Thursday, December 24, 2009

At Wal-Mart, We Know You'd Rather be With Us Than Your Children on Christmas

I have worked with WM for 12 years, and this place just never gets any better.

We are considered a training store where they send all this disfunctionals to practice being pushing and obnoxious.

We have just about 200 workers which is not alot compared to SuperCenters, we're just a basic WM. In August I was digusted to celebrate 12 years with them, I only make $11 an hour by the way for 12 years worth.

There is about 30 people that have been at this store since it opened in 1990. Since I have been there, we have went through 6 store managers and numerous assistant managers.

But here recently within the past 2 years we have been hounded and spied on by all of our managers expecially one in particular which is called a support manager.

We smoke and so does this person.

We go to work at 7 am and take a 15 min break at 9 am around 11 am we run back and grab another cigerette and then go to lunch at 12 pm to 1 pm and then take a second break at 2:30 pm and go home at 4 pm.

We see no problem in this as long as we are doing our work and managing our departments.

But they have been spying on us and timing us on our breaks and watching us on cameras. We are people that has worked with this company for ever, I mean 12 and 15 years worth of our lives and we can't even grab an extra small break without being hounded.

By the way, that support manager, she is in there smoking everytime we are and nothing is said to her. This is how you are appreciated at Wally World.

Give them everything and they give you nothing but harassment in return. I have small kids that have been born since I started working there, I have never had a Christmas Eve or the day after Christmas with them, never!

I hate this place and just wish I would have went to college so I would have a choice of where to work.

Thanks for listening.

Injured? It's Always Your Fault at Wal-Mart

In the state of Ohio Walmart is a "self-insured employer". What this means is that if a employee is injured on the job, that Walmart will pay out of pocket all the medical bills and lost wages.

The Industrial Commission of Ohio overseas the process in their hearings.
I was injured earlier this year when I lifted a box for a customer to put onto a blue cart.
I reported the injury to the assistant manager on duty who took over an hour to "arrange" a member of management to take me to the emergency room of the local hospital.

This manager did not leave my side until I asked him to leave so I could speak privately to the attending doctor.

He returned within two minutes and never left again.
During this visit to the emergency room, the member of management sent with me brought along a drug testing kit which he had the emergency room doctor administer which made her most question the manager.
Now it is almost a year since the accident and I have gone through the hearing process in the Industrial Commission of Ohio and I have lost all appeals.
My attorney tells me that I now have to sue Walmart in regular court and it will be two and a half years until I get into the first hearing. In the mean time I am responsible for all the medical bills incured by this injury or I will be put into collection.
When I applied for employment at Walmart, I was told how "we are team!"
Well, Walmart is not a team player.
In the application, Walmart says that all injuries are taken care of by Walmart. They lied. This is a breach of contract.
Walmart is no better than a robber taking your wallet on the street.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Lone God of Keys at Wal-Mart

So, based on positive reviews and discussion, I decided to go out and buy this pinball game. This past weekend, I saw it at wal-mart, but of course the register wouldn't let them sell it to me. (since it was before the street date)

why is the game out on shelves if its not for sale? because somebody was stupid, right?

so they ran off and hid the 4 copies somewhere.

I came back on Wednesday, since it is a hard game to find and no other stores (including Gamestop, lol, what a joke) didn't have it.

The game still wasn't out on the shelves, so i asked somebody if they had any in stock?
after humpty dumpty scanned the bar code, sure enough, there are four copies somewhere in the store. he goes in the back to look. after 45 minutes (dude probably took his lunch break and left me waiting) he comes back and says they are probably locked up in some cage, and the person with the keys left at 5... so i would have to come back tomorrow.

so out of this massive, open 24/7 wal-mart,
there is only one person with keys? and they leave at 5? stupid, right?

so, i come back the next day, before 5, and the games still has not been put out there. so i ask one of the employees to do a quantity check, sure enough, there are 4... hidden somewhere in the
wal-mart maze of missing merchandise, only this time, i came before 5 so surly the mythical gate keeper would have her keys and be able to free the merchandise from their stockroom prison. "Um, the person with the keys is only here on weekdays..."

So, today is a Friday. That's a weekday, right?

