Friday, March 28, 2008

Looking for a Lawyer to Sue Wal-mart #16, Fired Because of Surgery

Lawyers in the NC area,
please contact: Allynsam(at) aol (dot) com

I have worked for Sam's club in NC for 13 years. I was one of the highest paid associates in the club and reminded of that often by management.

I had been out of work for a week, the first part of November. When I returned I informed my manager that I was going to need surgery , she asked when and reminded me that this was the worst possible time of year for me to be out.

I was informed by doctors that surgery need to be scheduled fast. DEC 12 was the date and would have an eight week recovery. Management was not happy.

I was terminated November 28,2007 for falsifying company documents!! (one week after giving my surgury date)

The company documents were time adjustments for missed lunches.

I was told the times I put on my adjustments didn't match the video tapes.

I know for a fact others guess at the time or put their lunch wrong to stay within company guide lines of taking a lunch after 6 hours!

One time adjustment was done to stay under 40 hours , at the request of my manager because she would get in trouble for having overtime.

I just think its unfair to pick and choose who's time adjustments they allow and who's they don't.

I was 13 year associate making more then some management. they wanted me gone

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Looking for a Lawyer to Sue Wal-mart #15, Hit From Behind and Knocked to the Ground by Wal-mart Staff

Lawyers in the Lincoln, NE area,
please contact Dave davekohles (at) msn (dot) com

I was exiting Wal-Mart after checking out. I was approached by two individuals wearing regular close and no identification. The one individual starts to accuse me of shoplifting. I ask them who they are but they do not tell me they just keep shouting accusations at me and i continue to ask who they are and that I have done nothing and don't know what they are talking about.

At this point one of the individuals starts reaching into my shopping cart and going though my stuff. He claims to have found evidence of some sort. This entire time I am holding my 1 yr old daughter and my wife is standing beside me. The two individuals whom would not identify themselves start to grab my arm and tell me to go back in the store. I insisted I had done nothing wrong and decided to hand my daughter to my wife and told her to take the baby and go to the car.

When I turned from them I was hit from behind and knocked to the ground. The two individuals continued to hold me on the concrete with my coat pulled over my head. I remember hearing a woman shout "help him, someone help." The next thing I know I am free and I stand up a little dazed and wondering what just happened.

I look around and see my wife and baby at the car and two men struggling with the two men who assaulted me. I turned and went to my wife . My first priority seemed to be making sure I was cleared of any wrong doing, figuring I would more than likely soon be visited by an police officer. One month went by, and I was talking with my wife about that night and how I felt about what happened.

We decided that the way we were treated was very wrong and that if I was ever approached by or the accusations they made ever brought up that I would pursuer action against them. I guess I felt I probably would not here any more about it and than I was ticketed and arrested at my home.

The officer mentioned the incident and said that when the two loss prevention guys were detaining me that they were removed from my back by two men that thought they were assaulting me witch they were. I told the officer I was innocent and that I felt that I was assaulted. He ticketed me and I was never formally charged. I would now like to pursue action against them or whom ever.

I strongly believe that my rights were violated and that the situation was handled very poorly. I think about how even thought my daughter was very young if it will be something she will remember, I don't know. I do know that these men should have been wearing Identification of some sort and before detaining someone in such an excessive manor they should be darn certain they are guilty, and even then they should not be aloud to attack an individual who is not resisting. Please contact me if you can offer your services.

Dave Kohles davekohles (at) msn (dor) comLincoln, NE