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Friday, June 05, 2020

Walmart Purposefully Ripping Off Customers

I believe Wal-Mart gets rid of associates who are aware of the sneaky ways the store cheats its customers.  They reward the young cashiers who scan 1,000 items per hour because they are unaware why Wal-Mart wants them to go that fast--so they cannot see to catch the "mistakes" and neither can the customers.

As a cashier for 8 years I rang up a customer's reduced bakery purchase for $1.20.  Immediately, the cash register rang up $4.99 for shrimp.  The lady never bought shrimp.  I called this to the attention of the boss, but nothing was ever done although it happened to me several more times.  A lady bought a pair of slack that said on the tag $8.98, but the UPC rang up $9.98.  A man bought his child pants and the same thing happened.  On the 4th of July weekend, hot dog and hamburger buns were on sale for $1.18 a package, but for all 3 days of the sale they rang up the full price of $1.28.  I had to override the register the whole time because no one did anything about the discrepancy although I repeatedly told them about it. 

Management declared me too slow to cashier, so they sent me to the Photo Lab which was also Site-to-Store.  My boss worked the photo lab and left before I clocked in for the day.  She priced the customer's ten 5x7 photos as $78.00 because she hit the wrong UPC in the book with the price machine.  Then she put it in the file cabinet.  I took it out when the customer came and hollered because the price was outrageous.  

Of course, the correct price was $17.00.  Then a customer wanted his prepaid futon.  It had been unloaded near the dock in the drenching rain.  It had been pushed up against the mop basin.  Another futon was piled on top and then a very heavy box of playground equipment was piled on top of that.  He refused his futon.  One had been soaked and ripped and the other had a soaked box which probably leaked into the futon itself.  

The boss told him it was just a little damp on the box and not the futon.  He didn't take it.  Later, I was reduced from 40 hours a week to 22.5 hours a week.  My last weekly schedule was 9 hours a week. 

So when the customers complain that Wal-Mart workers don't need $10.00 an hour, tell them that it isn't just about Wal-Mart workers' hourly wages.  What good is $10.00 an hour if you're only working 9 hours a week.

Also, what do the customer think Wal-Mart is doing to them?  I hope they check their receipts before they ring up the bill or at least before they leave the store.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Sexual Harassment at Walmart

I live in Hollywood Florida  I worked at the Hallandale store. I filed a complaint about sexual harassment they also had a witness write a statement. 

I ended up quitting because I refused to work with the guy while they did an investigation due to having anxiety. I asked for a leave of absence. 

They didn't know the procedure at that time claiming nobody ever quit. 

I need a lawyer ASAP they want me to come in 9am Monday and I have no idea what to expect. Please please please contact me today is my only hope. 

Monday, December 16, 2019

Sexual Assault by Walmart Employee

My name is Tatyana Hernandez and this morning at 1:00 am I was a victim of sexual assault At the Walmart in Elgin Tx check out. The man was an employee with a women at the checkout kneeling next to her with his phone facing her, recording her. 

I was going to my check out a ways away, and he suddenly came and kneeled next to me "arranging" skittles with his phone facing my ass. He was moving closer 3 times we moved away. He had no reason to be next to me that close, or even on the floor. 

I went to tell my boyfriend as we were leaving that I think he was recording me. He went back to approach the guy in the store and I followed. He asked him if he was recording people and he mumbled and said uh no. 

Closing his phone My boyfriend saw him on his phone with the recorder open. He closed it and stood up. My boyfriend said you better delete that and he mumbled again so he addressed him to get the manager. As we were waiting the employee  walked behind the register and started to get on his phone to delete it. 

I told him don't delete anything and he said I'm not I'm texting I say you shouldn't be on your phone at all. He then shows the manager his pictures at this point it's already deleted and it's not there. The cameras are magically not working after the manager says she will get the camera footage. 

The cops were called and me and the other victims filled a report, ofcourse they had no evidence since I'm sure the camaras have to go threw corporate before the cops can view it. We will be calling corporate when they open this morning And be contacting our attorneys if needed since Walmart doesn't seem to care about customer safety.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Monday, April 04, 2016

Walmart Uses Illegal Child Labourers: Video Proof

Here is video proof that Walmart uses illegal child labourers in China. About halfway through the video, there are images of children making toys for Walmart. Video taken September, 2014, in audited, Walmart-approved production facility.

Monday, December 28, 2015

UnAmerican Walmart is a Military Traitor, While the Managers Snort Coke

I worked for Wal-Mart for 8 months(quit Today). I'm in the National Gaurd.
I asked if Wal-Mart pays for military leave(Cosco does) I was told Wal-Mart would not pay me to do "just another job" because the military is "just another job?'
But this is where it gets bad. A manager told me because I make $7.90 hr, Wal-Mart won't pay. But those who are on salary and work above him($42,000+ A year) get military leave pay.
So if you need the pay,your screwed, if your making bank, Wal-Mart is ok to do so.
Also, I swear to you, not lying! Our head honcho manger(over all Wal-Mart in area)has been caught doing coke in the garden area at nights. 5 people watched this go down. He's still there.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Walmart Security Abuses 12-Year-Old

Hello my name is Wyatt Gibson and my horror began on December 18th. Well it all started when I walked into Walmart and I noticed these two guys (black male early 30s and white male late 20s in normal cloths) fallowing me I was 12 at the time and my mom who had a broken leg had me Go into Walmart to get milk,body wash,toothpaste and she said with the left over money I could get a toy so I went got the stuff and the men followed me and watched me like a hawk so I go to the check out and pay for the stuff and I had 12$ left from a 50$ bill so I went back in to get my toy and as I finished paying for it (two different cashiers) I walked to the exit and I went through the beeper things .....nothing but as made my way to the last set of doors the men stopped me and said I was sighted for shop lifting and I said what wait I have my bill, and the white male Interupted me and  as said I don't care and ripped it out of my hand and through it on the ground I said I'm getting my mom and started walking out the door the black male said that I was now being detained and the white male shoved me the ground and as he did tht people pulled out their phones and starting rakeing pictures and video tapeing it in fact at one point the white male put his knee on my back and posed for a picture .anyways long story short I was sent to court and they filled that I in fact didn't steal anything but I was sent to juvy for six months SIX for not listening to the "deputy's" who detained me ....i now no longer see my relatives cause they have shuned me for going to juvy thanks Walmart

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Franz Kafka Walmart's Fascist Police and Investigations

I was in the Army for almost six years until my contract ended and now I am attending school while I was working at walmart. 

