Monday, August 30, 2010

Wal-Mart Couldn't Care Less About Child Abduction

I was at the front end at the register when a woman came over and pointed out a little girl crying near the entrance who said she'd lost her mom. 

I paged for a manager to do a Code Adam and kept an eye on the girl. None of the other cashiers looked like they were paying attention. 

While we were waiting on managment, another woman (who wasn't her mother) walked up to the little girl and asked if she was lost, then picked the girl up and started to walk out of the store with her (the girl started crying louder when she was picked up). 

Other women ran over to the cashier at self checkout and told him to do something, and he just responded "I'm busy here, you need to wait on the manager". 

After this I walked over to the entrance and told the woman to stop (the door greeter hadn't cared either) and just at that moment the girl's mother came up to the entrance relieved to see her. 

The other woman who had grabbed the girl looked embarrassed and quickly left the store (yes this literally happened). 

The manager paged for the code ADAM didn't get there until after all of this, and when she did the mother started yelling at her about how I was the only one in Walmart who gave a damn about the little girl being carried out of the store by a stranger (sweet) and that she wanted to file a formal complaint with upper management. 

The manager she talked to told her she'd "take care of it right away", and as soon as the customer left she just went back to her shift (and didn't thank me for anything BTW). The guy at self checkout then came up to me laughing and told me the woman was an idiot for being so hysterical.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

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