Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lewd Wal-Mart Employees

  Today I went into the walmart down the street from my house for something... two men in plain clothes were folowing me the whole time making me feel really uncomfortable. I kept turning around catching them looking at me threw the shelves then they started laughting and humping and spanking the air... When I confronted them about their lewd behavior, they just laughed and me and flashed walmart badges and said " you know what we work here" ... when I complained to the manager she dismissed me saying she would look into it but diddnt ask for any of my info, so I knew she wasnt going to do anything about it.
                        I then asked to speak to a higher up manager and demanded to fill out a formal complaint agianst the two employees ... I felt degraded and mortified by those two boys. I feel that walmart does not even care about their employees actions. I need help demanding they do something to fix this.
                       I feel that walmart should be responsible for fixing this embarassing event.