Monday, December 28, 2015

UnAmerican Walmart is a Military Traitor, While the Managers Snort Coke

I worked for Wal-Mart for 8 months(quit Today). I'm in the National Gaurd.
I asked if Wal-Mart pays for military leave(Cosco does) I was told Wal-Mart would not pay me to do "just another job" because the military is "just another job?'
But this is where it gets bad. A manager told me because I make $7.90 hr, Wal-Mart won't pay. But those who are on salary and work above him($42,000+ A year) get military leave pay.
So if you need the pay,your screwed, if your making bank, Wal-Mart is ok to do so.
Also, I swear to you, not lying! Our head honcho manger(over all Wal-Mart in area)has been caught doing coke in the garden area at nights. 5 people watched this go down. He's still there.