Tuesday, September 01, 2009

your son's dying? big deal. fill out this form before you go

I work in the back room
of a super wal mart, and I have to spread the word about something that happened to a fellow worker the other day.

This fellow worker, I will call him Charles, got a phone call that something had happened to his son, and that he had to get to the hospital right away, because his son may not make it thru the day. As Charles ran past the office, he stopped to tell a manager what had happened, and that he had to drive over 2 hours to get to where his son was, and was told that his son may not live, and he had to leave right away.

The manager informed Charles he could not leave until he went inti the office, sat down, explained again the reason he was leaving to the co manager, then fill out a form on the computer stating the reason again. WHAT??!!

Keep in mind, this mans son was laying perhaps on his death bed, and Charles had to drive over 2 hours to go see him, but had to fill out some paper work first.

I havent heard anything yet, but lets hope for the best.