticed that one of your other posts also had a complaint needing a lawyer from this town. I have never done an illegal thing in my life, not even a parking ticket.

Yesterday I was fired for stealing. I was handcuffed and led to the police car in front of co-workers who were all too happy to gossip about this today (I've been told).

Wal-Mart would not let me see the tape of what I supposedly had done. They said that I stole some prescription drugs. The drug that was mentioned is on the Wal-Mart $4 generic plan. I could well have afforded that drug if I had wanted it. I even have a prescription for that drug ( a different dose) so there was no need to steal anything. My prescription information was discussed in the security office without my permission. I thought that this was a HIPPA violation.

This drug has no street value and was not even the dose I am on. It's a narrow-therapeutic drug, therefore dosing is crucial and is monitored with twice-yearly blood work. I get my medications through mail order because I never wanted to give anyone any cause to suspect me of anything.

I loved my job and had planned on retiring from Wal-Mart one day. When I was called into the office yesterday I had no idea what was about to occur. Being in a management position, I assumed that it was about another employee. Obviously I was wrong.

This event has the potential to destroy my life. I am a pharmacist. My professional license may be placed on probation or suspended, I may be unable to work because of this, lose my home, etc. My reputation has already begun to suffer. What about my kids? My husband? Living in a small town, everyone will know about this soon enough. I already suffer from stress, anxiety and migraines. Now I have to deal with this as well.

I kept being asked to "just admit to what I had done". I refused because I have done nothing. I stole nothing. Again, the management that was present said that I had and that they saw it on the tape and "tapes don't lie".

Again, I asked to see the tape. I kept telling them that there had to be some mistake, some explanation. I was refused. The arresting police officer was allowed to see it and asked me to admit to it. Obviously something is on that tape to make him say that. I was told that a fellow employee saw me take this item and had reported it, thereby causing loss prevention to get involved. This is a new employee who has tried to cause trouble for others.

Even though I had not stolen anything, I would have gladly paid for whatever they accused me of stealing just to keep my job.

Again, this is a $4 medication we're talking about. I would have voluntarily quit if they had asked in order to keep my professional license in good standing. I was willing to do what it took to keep my job. I was panicking inside. I kept thinking "Are they right? Did I forget something? How did this happen?".

I tore through everything when I got home looking for this mysterious bottle. Yes, they actually had me doubting myself and my memory. They said "Maybe you don't remember because of all the medication you're on". Again, this was in front of 3 people, then 4 when the police officer arrived. Not only was I being accused of theft, but my medical condition, prescriptions, were being discussed in open without my permission.

I wanted to die inside. I kept shaking my head and telling them that there had to be some mistake.

I was arrested, handcuffed, fingerprinted and humiliated without ever seeing what I had supposedly done. Yesterday I had a career and a future. Today I have nothing. Yes, I need an attorney. One that isn't afraid to go up against Wal-Mart. If anyone can help, please contact me at imin61071 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Thank you for reading this.