Well yesterday at 1830 i was brought into the office and sat down with the store manager and the PA I think he was. They told me I was be investigated into for comments of violence and sex, I have never done this but they kept on saying "we have done a thorough investigation". Now I am an honest man and I don't go around threatening people or harassing them or saying sexual comments. 

They never approached me and asked me if this was true or what's going on, my side of this farce. So either someone had it in for me or they just wanted me gone, this I do not know.

But I was banned from all their stores so they say and sister stores, I had two cops talk to me to make sure I wasn't a threat because I ex military and because of god know what was told I said. I feel embarrassed and attacked, but most importantly I left puzzled why people would do this to someone for no reason and treat them like this.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Employee Wrongfully Accused and Treated Like Criminal

I worked at Wal-Mart for 13 years. This past June I was 
terminated. Early June I was called into the manager's 
office and informed that there would be a red book 
investigation. Human resources was to be doing this 
investigation. Two other associates claimed that I was using 
profanity. The word that they said I used is a word that I 
don't use. I don't even like others to use that word around me. 
This investigation lasted at least two weeks. On June 12 I went 
to the store manager and told him that I might need to leave 
work early on June 14. My aunt had passed away and I needed 
to be at the funeral hom with my family. On the morning of 
June 13 I went to this same manager and asked him if I was 
getting fired. Several people had come to me to tell me that 
the personel manager had been telling people that I was 
getting fired. He assured me that I was going to be terminated. 
I finished my shift that day. As I was on my way to the time 
clock to punch out for the day, I was paged to the personal 
office. This same manager then informed me that I was 
being terminated. For an investigation done by HR, it is 
funny that HR never bothered to visit the store to speak 
with me. He informed me that I was to leave the store 
without speaking to anyone so he had me escorted out like 
a common criminal. I am not rehireable at Wal-Mart, and 
I am currently unable to find a job. I believe that Wal-Mart 
is one main reason that no one will hire me. That store 
manager has since been released from Wal-Mart as well. 
I emailed home office asking for an explanation, and they 
obviously did not feel the need to respond. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wal-Mart Continues to Scam Customers After Several Reports

I got one story to share.
My Father bought a small laptop from walmart for my sisters birthday.
The seal was broken when it was sold to him.
When my sister received she unpackaged it and turned it on.
Right away it seemed to be very slow and unresponsive when doing some work on it.
Looking through the files I first noticed that internet explorer had been deleted. There were also a bunch of empty program folders which means that the laptop had been used before.
To top it all of I found a file in the downloads folder that contained pornography.
To sum it up they sold us a used and unusable laptop as brand new for full retail price.
We brought it back for an exchange and a refund (we wanted a new laptop and our money back, they laughed at that idea and made fun of us)
They agreed to give us 20% of the money back.
Long behold we walk out of the store and get to a friends house and unpack the laptop.
To our surprise they had given us back the same laptop that we brought in to exchange.
I called the store and told them that this is it, first they ruin my sisters birthday. Then they refuse to cooperate and compensate us. And finally they give us the same laptop back that we came in about.
I told the person on the phone (same person that serviced us at customer service) that I now really want the new laptop PLUS refund.
The person laughed at me, and rudely interrupted me and wouldn't even let me talk. I had to yell at her to get to her and actually get my message through. I told her I want to talk to the manager which I will do tomorrow.

Can we do that? Can we make them give it to us for free?

Friday, May 30, 2014

Wal-Mart Running a Cheque Scam Racket, Stealing from Customers

This started for me May 26 at 4:4am when a perp walked into the first of 2 Walmarts to cash fraudulent checks for purchases.  The checks were fakes and were processed electronically by the Walmart cashier. 
The cashier keyed in the fake driver’s license number and the thief left with $350 dollars in merchandise and the checks they faked as the cashier gives the scanned check back to the perp at the completion of the transaction. 
The transactions hit my checking account May 28th.  I disputed the charges with my bank that were scanned at the store by Telecheck and approved.  I have now filled out a police report and a fraud report at both of the Walmarts involved.  
Walmart will not cooperate with victims in any way as a matter of policy.  Only the police can get any information from them.  I was able to coerce copies of the receipts from a willing office clerk who felt sympathetic to my plight. (Her name is withheld as Walmart would probably fire her if they found out she was helpful)  Video surveillance is kept for no more than 90  days by the store so act fast once you notice the fraud.  Pray that the perp does not bounce the check as Telecheck and Walmart will gang rape the fraud victim by making it so no check from that account can be cashed anywhere by the legitimate account holder as they fight to clear their good name.  Telecheck will allow a report amendment to correct the negative notation, but oddly enough Walmart refuses to issue the correction letter as they do not do that as a matter of policy.  
Again the effort expended by Walmart management is to limit the resources spent on this type of issue and to screw the customer once more.  The last action item was to file a complaint with the FTC.  My complaint however is against Walmart as they are the ones that have allowed this uncontrolled security breach to continue without resolution or correction since before 2007 when the fraud practice was first detailed.
Walmart / Telecheck solution:  Add a small print scanner to the register to scan the driver’s license of the person submitting the check and print it on the back of the check.  Then of course don’t give the check back to the thief.  Then at least you have a picture of the a*sh#le committing the crime.  Walmart security cameras look like they were purchased at Walmart made in China. 
I realize that there will be little satisfaction beyond this rant.  If it helps one person save a little time not having to go through this BS then it was worth it.  It is getting increasing difficult to ever find a responsible person that has the authority to correct glaring issues like these.  Corporations have become effective at compartmentalizing every aspect of their organization and processes in an effort to stop internal collusion and corruption.  The downside fall out of this is the total lack of accountability of organizations to make the necessary course corrections to process that are either inadequate, ineffectual or just plain out of date.  To be able to correct these issues a group of individuals needs to be tasked with looking at processes from cradle to grave to better understand its strengths, weaknesses and dynamic interactions.  If this type of higher altitude systemic analysis didn’t work then we would have no need for CEOs or their inflated salaries.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Walmart Degrades Customer

i went in to ask about tires found the ones i needed ask the girl if i could bring my truckin and she said no problem so i go home tire leaks
slow so put air in and drove to walmart she has me put it in line no
cars geting tires guy comes in short while later wont do my tires so i
ask to speak with a manager he comes 10 mins later as me and my friend
where standing joking outside my friend had a smile on his face manager
walks right up and asks very rudly if hes laughing at him i explain i'm
the one with the issue and he tells me there is nothing he can do and

says he will give me a gift card fine so he goes about geting me a gift
card that reads 'big baby' on the front of the gift card which im a man
and have a big problem with friend is also pissed he was so rude with
him he wanted to speak with someone else to which he was escorted out
by his constible police henchmen

Friday, April 12, 2013

Wal-Mart Kills Their Employees with Stress

The store I work for is literally killing us.The entire store is expected to do the work of several people.

