Monday, February 26, 2007

Welcome to Worthless & Small

What is Wal-Marts 3 Basic Beliefs:
1. Respect For the Individual
2. Strive for Excellence
3. Strive for Customer Service

Yeah okay whatever. If their respect for the individual is the respect themselfs and make their "associates" feel worthless and small. They got that one.

Strive for Excellence. Strive for being excellent is insults and abuse of staff. Yup that is definately there.

Strive for Customer Service. Well overwork your employees so much that they can't even notice the customers.

Our store has had 100% on the secret shopper until our new store manager came in. It is our first female store manager and what a b-tch. She pushes and pushes so hard on the associates that we don't take time to notice our customers. We now average a score of 50% on our secret shopper.

Since the new manager has been in our store for 3 months we have had 4 people step down. One assistant pushed out. The rest stepped down cause they were fed up of the BS!!! Our own regional highass said this lady was "good for our store". Yup good if you want everyone to quit and than shut the store down. That wouldn't be a good thing for a small town of 30000 (including outlining towns).

How the hell does walmart get the best employer of the month? Someone please let me know.