Monday, March 19, 2007

Masochism Rules at Wal-Mart

ok thair is alot of bad sh-t about wal-mart but i work at store #2074 in Alaska and even with all the construcshon (we are going super center) the manegment try to make time for all the people that need them now i am a people greeter and i love my job i have only been thair for almost 1 year it will be a year in may i will say one bad thang about them management dose not comunacate with echuther i push carts alot and some members of managment let me push more then the 10 cart limit others yell at me when i push 11 right after one seen me push 27 by my self and dont get me started on the risk control team thay are so full of them selfs that i can not stand it now ianuther thang i have come to relize the open door suck's i rote a letter 2 the store manager and she poned it off on a co manager that did nothen but call me a lier by the way we have 3 co manegers but even with all the BULL i love my job soooooooooooooo much