With economy like it is they get away with it,so I would like to remain anonomus.Our stress levels are so high,we are dropping dead in the aisles.On top of that there are 6 or more that died at home from stress related causes.

Nothing is due to accidents;the store is not responsible,other than operating on a skeleton crew and standing over us.
These people passed away on different occassions;while they lay dead we were not allowed to morn the loss of our friends:just business as ususal.Nor were we allowed to show our grief in front of the customers.

Family oriented is their slogans.This is bull. The only family they have is the dollar.Each store is required to raise a certain amount for childrens miracle network,but we were not alowed to have a plate lunch in order to help all these familys out.

Each time you hear hell-mart has donated money remember that it came from associates and customers pockets.Their just taking the credit.The families of the deceased needed help;they should help their immediate "family" first; after all they give their all trying to please them.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Walmart Helping with Terrorist Money Laundering while Firing the Wrong Guy

I worked at Walmart as a Customer Service Manager. I was giving an associate at the service desk her lunch break. A customer came in to send a money gram to Canada in the amount of $5000. 

When attempting to send the money gram,Money Gram, would only allow her to send $1999.99. So I asked another CSM that previously worked full time at the service desk why it was telling me that. She said if she broke it down into separate transactions then she would be able to send the full amount. 

So she decided to send 3 different amounts. I asked who she was sending the money to and she said she was sending it to her family. So I sent the transactions for the customer, filled out the back of each of the money gram papers like I was supposed to do, and the customer left. 

When the associate I was giving lunch break to, came back, I asked if there was anything else I needed to fill out, and she said no, I did everything the way I should have. This associate was a full time associate that has worked at the service desk for 5-6 years. 

Two weeks later I was called to our Asset Protection Office. When in the office the Asset Protection Manager, my Assistant Manager, and my Zone Manager, were there. I was asked if I remembered about the transactions that I had sent two weeks earlier. I told them that I had sent a few different ones that day. So I was shown the ones for this specific customer and I told them yes,I remember. He asked if I filled out and faxed a specific form, which I had never seen before,and I told them that Iwas unaware of any forms other than filling out both sides of the money gram as I had been trained. I also informed them that I had asked the full time associate at the service desk, and she said that there wasn't anything that I needed to fill out except the back of the money gram paper.

I was then informed that the customer had been under investigation for money laundering and they had no choice but to let me go,and informed me that they weren't going to charge me, for a felony offense. In my opinion filling out a money gram for a customer is a simple service that Walmart offers and we do every day, and there is nothing felony about taking care of a customer as we were trained.It seems to me that if a customer was being investigated, that Walmart employees should not be put in the middle of such an ongoing circumstance and the employees job should not be put on the line. 

Walmart should have banned the lady from sending money and not put me in the middle of it. By not informing us of the investigation, it seems to me that Walmart is a part of the problem and not the solution, Walmart and this lady are laundering money, and I am terminated in the process. I was startled when being informed by my employers that Walmart knew this lady was laundering money to terrorists activities and allowed her to do it. Not only that, they are compromising their employees. 

I should not have been terminated and the service desk employee that misinformed me, was a part of the investigation, and should have been terminated instead of me, for lying. In a normal working environment, I would have been taken into the office and updated on any moneygram procedures, and not even a reprimand of any sort,  my supervisors should have been (terminated) for being involved in this, and Walmart should be closed down for money laundering. I have been informed that this lady is still actively sending money to Canada in large amounts.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Walmart Disrespects the US Military

I have worked at walmart for nine years now. For the last seven years I have worked the same shift which was 5am to 2 pm.

A few weeks ago a manager went around and told everyone that worked that particular shift that starting the next day it no longer existed and we were all to come in at seven and if our availability didn't accommodate the new hours then too bad we would just lose the hours and there was nothing we could do about it.

The funny thing is that I put in for a change of availability a few weeks before that my dept lead asked me to put in to accommodate for my military and school schedules.

When I asked for this change I was treated like a complete idiot for asking and told I was being unfair to walmart. That's funny since apparently it's fair for them to change everyone's schedule with no notice and tell them too bad I guess you're losing hours but it's unfair for a veteran to ask for them to accomodate his military life to make his life a little easier.

Oh by the way none of my problems with walmart started until after i joined the national guard 3 years ago.....coincidence?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wal-Mart Does Not Protect Your Private Information

I worked at store #1053 in LaGrange KY.

They left my W2 form out on a table unsupervised for anyone to take. When I told management they didn’t care and sent me back to my register.

The following day I was harassed by other cashiers, so I quit. Who needs to trouble for minimum wage.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Walmart Sells Fake Gold Jewelry

I bought a fake 10k gold 22" chain from walmart. Stupid thing is they sold me a waranty also. I went back to return it and they said I would have to send it to the warnty company. For what its not broken? The chain is stamed 10k and I was told by the sales clerck that it was a solid 10K Italy Gold chain. Even stamped 10k Italy on the clasp. But it sticks to a magnet. They ripped me of just like a con on the streets. Oh by the way, I'm disabled.  Think I'll start going back to Sears never been treated wrong there.
Thanks walmart. You Suck.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Walmart Slave Working in Underwear, Walmart Doesn't Care

