Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Walmart Sells Fake Gold Jewelry

I just wanted you to know that Walmart (in North Las Vegas) sells fake gold jewelry - of course they deny it and claim that the necklace is not from their store.  In a nutshell - here is my complaint:

"I purchased a gold necklace for my Husband at the Walmart in North Las Vegas, Nevada.  It cost approximately $280.00 and it was bought as an anniversary gift for him.  Today (July 1, 2012) we took the same necklace to two different jewelry stores and were informed that the necklace is FAKE!  The only real gold in the necklace is the 10K stamped clasp!  The rest of the necklace can be picked up by a magnet.

I am in total shock!  This necklace has been on his neck since the day I gave it to him - has never been taken to any jewelry store or repair shop - and it is totally impossible that it has been switched by someone else (we live alone and do not have guests) - but the fact remains the same - he has NEVER taken it off since the day I gave it to him.
I will do whatever I can to make sure that the world knows what type of quality jewelry - or should I say DOWN RIGHT FAKE AND FRAUDULENT gold that Walmart is selling to its customers."

I truly cannot believe this happened to me, I am beside myself thinking about the betrayal I have endured from this store.  Is Walmart so broke that they need to steal their customers money?

Kind Regards,