Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Lone God of Keys at Wal-Mart

So, based on positive reviews and discussion, I decided to go out and buy this pinball game. This past weekend, I saw it at wal-mart, but of course the register wouldn't let them sell it to me. (since it was before the street date)

why is the game out on shelves if its not for sale? because somebody was stupid, right?

so they ran off and hid the 4 copies somewhere.

I came back on Wednesday, since it is a hard game to find and no other stores (including Gamestop, lol, what a joke) didn't have it.

The game still wasn't out on the shelves, so i asked somebody if they had any in stock?
after humpty dumpty scanned the bar code, sure enough, there are four copies somewhere in the store. he goes in the back to look. after 45 minutes (dude probably took his lunch break and left me waiting) he comes back and says they are probably locked up in some cage, and the person with the keys left at 5... so i would have to come back tomorrow.

so out of this massive, open 24/7 wal-mart,
there is only one person with keys? and they leave at 5? stupid, right?

so, i come back the next day, before 5, and the games still has not been put out there. so i ask one of the employees to do a quantity check, sure enough, there are 4... hidden somewhere in the
wal-mart maze of missing merchandise, only this time, i came before 5 so surly the mythical gate keeper would have her keys and be able to free the merchandise from their stockroom prison. "Um, the person with the keys is only here on weekdays..."

So, today is a Friday. That's a weekday, right?

"well yes but she's not here today"
okay dude, let me talk to your boss, someone around here has the &%^$#ing keys ... "i am the boss"... well then dude, let me talk to the person ABOVE YOU... "uh, okay, ill be right back"

45 minutes later (sigh) homeboy comes back with the four copies

Monday, November 23, 2009

Wal-Mart: All About Greed and Cracking that Whip. Yes, Massa, Yes...

i work for walmart and now they have a thing called task manager whith u are timed to stock shelfs

and people keep leaving and they dont hire new ones but yet all they care about is making new managers for every thing

how many do you need i think walmat was better off with sam walton and walmart should have went with him becouse its all about greed and not the customers

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wal-Mart Treats Employees Like Slaves

i work for a walmart in upstate new york. recently i have been going through a lot with my mom being in and out of the hospital this year. she has had conjestive heart failure for 5 years and i fear this will be her last year alive.

i have developed severe stress headaches from it, yet i still report to work when i am supposed to. i have gotten a fmla for her in case i need to be there for her.
i had to leave work in a wheelchair one day because i had a haedache come on so quickly and so bad i was walking and talking like i was drunk. i was driven by family to the E.R. to get treatment. this was back in september this year.{2009}.

its now november and i come to work one day and
i get pulled into the office, written up, and given a D- Day for misconduct because of that day that i left from work to go to the hospital- it was considered my 4th absence in 6 months. COMPANY POLICY!!!

plus, a week before that i got written up
for eating half a cracker on company time! when i was being given my D- Day, an assistant manager was sitting at his computer, doing work, and crunching away on some food!!!!

what the hell are they doing breaking the rules when we get written up for doing so? what kind of an example are they giving us by doing this, then chastising us for doing what they do?!?!?! i
really hate it there!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Looking For A Lawyer: Wal-Mart Ruins Yet Another Life

I had worked for walmart for almost 2 years.  My department
manager in KY started sexually harrassing all
the employees in the photolab and he started to bring his baby
son back there with all the chemicals and help customers
while carrying him around (which I talked to OSHA and its
very illegal) and management didn't do anything about it!
I gave them the dates and the times that he ever did it and
they never cared UNTIL I contacted OSHA!

They tried to coach me for every little thing possible.
They started cutting my hours and things just kept getting

Management tried to coach me AGAIN. The GM sat there and
yelled at me. I later went to the doctor on my lunch break because
I started having chest pains and severe headaches.

The Doctor would not let me leave because my blood pressure
was reading close to 200 and I was suffering from severe

I had to have someone come to release me before I could leave!
and guess what...

Walmart yet again tried to get me in trouble because of

I later just gave up with walmart! I lost my house and
everything because I was without a job! I couldnt claim
unemployment because they said I abandon my job even
though they were firing me!

Walmart kept my paper work from the doctor and I also
had people in the photolab write statements against the
manager and they kept them also! This all happened from
Feb. 2009 - July 2009 in KY

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Wal-Mart Sues Brain-damaged Employee

Wal-Mart has been dubbed
"The Worst Person in the World" by NSNBC for suing a severely brain-damaged Wal-Mart employee.

Debbie Shank, a Missouri Wal-Mart employee,
was left severely disabled and brain-damaged after being hit by a semi-trailer truck.

Initially, her Wal-Mart health care plan paid her medical bills.

The Shank family sued the trucking company and won a
$417,000 settlement.

Hearing news of the settlement,
Wal-Mart then sued the family for $470,000 (to get their medical money back. They even added interest and the cost of their legal fees to make certain they didn't pay a cent)

And they won.

The Shanks appealed, but the Supreme Court refused to hear their case. The Shank family is forced to give Wal-mart $470,000,
more than they earned from the settlement.

Debbie lives in a nursing home, and requires 24-hour care. Her husband, Jim Shank, works two jobs, struggling to pay for his wife's nursing home expenses.

According to MSNBC:
Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott earns more than $470,000 a week and Wal-Mart earns $470,000 every 38 seconds.