Friday, October 30, 2009

No Holiday at Wal-mart

hi everyone here's another infraction from wal mart management. every holiday in ga.

wal-mart cuts most employees hrs by 8 hrs inorder to
keep from paying us our hoilday pay. it's sad enough that wal-mart has nearly a 1 billion dollar cash reserve that they will not let you have your holiday pay.

i came in to work in place of a dept mgr because he had to be with his young daughter so when i got to work tuesday i clocked in and then realized i needed to check my hrs. because the hr dept was off monday and no one finalized the weekend hrs. upon checking my hrs.

i realized that i had alredy workrd 31.60 hrs. so i went to the store mgr. and told him and he said that
no one can work over 32 hrs this week. at that point i replied that i had 31.60 hrs. and i could not punch back out for 30 minutes so he said to get with hr. dept and they will adjust my hrs. hel--lo thank you for the time