I used to work at walmart as automotive tech. And walmart usually issues uniforms to there techs . So walmart issues me my uniform that doesent fit me only the shirt fits but the pants were a size down. So i was told by my manager to bring my own pants which i did, then on this specific day my pants gave in after a month and a half of wearing them, walmart still did not send my right uniform pants. So the pants ripped in my private part form too much bending down to check tire pressure, that same day i jumped in a vehicle to park it and as i jumped entered the car the pants ripped all the way down like a chain reaction to my knee showing my underwear and right side of my leg. I decided to tell my manager about this and all he can say, "WELL THERE'S NOTHING I CAN DO" it didnt even looked like he cared so i had to continue working with my exposed under wear and leg for two hours within those two hours i probly parked 17 cars for the customer to pick up and
id have to go to the counter after parking the vehicle to give car keys to the counter person . As i went to the counter there was a line of customer getting cashed out and as i walked torwards the counter most of the customers looked at me like if why are you working like that.  I was embarrassed!  This shows walmart does not care for there employees and this is an act of discrimination! I am currently looking for a lawyer to help me with my case my email is
joseph.martinez47 (at) thank you for whoever reads this to get the word out

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lewd Wal-Mart Employees

  Today I went into the walmart down the street from my house for something... two men in plain clothes were folowing me the whole time making me feel really uncomfortable. I kept turning around catching them looking at me threw the shelves then they started laughting and humping and spanking the air... When I confronted them about their lewd behavior, they just laughed and me and flashed walmart badges and said " you know what we work here" ... when I complained to the manager she dismissed me saying she would look into it but diddnt ask for any of my info, so I knew she wasnt going to do anything about it.
                        I then asked to speak to a higher up manager and demanded to fill out a formal complaint agianst the two employees ... I felt degraded and mortified by those two boys. I feel that walmart does not even care about their employees actions. I need help demanding they do something to fix this.
                       I feel that walmart should be responsible for fixing this embarassing event.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wal-mart Harasses and Intimidates Minorities

I go shopping at walmart and asset protection are staring down at me for no reason.

Walmart is using griffin security system and use facial recognition to harass and intimidate minorities.

The asset protection use plain clothes security to follow you and stand next to you to see if your stealing based on your race.

I'm planning on suing walmart for racial discrimination.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Walmart Sells Fake Gold Jewelry

I just wanted you to know that Walmart (in North Las Vegas) sells fake gold jewelry - of course they deny it and claim that the necklace is not from their store.  In a nutshell - here is my complaint:

"I purchased a gold necklace for my Husband at the Walmart in North Las Vegas, Nevada.  It cost approximately $280.00 and it was bought as an anniversary gift for him.  Today (July 1, 2012) we took the same necklace to two different jewelry stores and were informed that the necklace is FAKE!  The only real gold in the necklace is the 10K stamped clasp!  The rest of the necklace can be picked up by a magnet.

I am in total shock!  This necklace has been on his neck since the day I gave it to him - has never been taken to any jewelry store or repair shop - and it is totally impossible that it has been switched by someone else (we live alone and do not have guests) - but the fact remains the same - he has NEVER taken it off since the day I gave it to him.
I will do whatever I can to make sure that the world knows what type of quality jewelry - or should I say DOWN RIGHT FAKE AND FRAUDULENT gold that Walmart is selling to its customers."

I truly cannot believe this happened to me, I am beside myself thinking about the betrayal I have endured from this store.  Is Walmart so broke that they need to steal their customers money?

Kind Regards,


Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Walmart Lies about Their Meat-- Treated with Ammonia

Went to sams yesterday and asked the butcher, have they stopped using pink slime in there meat? and he replies, YUP WE DON’T USE THAT IN OUR HAMBURG HERE! - I started laughing and told him, that sounds like a 2 year old kids answer! at the top of my voice! he asked why? replied- you have never ground Hamburg here! asked him- has the slaughter house where they make the Hamburg and package it stopped using it? He says – well I don’t know about that! so walmart lied. walmart said they will not add it to there meat, which is true!- they don’t. someone else does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ON TOP OF THAT - there chicken and beef both are treated with “AMMONIA”

Friday, March 09, 2012

Wal-Mart, Where No One Answers the Phone

I am a Supervisor at a Super-Center in northern Indiana.  I think the public should understand how customer service works on a phone call. First we need to map out the management. One store manager, 2 co-managers, 7-assistant managers, 6 zone managers, and 7 to 8 department managers, 6 or 7 customer service managers. All of the managers, manage the rest of the employees, we will call them all part-time,lol. The only other full-time people are the unloaders we will refer to them as slaves. When a customer calls in, everyone with a walkie-talkie is asked to pick up line 2 or whatever! Everyone will expect the other to pick it up, so no one picks it up. Customers will call back multiple times trying to get someone of authority to answer the phone. Ive seen it take over multiple calls and 30 mins to get some kind of management to answer a call. I don't think Sam Walton designed it this way!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Target Acquires Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Target Acquires Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
In an aggressive bid to oust rival Walmart, Target Store of Minneapolios, Minnesota, has purchased 51% of Walmart stock, and now holds the controlling interest in Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 
The move shocked industry analysts who had heard nothing of the takeover until it was announced by Target CEO, Gregg W. Steinhafel, at a news conference this morning. Steinhafel said the move consolidates two of America's largest corporations which will now work together to proudly represent U.S. interests around the globe. 
The Target Corporation, originally the Dayton Dry Goods Company was founded in 1902. It was the second-largest discount retailer in the United States. The purchase of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. now makes it number one. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Looking for a Lawyer in the Lakeland, Florida area

I was leaving Walmart on 09/01/2011 when I tripped on a hump in the runner rug only to have my left foot/shoe stick in a smashed piece of gum mashed into the carpet. DOWN I went. Walmart wont pay a thing not even my doctors bills I need help!!
My left knee cap is nothing but a scar from this and that I will have to live with the rest of my life

Friday, January 06, 2012

Walmart Violates Prescription Privacy Policy

The clerk handed my prescriptions to the pharmacist in the consultation area, where the pharmacist proceeded to discuss each of my medication with me.  

I told him to stop.  I told him that other people were standing behind me and my rights to privacy were being violated.
I demanded that he stop and said that I did not want this, and he only continued. 

He (the pharmacist) then said that this was the Wal-Mart policy and that he was following his instructions and that he was being videotaped to insure that he complied.
I then ask to speak to the manager, her name was Carla, and again explained the utter embarrassment that I had just been put through. I explained that I did not want this public disclosure of my private health information,  and she said I had no choice.
So now Wal-Mart disrespects the dignity of a person.
At this point I am looking into contacting my insurance company and HIPPA to determine what can be done to stop Wal-Mart from any further publicly disclosing my medical and prescription information.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Walmart Secretly Stealing from Employees

I've been working with Walmart for around three years in asset protection. In that time; I've had some great success in the execution of any duties requested, I've received a number of awards in recognition thereof, and fostered a good relationship with the staff of my district. So to say my degree of professional anguish is founded is like saying Santa Claus has a pointy red hat...

