Saturday, January 15, 2011

Your Baby's Sick! Who Cares. Wal-mart Punishes You Anyway.

walmart could careless about anything. i went on leave to have a baby yes i was gone 5 months. After i had the baby i had my gall blatter out.  Not tosay that three days after the baby came my grandma passed away. When I called to tell them the person that answered the phone could care less thy said aren't you on leave any way. Well when I come back a few weeks ago the manger team tells me they have to cut my pay because i was a supvisor in the deli and they had to replace me. now they only have part time openings.  Not to say that my store manger had all ready singed off on my change of hour sheet that they could not give me anyess or any more then 40 hours a week. walmart is only out for themself. the peson who got my job misses work and does nothing i the store. I bust my ass every day i am there. i will get writen up i am sure tomorrow i called in today b/c my baby is sick.