Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Walmart Slave Working in Underwear, Walmart Doesn't Care

I used to work at walmart as automotive tech. And walmart usually issues uniforms to there techs . So walmart issues me my uniform that doesent fit me only the shirt fits but the pants were a size down. So i was told by my manager to bring my own pants which i did, then on this specific day my pants gave in after a month and a half of wearing them, walmart still did not send my right uniform pants. So the pants ripped in my private part form too much bending down to check tire pressure, that same day i jumped in a vehicle to park it and as i jumped entered the car the pants ripped all the way down like a chain reaction to my knee showing my underwear and right side of my leg. I decided to tell my manager about this and all he can say, "WELL THERE'S NOTHING I CAN DO" it didnt even looked like he cared so i had to continue working with my exposed under wear and leg for two hours within those two hours i probly parked 17 cars for the customer to pick up and
id have to go to the counter after parking the vehicle to give car keys to the counter person . As i went to the counter there was a line of customer getting cashed out and as i walked torwards the counter most of the customers looked at me like if why are you working like that.  I was embarrassed!  This shows walmart does not care for there employees and this is an act of discrimination! I am currently looking for a lawyer to help me with my case my email is
joseph.martinez47 (at) yahoo.com thank you for whoever reads this to get the word out