"well yes but she's not here today"
okay dude, let me talk to your boss, someone around here has the &%^$#ing keys ... "i am the boss"... well then dude, let me talk to the person ABOVE YOU... "uh, okay, ill be right back"

45 minutes later (sigh) homeboy comes back with the four copies

Monday, November 23, 2009

Wal-Mart: All About Greed and Cracking that Whip. Yes, Massa, Yes...

i work for walmart and now they have a thing called task manager whith u are timed to stock shelfs

and people keep leaving and they dont hire new ones but yet all they care about is making new managers for every thing

how many do you need i think walmat was better off with sam walton and walmart should have went with him becouse its all about greed and not the customers

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wal-Mart Treats Employees Like Slaves

i work for a walmart in upstate new york. recently i have been going through a lot with my mom being in and out of the hospital this year. she has had conjestive heart failure for 5 years and i fear this will be her last year alive.

i have developed severe stress headaches from it, yet i still report to work when i am supposed to. i have gotten a fmla for her in case i need to be there for her.
i had to leave work in a wheelchair one day because i had a haedache come on so quickly and so bad i was walking and talking like i was drunk. i was driven by family to the E.R. to get treatment. this was back in september this year.{2009}.

its now november and i come to work one day and
i get pulled into the office, written up, and given a D- Day for misconduct because of that day that i left from work to go to the hospital- it was considered my 4th absence in 6 months. COMPANY POLICY!!!

plus, a week before that i got written up
for eating half a cracker on company time! when i was being given my D- Day, an assistant manager was sitting at his computer, doing work, and crunching away on some food!!!!

what the hell are they doing breaking the rules when we get written up for doing so? what kind of an example are they giving us by doing this, then chastising us for doing what they do?!?!?! i
really hate it there!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Looking For A Lawyer: Wal-Mart Ruins Yet Another Life

I had worked for walmart for almost 2 years.  My department
manager in KY started sexually harrassing all
the employees in the photolab and he started to bring his baby
son back there with all the chemicals and help customers
while carrying him around (which I talked to OSHA and its
very illegal) and management didn't do anything about it!
I gave them the dates and the times that he ever did it and
they never cared UNTIL I contacted OSHA!

They tried to coach me for every little thing possible.
They started cutting my hours and things just kept getting

Management tried to coach me AGAIN. The GM sat there and
yelled at me. I later went to the doctor on my lunch break because
I started having chest pains and severe headaches.

The Doctor would not let me leave because my blood pressure
was reading close to 200 and I was suffering from severe

I had to have someone come to release me before I could leave!
and guess what...

Walmart yet again tried to get me in trouble because of

I later just gave up with walmart! I lost my house and
everything because I was without a job! I couldnt claim
unemployment because they said I abandon my job even
though they were firing me!

Walmart kept my paper work from the doctor and I also
had people in the photolab write statements against the
manager and they kept them also! This all happened from
Feb. 2009 - July 2009 in KY

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Wal-Mart Sues Brain-damaged Employee

Wal-Mart has been dubbed
"The Worst Person in the World" by NSNBC for suing a severely brain-damaged Wal-Mart employee.

Debbie Shank, a Missouri Wal-Mart employee,
was left severely disabled and brain-damaged after being hit by a semi-trailer truck.

Initially, her Wal-Mart health care plan paid her medical bills.

The Shank family sued the trucking company and won a
$417,000 settlement.

Hearing news of the settlement,
Wal-Mart then sued the family for $470,000 (to get their medical money back. They even added interest and the cost of their legal fees to make certain they didn't pay a cent)

And they won.

The Shanks appealed, but the Supreme Court refused to hear their case. The Shank family is forced to give Wal-mart $470,000,
more than they earned from the settlement.

Debbie lives in a nursing home, and requires 24-hour care. Her husband, Jim Shank, works two jobs, struggling to pay for his wife's nursing home expenses.

According to MSNBC:
Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott earns more than $470,000 a week and Wal-Mart earns $470,000 every 38 seconds.

Friday, October 30, 2009

No Holiday at Wal-mart

hi everyone here's another infraction from wal mart management. every holiday in ga.

wal-mart cuts most employees hrs by 8 hrs inorder to
keep from paying us our hoilday pay. it's sad enough that wal-mart has nearly a 1 billion dollar cash reserve that they will not let you have your holiday pay.

i came in to work in place of a dept mgr because he had to be with his young daughter so when i got to work tuesday i clocked in and then realized i needed to check my hrs. because the hr dept was off monday and no one finalized the weekend hrs. upon checking my hrs.

i realized that i had alredy workrd 31.60 hrs. so i went to the store mgr. and told him and he said that
no one can work over 32 hrs this week. at that point i replied that i had 31.60 hrs. and i could not punch back out for 30 minutes so he said to get with hr. dept and they will adjust my hrs. hel--lo thank you for the time

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

your son's dying? big deal. fill out this form before you go

I work in the back room
of a super wal mart, and I have to spread the word about something that happened to a fellow worker the other day.

