Monday, December 28, 2015

UnAmerican Walmart is a Military Traitor, While the Managers Snort Coke

I worked for Wal-Mart for 8 months(quit Today). I'm in the National Gaurd.
I asked if Wal-Mart pays for military leave(Cosco does) I was told Wal-Mart would not pay me to do "just another job" because the military is "just another job?'
But this is where it gets bad. A manager told me because I make $7.90 hr, Wal-Mart won't pay. But those who are on salary and work above him($42,000+ A year) get military leave pay.
So if you need the pay,your screwed, if your making bank, Wal-Mart is ok to do so.
Also, I swear to you, not lying! Our head honcho manger(over all Wal-Mart in area)has been caught doing coke in the garden area at nights. 5 people watched this go down. He's still there.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Walmart Security Abuses 12-Year-Old

Hello my name is Wyatt Gibson and my horror began on December 18th. Well it all started when I walked into Walmart and I noticed these two guys (black male early 30s and white male late 20s in normal cloths) fallowing me I was 12 at the time and my mom who had a broken leg had me Go into Walmart to get milk,body wash,toothpaste and she said with the left over money I could get a toy so I went got the stuff and the men followed me and watched me like a hawk so I go to the check out and pay for the stuff and I had 12$ left from a 50$ bill so I went back in to get my toy and as I finished paying for it (two different cashiers) I walked to the exit and I went through the beeper things .....nothing but as made my way to the last set of doors the men stopped me and said I was sighted for shop lifting and I said what wait I have my bill, and the white male Interupted me and  as said I don't care and ripped it out of my hand and through it on the ground I said I'm getting my mom and started walking out the door the black male said that I was now being detained and the white male shoved me the ground and as he did tht people pulled out their phones and starting rakeing pictures and video tapeing it in fact at one point the white male put his knee on my back and posed for a picture .anyways long story short I was sent to court and they filled that I in fact didn't steal anything but I was sent to juvy for six months SIX for not listening to the "deputy's" who detained me ....i now no longer see my relatives cause they have shuned me for going to juvy thanks Walmart