Friday, January 06, 2012

Walmart Violates Prescription Privacy Policy

The clerk handed my prescriptions to the pharmacist in the consultation area, where the pharmacist proceeded to discuss each of my medication with me.  

I told him to stop.  I told him that other people were standing behind me and my rights to privacy were being violated.
I demanded that he stop and said that I did not want this, and he only continued. 

He (the pharmacist) then said that this was the Wal-Mart policy and that he was following his instructions and that he was being videotaped to insure that he complied.
I then ask to speak to the manager, her name was Carla, and again explained the utter embarrassment that I had just been put through. I explained that I did not want this public disclosure of my private health information,  and she said I had no choice.
So now Wal-Mart disrespects the dignity of a person.
At this point I am looking into contacting my insurance company and HIPPA to determine what can be done to stop Wal-Mart from any further publicly disclosing my medical and prescription information.