This tale of woe begins approximately one year ago, I executed an arrest on a subject that became violent, so I opted to place the accused into hand restraints. Long story short the accused bled all over me. The RCMP advised me that I should go to the hospital for a blood-borne-pathogen test, Canadian health care as it is had me wait for an additional 3 hours for treatment. After my blood was sent to the lab I was released. I then returned to my store and "swiped" out.

The following morning I was greeted by one of the districts "People's" managers, (HR Gestapo) she advised me that she thought it theft to pay me for waiting in a hospital room for injury treatment sustained on the job. I advises her she would pay.

Immediately proceeding this incident, I discovered an associate stealing and conducted a lengthy investigation. This investigations format made it impossible to take a lunch breaks during my observation period, only conclusion was to work through my lunch break, and not work the hours when the subject wasn't working. On payday I was greatly disappointed to discover that the HR Gestapo automatically deducted an hour each day for lunch breaks, forcing me to loose two days pay per week.... After another war, the HR advised me that they would stop the hourly deductions (however failed to back pay the hours deducted).

All was quiet on the Walmart front until 4 months ago when I discovered that they were not paying me for "time adjustment cards" (Manuel method for payment when at a different store). Wage War Two started. At the conclusion I was paid in full what was "misplaced".  However I must follow up constantly to insure payment for a days work.

Fast forward to today. I returned from vacation to discover one time adjustment card for 5 hours was not entered, and that I am short two days pay for my vacation.

I am now planing on leaving the company, post haste, as I grow weary of these pay games.

If I ever meet the CEO, I will ask "how do you expect to run a corporation when your staff is burning productive time insuring they get paid".

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Walmart Managers Abuse Employee with Militant Tactics

I worked as a cashier for Wal-mart for just under 3 months when I was called into the back office. A front end manager told me I was to be corrected on my behavior because I left the gated area of the cash register that sold cigarettes in order to tidy the check out lanes that no one else bothers to tidy. 
It was a few minutes before closing and there were no customers in the store. I was never told I wasn’t allowed to leave that area.

The manager began screaming at me with the same harsh tone a mother would use with a child who had severely misbehaved. I attempted to speak up but I could not. 
Every time I opened my mouth to speak, she would raise her voice and cut me off. I had sat there for about 10 minutes being screamed at and had not been allowed to speak once. The office was the size of a medium sized bathroom and there were 2 other managers in there with us overseeing. I began to get extremely frustrated and upset and began to cry a bit. 
At that time I stood up and informed that manager that I had PTSD and have panic attacks when I felt threatened or when I was under extreme stress and that I would like to step out and have a breather, then resume this “meeting”. 
She looked at me in shock and said “No you may not leave. You have to stay here until I’m done.” 
I said “Just a minute please I won’t leave the store or anything, you can watch me and I’ll come right back” 
She said “No you cant” And as I turned towards the door I noticed the large male manager standing in front of it. I immediately went into a panic attack.

After a couple minutes of hyperventilating I began to black out and fell to the floor. The managers stood over top of me discussing what I was doing, whether I was acting or faking it and if any of them was aware that I had a condition. 
Twice they asked if I wanted an ambulance, both times I said yes, and then a third time I asked for an ambulance myself. Finally I was reduced to saying “help me I cant breathe” over and over again. 
Finally after a few more minutes (About 10 minutes total since the panic attack started) they opened the door and I made a hazy dash for it. I ran out of the store and down the sidewalk, dizzy, lightheaded and blinded since I had lost my glasses in the commotion. I ran for my life. 
The store manager chased me down the street for over a mile. I was begging and pleading with her to leave me be, telling her she could clock me out, I was over 18 years old, and past my time to leave at the end of shift. She wouldn’t quit following me. 
I had to run through a swamp which she refused to cross in order to escape and I called my friend and spent the night with him. I was afraid to even tell my mother where I was (they called her) because I was so afraid she would tell someone from walmart and they would come looking for me.

During my panic attacks I become afraid for my life and feel like it is being threatened even if it is irrational, while I was running from the manager, I outpaced her enough to start to feel more comfortable and explained this to her when I was begging her to leave me alone. I told her it would help calm me down, she sped up and as she got closer the panic started coming back and that was when I ran for the swamp.

The next day I received a phone call saying I was being fired for gross misconduct and they’d like me to come in for an exit interview. I went with my friend at my side. 
They explained to me that I should have told them about my medical condition when I was hired because now they have no proof it actually exists. 
Even though it said right on their application that they are not allowed to ask me questions about medical conditions and I do not have to disclose them. It had been over a year since my last one and I never thought working as a cashier would put me in a position to have one.

She told me they would waive the 3 month period I must wait in order to be rehired at walmart because of the special circumstances and I could begin work at another location immediately. 
A year later with no job I became desperate and finally applied at another walmart location. That’s when I found out that not only did they not waive the 3 month period but they banned me from ever working at walmart again. I put on my applications now that I have no job experience because I don’t want to have to explain this situation to my future employers.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Getting Even with Walmart, Let the Ice-cream Melt

Here’s a tip for all you Walmart malcontents and here is what I do. Often I’ll go into the Walmart here in Rocky Mount, NC, for some Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and a few other snacks. 

When I get to the cash and I see there’s only one cashier with a line-up of 50 people, I just leave the stuff on an empty cashier station and calmly walk out of the store and go up the street to Aldis (P.S. There’s never a line-up at the cash at this store.) 

I know it’s small satisfaction, but I like to picture the ice cream all melted and dripping and some Walmart employee scratching their head as to what the hell happened. Well, what happened was some of the poorest service in America, that’s what! Seriously, I would recommend you all go and stack up on ice cream, and if they’re too busy to serve you, then just leave it all out in the open. Who knows, maybe somebody someday will get the message.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Wal-mart Pharmacist Doesn't Care If Customer Dies

Well let me explain my situation. Im a 32 year old male Type 1 Diabetic, and I've not had any kind of health insurance for about a year and a half now so naturally, i can't afford my insulin so I'm forced to take an, "over the counter" insulin for the past year now, and its seems to do ok for me, and gets the job done.

