Monday, April 30, 2007

Walmart Turns the Great USA into the Next Third World Country

I regret bashing my employer like this but I have never envisioned our great USA resorting to goods made in china to prosper an American owned company as is currently happening. I am a member of tire lube express in a new england walmart with prior car shop experience prior to working at walmart and have never seen such disorganization or lack of common sense before in my life except extreme cases of greed by fly by night trucking companies.

To begin this bashing, I"ll start with how 90 % or more of merchandise sold is made in china or some third world country at inflated American prices. I know for a fact that tariff or taxes on imported goods are way down and it is cheaper to import goods into the country and still make a profit than it would be to buy off American manufactures because we as Americans have to meet all kinds of crazy EPA and government requirements whereas communist countries do not.

How long is it before all American manufactures shut down because they cannot compete with slave labor wages w/ no benefits and child labor as exists in those overseas companies. When these American companies either shut down or join the pack by outsourcing American jobs to children and desperate poor people in third world countries, where are these out of work Americans going to work, walmart, and for what wages, hours or lack of benefits.

America wake up and smell the coffee, we are being sold out by corporate interests that would rather sell out Americas soul to make millions of dollars per day than while our own country.

The USA gets turned into the next third world country where Americans cannot even afford the products being sold by these same companies because their jobs got outsourced overseas to child labor and poor uneducated peoples in third world countries for a fraction of our wages.