Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wal-Mart Continues to Scam Customers After Several Reports

I got one story to share.
My Father bought a small laptop from walmart for my sisters birthday.
The seal was broken when it was sold to him.
When my sister received she unpackaged it and turned it on.
Right away it seemed to be very slow and unresponsive when doing some work on it.
Looking through the files I first noticed that internet explorer had been deleted. There were also a bunch of empty program folders which means that the laptop had been used before.
To top it all of I found a file in the downloads folder that contained pornography.
To sum it up they sold us a used and unusable laptop as brand new for full retail price.
We brought it back for an exchange and a refund (we wanted a new laptop and our money back, they laughed at that idea and made fun of us)
They agreed to give us 20% of the money back.
Long behold we walk out of the store and get to a friends house and unpack the laptop.
To our surprise they had given us back the same laptop that we brought in to exchange.
I called the store and told them that this is it, first they ruin my sisters birthday. Then they refuse to cooperate and compensate us. And finally they give us the same laptop back that we came in about.
I told the person on the phone (same person that serviced us at customer service) that I now really want the new laptop PLUS refund.
The person laughed at me, and rudely interrupted me and wouldn't even let me talk. I had to yell at her to get to her and actually get my message through. I told her I want to talk to the manager which I will do tomorrow.

Can we do that? Can we make them give it to us for free?