Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This just in: Walmart Rewrites Bible-- The New Ten Commandments

I am a vendor for an outside company.

I go to several Wal-Mart stores, 3 to 4 times a week. And as many of you may know, you can't get anywhere near some of these stores without a "Vendor Badge", I hate wearing these things, mainly because the mindless idiots who shop there can't read, or realize my name isn't "Vendor", and continually ask me where the tampons or dog food is.

So Today, go into the backroom to get my product (they let us keep the backstock in the backroom), and the Receiving Manager calls me by my product's name, and asks me to "look-over and sign" Wal-Mart's Ten Commandments.

For starters, this woman is a bundle of words that I probably shouldn't use. I looked over the document and signed it, and have done nothing but kick myself since. Not only do I not really have any authority to sign ANYTHING, but it makes a total mockery of "The Ten Commandments". It was a load of crap about keeping the shelves my product sits in clean, and keeping work space neat. And let's not forget number 10, Keep Energy Levels High. Eeech. First off, I didn't get hired by my boss to clean Wal-Mart shelves, and I don't get paid to be a jackass like Wal-Mar workers.

To top off the afternoon, as I was returning my product to the backroom, I took of my "Vendor Badge", the receiving manager asked where it was, after she watched me take it off. I showed it to her, and asks if it's broken or not working, I told her, no I just took it off, and she told me I needed to wear it at all times, I ignored her and left.

You may think I have a bad attitude, but let me tell you, this kind of thing happens all the time, it gets old. I can't stand looking at these people who have worked there for over 10 years, wearing their silver badges, so proudly, like they are soemthing special. What can you be proud of?

If I worked at Wal-Mart for one year, much less 10, I would eat a bullet.

--I prefer to keep my name and E-mail off this message for obvious reasons.