Monday, May 02, 2011

Walmart Cuts Employee Hours, Hires New People at Cheaper Wages

My Wife has worked for walmart for over 13 years . She works10 PM to7 AM 5 nites a week . For the last month about two hrs before she is to go in walmart's manger will call and tell her not to come in.they say they have to cut the stores hours now this is a beach store cut hours( bulls--t)

If the store savr money the mangers get's a bonus .. how here's the catch they hired ten new people at lower pay this came from a manger i talked to at the store one thanks to walmart we mite have to give up something  ,she brings in the only income to our house .

i've been looking for a job for  over a year and havent found any thing .even had an interview at walmart  but I didn't meet the requirements .. SO THANK YOU WALMART FOR HELPING  AMERICAN PEOPLE WHEN THINGS ARE SO HARD FOR PEOPLE HOW.