Friday, March 28, 2008

Looking for a Lawyer to Sue Wal-mart #16, Fired Because of Surgery

Lawyers in the NC area,
please contact: Allynsam(at) aol (dot) com

I have worked for Sam's club in NC for 13 years. I was one of the highest paid associates in the club and reminded of that often by management.

I had been out of work for a week, the first part of November. When I returned I informed my manager that I was going to need surgery , she asked when and reminded me that this was the worst possible time of year for me to be out.

I was informed by doctors that surgery need to be scheduled fast. DEC 12 was the date and would have an eight week recovery. Management was not happy.

I was terminated November 28,2007 for falsifying company documents!! (one week after giving my surgury date)

The company documents were time adjustments for missed lunches.

I was told the times I put on my adjustments didn't match the video tapes.

I know for a fact others guess at the time or put their lunch wrong to stay within company guide lines of taking a lunch after 6 hours!

One time adjustment was done to stay under 40 hours , at the request of my manager because she would get in trouble for having overtime.

I just think its unfair to pick and choose who's time adjustments they allow and who's they don't.

I was 13 year associate making more then some management. they wanted me gone