Well, I learned a while back that Walmart actually sells my OTC insulin way cheaper than any other pharmacy around (literally half the price) so I've been going to Walmart pharmacies for my insulin for quite a while now. Well, sunday morning i realized that my vial was almost empty, so naturally, i knew i had to get up to Walmart to get my insulin at some point in the day before 6:00PM because thats when they close on  Sundays.

I showed up at Walmart at 5:45 and as i was walking thru the store, nearing the pharmacy, i noticed that the shudders/gates had already been pulled down and the pharmacy was closed early. Well, i walked up the the shudders and could plainly see a pharmacy employee standing inside, well, just standing there doing nothing. So i said "Sir, i don't know why you're closed early today, but i really need my insulin" seeing as I'm a diabetic, there really is no way around it, i HAVE to have it.

He just said "sorry, we're closed" and i said "well sir, i know your business hours, and its not 6PM yet, so please just give me a vial of my insulin, this is basically considered a life or death situation to say the least" and while I'm saying this, he just shuts all the lights out in the back, as if this makes him just disappear, like he thought then i couldn't see him, when i could still see him plain as day standing there, and he just ignored me! So then i say "sir, the insulin i need isn't even a prescription grade insulin, all you have to do is hand it to me, and i can just pay for it up front, which is how I've actually done it many times before." In the past when I've bought my insulin at the pharmacy, and they see i have more shopping to do, they just give me the box and i pay for it up at the front registers with the rest of my items.

Well, he just continued to ignore me. It appeared as if he was just standing back there, watching the clock, waiting for 6 O'clock, on the dot, so he could bounce out of there. Then i seen him going out the door at the back of the pharmacy, so i walked around to him, and it looked like i caught him off guard the way he spun around from trying to lock up, and i continued to beg and plead with him to please just give me a vial, and let me just pay for it up front, and that if he didn't give it to me i'd end up in the emergency room, or worse.

He couldn't care less about me or my insulin, that was obvious, and just said "Go tell the store manager, I'm off now" so i told him ok, thats what we'll do. So as we were walking, basically side by side towards the front of the store, he actually started SPRINTING and cut down an isle, and bolted straight out the front door! I was blown away..i really couldn't believe someone could act in such an unprofessional manner! So, i made it to the service desk and got a manager and explained to her what just happened, and she said she was so sorry, and told me to come with her to talk to the pharmacist.

When i told her he had already left the store, she looked at her watch and even said "how could he already be gone? its just now 6 o'clock." And i told her, yeah, i told you he closed up shop early, and basically told me to "go get screwed" Well, needless to say, the manager could do nothing for me and just apologized for the pharmacists behavior. Well, i went home for the evening, with no insulin, and the nightmare slowly began…Let me tell ya,

Being a diabetic and not taking your insulin for a day and a half is NOT A GOOD IDEA. I was up all night, getting sicker, and sicker. By morning, i was so sick i couldn't even move, and basically Diabetic Ketoacidosis started to set in, and I've never been so sick in my ENTIRE LIFE. I was convulsing and throwing up harder and worse than i ever have in my life. It was horrible. I could barely walk, let alone remain coherent.

My fiancé had to call off work for the day and go straight and get me my insulin that morning. I basically started going into shock. Things got real bad, real quick. I could have went into a coma, or way worse. After she gave me my insulin shot, and got me calmed down, and i quit throwing up, after so many hours i slowly started to come back around, and we avoided calling 911(which everybody i know is giving me hell because i didn't), and i could have died from this completely avoidable incident.

As of right now, my family is going to take me to the local ER tomorrow morning so i can get treated and probably admitted so they can try to get my levels back on track, and have some tests done to check the damage thats been caused.

I just really wanted to share my story with everybody so they know what caliber of people Walmart hires to work in their pharmacies. I can't fathom how someone could possibly be qualified to work in a pharmacy when they have no concept whatsoever of the importance of insulin to a diabetic…Its scary to even think about really.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Walmart says: "Not Currently Scheduled" Until You Starve to Death

Worked at Walmart for about a year, my fiance started shortly after. We had just signed a lease on a duplex and contracts for utilities etc and got our first place together. I have worked on my credit for a long time now.

A couple of months ago I injured my back at work causing me to miss quite a bit of time. When I returned for full duty I seemed to return to a passively hostile work environment. My manager began scheduling me for lower and lower hours. Then my schedule began changing late in the evening after I had left without any notice. Luckily I had email alerts on and my phone would chime. Well I was scheduled off on a Monday. Made plans to drive down and visit my parents. After already leaving that day I checked my email on some down time and found an email from 11:45pm telling me my schedule had changed. Well, no big deal it's happened a lot recently. I check my schedule and they had changed my schedule to say I was supposed to be there at 7am that day(Monday) which of course caused me to miss the day.

After this incident my schedule changed again that night. The previously current week and both future posted weeks read "Not Currently Scheduled". I called them and asked if I was fired. They told me no and I left it at that and began searching for a new job. A few weeks went by and no new job, but I still get new schedules saying "Not Currently Scheduled". I called and asked if this was an attempt to let me go. The manager I talked to said he knew nothing of the situation and that I am currently still an employee. A month later and not able to pay our bills and savings gone I file for unemployment. By "coincidence"(I believe retaliation) my fiance's manager approached her the day after the request happened and told her she is getting an involuntary vacation. We checked her schedule and for the foreseeable future she is "Not Currently Scheduled". She tries very hard at work and is very passive and quiet and doesn't backtalk. (I am an ***hole when angered) They have absolutely no reason to dismiss her she is a good employee. They tell her today they can't schedule her because they don't have the hours available, but recently hired 2 new people for her department and gave them the hours that they used to give her.

As a result we are now unable to pay our bills and my credit that I have worked my entire adult life to keep pristine is about to take a HUGE hit. I have contacted a lawyer, and he informed me there is nothing we can do and it is a form of "Constructive Termination". Basically they keep you hired until you either quit or find a new job so that you can't file unemployment against them. As a result my unemployment has just been a giant fight and it doesn't look like it's going to happen. We are going to lose everything we have worked for, because of Walmart and how it cares for it's employees and their well-being.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Walmart, Where We Throw Your Paycheque at You

I have been working at WalMart for a little over a month now and I just got my paycheck last week. It was half of what I actually earned! They didn't add the 30 hours I worked to my paycheck.

