Friday, October 27, 2006

Simple Math: Less For You, More For Wal-mart

The company that i work for has been doing bisness for with walmart 24 yrs.

On 10-15-06 the company said that we was audited by walmart and we have to to go to a 5 day shift because walmart didn't like it.The shift i've worked for 24 yrs, is a 7 day shift that is the same every month .

The only normalicy i got on shift work. We lost our 'long weekend' once a month and the 5 day changes so much that you can't get used to a shift.

Let me add that i've worked this shift for 24 yrs. they said we have to change or loose their bisness. I say f--- walmart we can get by without them. I would like to see them work that shift. WALMART SUCKS