Thursday, June 20, 2013

Walmart Degrades Customer

i went in to ask about tires found the ones i needed ask the girl if i could bring my truckin and she said no problem so i go home tire leaks
slow so put air in and drove to walmart she has me put it in line no
cars geting tires guy comes in short while later wont do my tires so i
ask to speak with a manager he comes 10 mins later as me and my friend
where standing joking outside my friend had a smile on his face manager
walks right up and asks very rudly if hes laughing at him i explain i'm
the one with the issue and he tells me there is nothing he can do and

says he will give me a gift card fine so he goes about geting me a gift
card that reads 'big baby' on the front of the gift card which im a man
and have a big problem with friend is also pissed he was so rude with
him he wanted to speak with someone else to which he was escorted out
by his constible police henchmen