I have been relying on unemployment because of this and now unemployment is on my ass saying that they may have overpaid me! I was quite shocked to get the letter and I hope that they understand my situation but that's only half of the problem with how WalMart has treated me.

I asked my Front End Manager when new people get paid and she said that the checks should be in personnel.

I followed one of the other front end guys to personnel and called Accounting. The guy with me said that Accounting was busy and that they would be here shortly and told me to wait for them. 10 minutes go by and a manager comes in and starts yelling at me saying WHAT ARE YOU DOING BACK HERE DOING NOTHING?! WHY AREN'T YOU UP AT THE FRONT?! HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN BACK HERE?

I explained that my manager had sent me back here for my paycheck and that I had been back here 10 minutes. She of course didn't believe me and called Accounting. She talked to the wrong person and had a "Gotcha" look on her face. She practically threw my paycheck at me and said "HERE! NOW GET BACK OUT THERE!"

God forbid I actually get paid what little I did get! She treated me like I was some kind of ingrate and that I should be grateful for having a job! I told my manager and she said don't worry about it. Gee thanks.

You don't know pain and despair until you have worked at WalMart. Their latest commercial of "successful" associates is absolute BS!

Monday, May 02, 2011

Walmart Cuts Employee Hours, Hires New People at Cheaper Wages

My Wife has worked for walmart for over 13 years . She works10 PM to7 AM 5 nites a week . For the last month about two hrs before she is to go in walmart's manger will call and tell her not to come in.they say they have to cut the stores hours now this is a beach store cut hours( bulls--t)

If the store savr money the mangers get's a bonus .. how here's the catch they hired ten new people at lower pay this came from a manger i talked to at the store one thanks to walmart we mite have to give up something  ,she brings in the only income to our house .

i've been looking for a job for  over a year and havent found any thing .even had an interview at walmart  but I didn't meet the requirements .. SO THANK YOU WALMART FOR HELPING  AMERICAN PEOPLE WHEN THINGS ARE SO HARD FOR PEOPLE HOW.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Walmart Has No Respect For Veterans

I was a Walmart Associate for about 6 months, and this was the second time i have worked for Walmart. This all started when i first started to work for walmart. I am a disable United States Marine Veteran, who fought for my nation and got injuried in the line of duty.

Well i went to the managers and asked them what type of paper work i needed to bring them to be accomadated for my disability. They told me that i could not be accomadated for the disability because i haven't been with walmart for 90 days. that is complete and utter BS, and i told them about the americans with disability act, and they said that i still needed to be with walmart for 90 days.

Then i asked to be transfered to a different store and thats where everything went down hill.

After arriving at the new store, i asked them what paperwork i needed for my disability and they again told me i have to be with the store for 90 days before i can be accomadated. I got mad and went home early that day. Then about three weeks ago, i went to a manager that happens to be a veteran as well. He told me that he'll put me on self check out, since it was much easier for me to be them then a regular register.

After he went on vacation, all the CSM (customer service managers) refused to go by that and threw me on other registers. I then went to the store manager and told him that i was about to quit. He and i sat down and began talking. After we got done, he changed my availibility to the hours i want effective immediately.

Then he was transfering me to a different department, one where i wouldn't have to deal with the registers anymore.

Well Last night, Tuesday, March 15, 2011, was my first day in the new department, and so i had a lot to learn and not very much time to do it in. The manager over the cashiers told me that i had to be on a register and not in my new department, so i asked how was i suppose to learn my department if i'm on a register. She threw an attitude with me and I am sorry, i don't take attitudes from someone that worked for walmart their entire life very well.

I told her that i was going back to my department and i was going to continue to learn it. This manager then called for another manager to handle the situation, because she couldn't handle it herself. I told them that i was done, i turned in my badge and i left. i am now out of work and i have noticed that with being out of walmart for less then a day, my stress level has dropped tremendously.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Your Baby's Sick! Who Cares. Wal-mart Punishes You Anyway.

walmart could careless about anything. i went on leave to have a baby yes i was gone 5 months. After i had the baby i had my gall blatter out.  Not tosay that three days after the baby came my grandma passed away. When I called to tell them the person that answered the phone could care less thy said aren't you on leave any way. Well when I come back a few weeks ago the manger team tells me they have to cut my pay because i was a supvisor in the deli and they had to replace me. now they only have part time openings.  Not to say that my store manger had all ready singed off on my change of hour sheet that they could not give me anyess or any more then 40 hours a week. walmart is only out for themself. the peson who got my job misses work and does nothing i the store. I bust my ass every day i am there. i will get writen up i am sure tomorrow i called in today b/c my baby is sick.

Monday, September 06, 2010

We Don't Care if Our Employees Bleed to Death or are in Pain. Wal-mart's Secret Doctor Gives You The Drug Test First.

A part of working in the deli is to throw out expired meats and other deli items.  This one particular day I had to grab a partner to throw out an entire rack full of prepped raw whole chickens that were meant for the rotisserie.  They went a day over their freshness in the fridge and by policy, had to go down the garbage chute to the compactor.  My partner and I head back with the rack to the always disgusting garbage chute. This brand new building was outfitted with the worst chute design possible.  The angle at which it tilts down into the compactor did absolutely nothing to aid in items sliding down effortlessly.  So, we always had a very nasty industrial broom to shove things to the end of the chute.  That day, the broom was missing.

My partner grabbed a square-shaped 10ft. long pole discarded from some sort of display to use instead.  We had already dumped the mass of chickens in and let them glide down to their usual stopping point.  I was a good distance behind my partner, squatting down and pulling the plastic sheet back over the empty rack when he reared back with the pole to get a good "oomph" into the shove down the chute.  As he reared back, the pole flexed downward and the end of it cracked me in the top of the head.  

Just like in cartoons, my vision went blinding white then white stars speckled my vision for a good five seconds before I staggered to my feet.  I was in shock and started doing a zombie-shuffle back to my department, blood oozing from my scalp to my forehead.  Some form of management intercepted me and brought me to the back office.  I remember being sat down and thinking surely I was going to the hospital right up the road.  Literally, the hospital was five minutes away.  Instead of calling an ambulance, you know in case I had a concussion or worse, I was loaded into a manager's personal car.