This fellow worker, I will call him Charles, got a phone call that something had happened to his son, and that he had to get to the hospital right away, because his son may not make it thru the day. As Charles ran past the office, he stopped to tell a manager what had happened, and that he had to drive over 2 hours to get to where his son was, and was told that his son may not live, and he had to leave right away.

The manager informed Charles he could not leave until he went inti the office, sat down, explained again the reason he was leaving to the co manager, then fill out a form on the computer stating the reason again. WHAT??!!

Keep in mind, this mans son was laying perhaps on his death bed, and Charles had to drive over 2 hours to go see him, but had to fill out some paper work first.

I havent heard anything yet, but lets hope for the best.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Looking For a Lawyer to Sue Wal-mart #21: Assaulted by Wal-Mart Security

Lawyers in the Phoenix, Arizona Area,
please contact for details

My kids and I (8 y/o boy & 5 y/o girl) went to Walmart to grab some
stuff about 12:30 pm 6/21/08. I needed to get some weights and what not,
and I promised my kids a toy each for really helping me out this week.
Any way, we got the stuff we needed and they saw McDonald's. We decided
to grab some burgers. This was directly across the way from the
check-stand where I purchased my stuff. Pushed the cart up to McD's and
walked up to the register. Bought our stuff, ate lunch, and went to
leave. (Approx 1:30 PM)

I grabbed the cart and headed for the door. Walked through the little
security sensors (No, they did not go off) and was almost to the door.
A guy (50's-60's, gray hair, possibly glasses) asked for my receipt. I
told him "No thank you" and kept walking. I attempted to walk out the
door. He then tried to pull the cart out of my hands, and said you need
to come with me to the security office. I told him I would be doing no
such thing and asked him if I was free to go. He said no. I then asked
if he was detaining me. He said no. So I went to push the cart out of
the door. He grabbed the cart again. I asked him if he would physically
grab me. He said no.

I told him to get a manager. He yelled at another
gentleman (coincidentally, the gentleman in question was standing in
line directly in front of me at McDonald's. His total was $4.02. I
remember seeing it ring up on the register) This gentleman (not wearing
a name tag) was late 40's - early 50's. He went and banged on a door
right near the entrance that had a piece of paper taped on it saying
"Employees Only" or something to that effect.

I said to the first gentleman "Look, I've paid for every item in this
cart. It is my property. I'm getting my items and I'm leaving." At this
time time, a younger guy (Mid 20's, short cropped light brown or blond
hair, possible earring, 200-225 lbs, 5'10" or so, no nametag) came out
from the earlier mentioned door. At that point I reached in, picked up
my items (1 40lb dumbell set, 2 sunshades for a car, toy puppy, super
soaker, lifting gloves, and exercise mat) handed the kids their toys and
went to walk out the door. At that point the employee (I think, he
wasn't wearing any kind of name tag) that came out of the side door
grabbed me by the biceps and tried to restrain me. I asked him to get
his hands off me and please call the police.

At this point, I was surrounded by about 10 employees (Again, I'm not 100%
they were employees, since most had no WalMart badges on). My daughter (5)
started bawling. I again asked if I was free to go. I walked just outside the
entrance doors, and 4-5 employees circled me and prevented me from
leaving. "no name tag" (the younger) again put his hands on my arms and
prevented me from advancing. (I'm not clear if all were employees or
not. There were several males of varying ages and one female,
30's-hispanic or native american. All wearing street clothes.

"No nametag" (the younger) got out his cellphone and dialed 911. I was
about 6 inches from his face. He got the dispatcher and advised them
that he had an uncooperative customer and needed the police. I leaned in
and said something to the effect "Ask the dispatcher if it is legal for
you to physically detain me." I repeated this several times. He tells
the dispatcher that NO ONE ever touched me. At this point an Asst.
Manager (Mikki - 40's African American) walked up and asked what the
problem was. I told her what was happening. "No nametag" says "I never
touched him." I ignored him and asked the Mgr if there were video
cameras at the entrance. She said yes, so I told her that I wasn't going
to argue the point, we could just watch the video.

At this point another employee went up to my daughter and grabbed the
toy from her arms. This guy was probably mid 20's: crew cut style
haircut, dark brown, or black hair. Athletic build, a little over 6ft
tall. She was really crying by then. He said he was taking it to look up
the transaction. 10 minutes went by, me surrounded by employees. Nobody
really saying anything. I tried to take a picture of the guy who grabbed
my arms, but he kept turning around in circles so I couldn't get it. I
have one photo of the back of his head. The police still hadn't shown

The employee who took my daughter's toy then returned with a receipt
printout and handed it to Mikki. She looked at my stuff, said here's
your receipt. See you later. No apologies, nothing.