Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Naughty, Naughty. Bend over my knee for a good coaching

I have been working at Walmart for 4 years,at first I loved working there,then I liked working there,now I am looking for another job.

I can't believe how other walmart stores are exactly the same ,how they are being run understaffed.management are idiots,they hire new workers and cut the hours of the employees that have been ther! And my favorite is when you call off management has the right to either approve it or not!The other day I called off because my back was bothering me .and it wasn't approved!!!!! they told me about it because they told me that you shouldn't call off more then 3 times in 6 months otherwise you get a coaching!

They should supply us with vitamins to keep us healthy ! I wonder if Sam Walton is turning in his grave ? No wonder why they are anti union because

Walmart does what ever they want and they don;t CARE!