Friday, April 12, 2013

Wal-Mart Kills Their Employees with Stress

The store I work for is literally killing us.The entire store is expected to do the work of several people.

With economy like it is they get away with it,so I would like to remain anonomus.Our stress levels are so high,we are dropping dead in the aisles.On top of that there are 6 or more that died at home from stress related causes.

Nothing is due to accidents;the store is not responsible,other than operating on a skeleton crew and standing over us.
These people passed away on different occassions;while they lay dead we were not allowed to morn the loss of our friends:just business as ususal.Nor were we allowed to show our grief in front of the customers.

Family oriented is their slogans.This is bull. The only family they have is the dollar.Each store is required to raise a certain amount for childrens miracle network,but we were not alowed to have a plate lunch in order to help all these familys out.

Each time you hear hell-mart has donated money remember that it came from associates and customers pockets.Their just taking the credit.The families of the deceased needed help;they should help their immediate "family" first; after all they give their all trying to please them.