Thursday, December 24, 2009

At Wal-Mart, We Know You'd Rather be With Us Than Your Children on Christmas

I have worked with WM for 12 years, and this place just never gets any better.

We are considered a training store where they send all this disfunctionals to practice being pushing and obnoxious.

We have just about 200 workers which is not alot compared to SuperCenters, we're just a basic WM. In August I was digusted to celebrate 12 years with them, I only make $11 an hour by the way for 12 years worth.

There is about 30 people that have been at this store since it opened in 1990. Since I have been there, we have went through 6 store managers and numerous assistant managers.

But here recently within the past 2 years we have been hounded and spied on by all of our managers expecially one in particular which is called a support manager.

We smoke and so does this person.

We go to work at 7 am and take a 15 min break at 9 am around 11 am we run back and grab another cigerette and then go to lunch at 12 pm to 1 pm and then take a second break at 2:30 pm and go home at 4 pm.

We see no problem in this as long as we are doing our work and managing our departments.

But they have been spying on us and timing us on our breaks and watching us on cameras. We are people that has worked with this company for ever, I mean 12 and 15 years worth of our lives and we can't even grab an extra small break without being hounded.

By the way, that support manager, she is in there smoking everytime we are and nothing is said to her. This is how you are appreciated at Wally World.

Give them everything and they give you nothing but harassment in return. I have small kids that have been born since I started working there, I have never had a Christmas Eve or the day after Christmas with them, never!

I hate this place and just wish I would have went to college so I would have a choice of where to work.

Thanks for listening.

Injured? It's Always Your Fault at Wal-Mart

In the state of Ohio Walmart is a "self-insured employer". What this means is that if a employee is injured on the job, that Walmart will pay out of pocket all the medical bills and lost wages.

The Industrial Commission of Ohio overseas the process in their hearings.
I was injured earlier this year when I lifted a box for a customer to put onto a blue cart.
I reported the injury to the assistant manager on duty who took over an hour to "arrange" a member of management to take me to the emergency room of the local hospital.

This manager did not leave my side until I asked him to leave so I could speak privately to the attending doctor.

He returned within two minutes and never left again.
During this visit to the emergency room, the member of management sent with me brought along a drug testing kit which he had the emergency room doctor administer which made her most question the manager.
Now it is almost a year since the accident and I have gone through the hearing process in the Industrial Commission of Ohio and I have lost all appeals.
My attorney tells me that I now have to sue Walmart in regular court and it will be two and a half years until I get into the first hearing. In the mean time I am responsible for all the medical bills incured by this injury or I will be put into collection.
When I applied for employment at Walmart, I was told how "we are team!"
Well, Walmart is not a team player.
In the application, Walmart says that all injuries are taken care of by Walmart. They lied. This is a breach of contract.
Walmart is no better than a robber taking your wallet on the street.