Tuesday, August 08, 2006

No More Merit Raises Plus Wage Caps, Wal-Mart is Going Down

I'm so glad that there's sites like this to get the word out about how awful of a company Wal-Mart actually is.

I'm a 10 year associate, who was the biggest advocate for Wal-Mart up until about 1 1/2 years ago, then everything went down hill and fast. We lost the best manager any person could every ask for. Of course he had his wrong doings but everyone does and no one is perfect. He treated each and everyone of us like we belonged there and were part of a family. Since his firing, our store has lost everything, the moral is at an all time low, and I'm sure now it'll get even lower.

We got told today, that there are no more merit raises, and also a wage cap on all levels. So now, a long time associate, at the top of their pay scale will not get a raise. We are the ones that helped build this company and once again we are getting the shaft.

Wal-mart recently (at our store) made all hourly full-time associates open up there availability to include nights and weekends, but yet most part-time associates get to pick and choose their hours.

We had people working 15-16 years, that were level 7's, but because their hours didn't fit with what Wal-Mart thought they should be working, they got demoted to cashiers and had to take $1.30 pay decrease, or they re-aligned jobs, or eliminated certain positions. I cannot believe Wal-Mart isn't seeing what they are doing! Have they not studied K-Mart, do they not realize that it's happening all over again! Lee Scott needs to wake up and take a look at his long time associates and see we are not happy. Wal-Mart is going down and it's going down fast.

Less and less people are shopping at Wal-Mart, yet they keep popping stores up all over the world, but employing less and less full-time employees.

Wait and see, next it'll be our discount cards gone, or the stock-ownership program ended. It's going to happen wait and see!