As I clutch a bundle of paper towels to my head, I watch in horror as we pass the hospital.  I think I questioned the manager then, asking where we were going.  She said I was going to "their" doctor where I had my initial drug test, located an unsettling 15-20 minutes away.  In pain, all I could do was sit there and go for the ride.

I get there, fill out a paper, and wait with my manager at my side amongst the other people getting drug tests or other tests required by employers or probation officers.  Finally, I get called back to see the doctor.  By then the bleeding had stopped but it was still painful.  He parted my hair and shined a light on it.  I was thinking I'd need stitches because the pole had been squared and the corner hit me.  He put an antibacterial gel on it instead, and told me that it was a minor contusion of the scalp.  And by the way, he recommended someone to watch me for the rest of the night just in case of concussion.  

I received the rest of the day off and another day after that.  Then back to work!

A week later, I get sat down in the manager's office once more.  This time they had paperwork for me to fill out.  Basically I was told to write a brief summary of the accident and then below that, describe how not to do it again.

That's right, I have to explain on paper how to avoid this from happening ever again.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe minding my own business a (supposedly) safe distance away from the other person yet somehow getting cracked in the skull by someone else.. is my fault.

I never heard another word about it from management since the day I had to write those two paragraphs.  I worked for Walmart a few more months after that then quit.  To this day, I have a small, scarred lump in that spot on my scalp.  If pressure is applied to the scar in any way, the nerves ache as if I'd just been whacked in the head.  Thanks, Walmart.  I have a permanent reminder of my horrible time employed there.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Wal-Mart Couldn't Care Less About Child Abduction

I was at the front end at the register when a woman came over and pointed out a little girl crying near the entrance who said she'd lost her mom. 

I paged for a manager to do a Code Adam and kept an eye on the girl. None of the other cashiers looked like they were paying attention. 

While we were waiting on managment, another woman (who wasn't her mother) walked up to the little girl and asked if she was lost, then picked the girl up and started to walk out of the store with her (the girl started crying louder when she was picked up). 

Other women ran over to the cashier at self checkout and told him to do something, and he just responded "I'm busy here, you need to wait on the manager". 

After this I walked over to the entrance and told the woman to stop (the door greeter hadn't cared either) and just at that moment the girl's mother came up to the entrance relieved to see her. 

The other woman who had grabbed the girl looked embarrassed and quickly left the store (yes this literally happened). 

The manager paged for the code ADAM didn't get there until after all of this, and when she did the mother started yelling at her about how I was the only one in Walmart who gave a damn about the little girl being carried out of the store by a stranger (sweet) and that she wanted to file a formal complaint with upper management. 

The manager she talked to told her she'd "take care of it right away", and as soon as the customer left she just went back to her shift (and didn't thank me for anything BTW). The guy at self checkout then came up to me laughing and told me the woman was an idiot for being so hysterical.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Help Stock Our Shelves With Wal-Mart Horror Stories or Find a Lawyer to Sue Wal-Mart

Go ahead, show 'em who's really boss.
Give us the power of your inside information:

horror (at) walmartsucks (dot) org

Or, if you're looking for a lawyer to
sue Wal-Mart, send us your story.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Seeking a Lawyer in Texas to Sue Wal-mart

I am asked by a friend to pursue help in a personal injury case that occurred on the edge of walmart property in beaumont, tx around december due to improperly designed exit driveways around walmart where cars can injure pedestrians and put people on foot in harms way.

i can provide further police report, medical bill invoices, personal statement upon request.
jon bastian

lawyers contact:  jabastian (at) lvprco (dot) com

Thursday, December 24, 2009

At Wal-Mart, We Know You'd Rather be With Us Than Your Children on Christmas

I have worked with WM for 12 years, and this place just never gets any better.

We are considered a training store where they send all this disfunctionals to practice being pushing and obnoxious.

We have just about 200 workers which is not alot compared to SuperCenters, we're just a basic WM. In August I was digusted to celebrate 12 years with them, I only make $11 an hour by the way for 12 years worth.

There is about 30 people that have been at this store since it opened in 1990. Since I have been there, we have went through 6 store managers and numerous assistant managers.

But here recently within the past 2 years we have been hounded and spied on by all of our managers expecially one in particular which is called a support manager.

We smoke and so does this person.

We go to work at 7 am and take a 15 min break at 9 am around 11 am we run back and grab another cigerette and then go to lunch at 12 pm to 1 pm and then take a second break at 2:30 pm and go home at 4 pm.

We see no problem in this as long as we are doing our work and managing our departments.

But they have been spying on us and timing us on our breaks and watching us on cameras. We are people that has worked with this company for ever, I mean 12 and 15 years worth of our lives and we can't even grab an extra small break without being hounded.

By the way, that support manager, she is in there smoking everytime we are and nothing is said to her. This is how you are appreciated at Wally World.

Give them everything and they give you nothing but harassment in return. I have small kids that have been born since I started working there, I have never had a Christmas Eve or the day after Christmas with them, never!

I hate this place and just wish I would have went to college so I would have a choice of where to work.

Thanks for listening.

Injured? It's Always Your Fault at Wal-Mart

In the state of Ohio Walmart is a "self-insured employer". What this means is that if a employee is injured on the job, that Walmart will pay out of pocket all the medical bills and lost wages.

The Industrial Commission of Ohio overseas the process in their hearings.
I was injured earlier this year when I lifted a box for a customer to put onto a blue cart.
I reported the injury to the assistant manager on duty who took over an hour to "arrange" a member of management to take me to the emergency room of the local hospital.

This manager did not leave my side until I asked him to leave so I could speak privately to the attending doctor.

He returned within two minutes and never left again.
During this visit to the emergency room, the member of management sent with me brought along a drug testing kit which he had the emergency room doctor administer which made her most question the manager.
Now it is almost a year since the accident and I have gone through the hearing process in the Industrial Commission of Ohio and I have lost all appeals.
My attorney tells me that I now have to sue Walmart in regular court and it will be two and a half years until I get into the first hearing. In the mean time I am responsible for all the medical bills incured by this injury or I will be put into collection.
When I applied for employment at Walmart, I was told how "we are team!"
Well, Walmart is not a team player.
In the application, Walmart says that all injuries are taken care of by Walmart. They lied. This is a breach of contract.
Walmart is no better than a robber taking your wallet on the street.