Monday, April 17, 2006

Walmart Likes Elbowing Boobs, Likes It Alot

Two recent hires. One of which is my girlfriend, the
other - another female; Alice.
Alice was being trained by this dude, Joe. Alice was experiencing Joe
elbowing her Boobs. Noticing that he continued to do it after dismissing the
first couple of times may have been by accident, she ask him to stop putting
his elbow in her boobs. He didn't stop like she asked and continued to elbow
her. She complained to the Walmart personnel in charge. They told her that
nothing can be done unless he is caught on their monitors. Word has it that
other female workers there have had experienced this problem with this dude.
He's still working there as my girl friend pointed him out to me.
The following day He tried to approach my girlfriend at the CSM podium and
he had alcohol on his breath.

In a month's time of my girlfriend working at walmart, she was
approached by walmart management after a robbery was committed. She was part
of their investigation suspicions. She just started working at walmart and
already she's in the lime light. She was unemployed and had no desire to go
to jail
just because she started working there.

I wonder if walmart does
this to all their new hires? They should closely scrutinize their own long
timers who know the layout. She got herself cleared from suspicion yet didn't get an apology.