Friday, October 26, 2007

Looking for a Lawyer to Sue Wal-Mart #9: Faulty Chairs Collapsing Out From Under You

Lawyers in the Moberly, Missouri
area please contact Gary at:
gdmulni (at) hotmail (dot) com

I am writing to see if anyone would be interested in representing in my case against Wal-Mart

It all began on Sept 12th when I went to take my afternoon break I made my way to the Break room I grabbed a chair to bring over to the table to sit with the normal group I held the bottom of the chair with my right hand and proceeded to sit down and when I did the chairs legs on the left side bent inward and the chair went to the right and I went to the floor and of course I then sprang up quickly as an embarssment factor always tell you to get up I then made sure it was reported to mgmnt as they then had me fill out a incident report of course I hurt on thurs and fri following .I told the store mgr let me go the weekend see how I feel .

The following tues I was still hurting Mgr ask me if I needed to get it checked They sent me to the mediquick .They said it was a back sprain Cmi then calls me the next week to inquire about accident .He said he would have liked to have the chair .Well I had to tell him that it was thrown away he informed me that

They had had other incidents of the chairs breaking <> I have continued to hurt so they sent me back to mediquick again i seen nurse practioner again I told him the pain starts in my lower spine not my muscles he did a little more of checking on me than the first time I now am going to Md on tues on Mediquick as np said I needed to do,they are also sending me to physical therapyon Mon . I was just wondering is there any product liablity as well since they know the chairs are prone to breaking but yet they have still left them in the lounges or I am just going to have workmans comp case I hope I have provided you with enough info I will be at work 7-4 all week .

Thanks in advance for your help