I am a Supervisor at a Super-Center in northern Indiana.  I think the public should understand how customer service works on a phone call. First we need to map out the management. One store manager, 2 co-managers, 7-assistant managers, 6 zone managers, and 7 to 8 department managers, 6 or 7 customer service managers. All of the managers, manage the rest of the employees, we will call them all part-time,lol. The only other full-time people are the unloaders we will refer to them as slaves. When a customer calls in, everyone with a walkie-talkie is asked to pick up line 2 or whatever! Everyone will expect the other to pick it up, so no one picks it up. Customers will call back multiple times trying to get someone of authority to answer the phone. Ive seen it take over multiple calls and 30 mins to get some kind of management to answer a call. I don't think Sam Walton designed it this way!