Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Franz Kafka Walmart's Fascist Police and Investigations

I was in the Army for almost six years until my contract ended and now I am attending school while I was working at walmart. 

Well yesterday at 1830 i was brought into the office and sat down with the store manager and the PA I think he was. They told me I was be investigated into for comments of violence and sex, I have never done this but they kept on saying "we have done a thorough investigation". Now I am an honest man and I don't go around threatening people or harassing them or saying sexual comments. 

They never approached me and asked me if this was true or what's going on, my side of this farce. So either someone had it in for me or they just wanted me gone, this I do not know.

But I was banned from all their stores so they say and sister stores, I had two cops talk to me to make sure I wasn't a threat because I ex military and because of god know what was told I said. I feel embarrassed and attacked, but most importantly I left puzzled why people would do this to someone for no reason and treat them like this.