Friday, October 12, 2007

Looking for a Lawyer to Sue Wal-Mart #7, Working Off The Clock---Willful Violation of Law

Lawyers in Virginia please contact
ChristinesHeart (at) aol (dot) com

In the seven years I worked for Walmart #1841 in Chesapeake, Virginia I have heard assistants, co’s and store manager tell people they couldn’t have a break or go to lunch, unless they finished certain things, if they didn’t get it done on time then it was just to bad for them.

It’s easy enough to fix the time adjustments in the system so Walmart won’t be fined for allowing late lunches and they do it all the time.

Associates work thru their lunch or past the state law guide line hours because they were asked to complete certain things, then management or personal will just go in the system and make it look like the lunch was taken or taken on time, which ever the case needs to be.......most cases have written time adjustment backup signed by you, to cover them also, but there are also plenty of adjustments that are made up by management or personal, just keyed in.

Truck unloaders were told they had to forfeit their break because they didn’t get a truck done fast enough. They were also told they couldn’t go to lunch until they got X amount of trucks unloaded.

Department Managers and associates have been told they couldn’t leave until they got everything done on a list that management handed them about an hour before it’s time to go home.Assistants have been told the same thing, yes I know they are on salary but that doesn’t mean they are to be used for 70 hours a week.

I have been told by my assistant that he is to protect people working off the clock (which is called will full violation) and he was told by a Co-Manager to do so.I can name several people who have been threatened for their DM status or job that they keep working after they punch out because they know the work has to be done or they won’t have a job.

Don’t give me the bull crap Walmart doesn’t allow it, they allow, in fact they encourage it and turn a blind eye to those who hands for need to hire more help, we have them so scared for their job they are willing to do it for free.

They will let you do it, until they want to get rid of you, then they will use it against you, just like they allow breaking of other policies and laws, until it’s your turn to hit the road....then they turn it around and use it against you.

That’s the bottom line.

It is documented from 2005, yet nothing ever done about it, but coverup.

Any lawyers wanting to file this suit, please contact me.

Christine in Chesapeake, Virginia